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This concerns the letters I’ve read from Monkee fans and Raider fans. They are always fighting about which group is best. I recently went to a Raider concert, and couldn’t take my eyes off Mark Lindsay. Then I went to a Monkee concert, and I went crazy when I saw Davy. Down with anybody who doesn’t just luv both groups completely!

Detroit, Mich.

I read a letter from a so-called Monkee fan in your May issue which said, “I don’t know if it’s just their hair I love, but if it is, and they cut it, what will I do?” And she called herself a Monkee fan! Well, she could have fooled me!

I love the Monkees for what’s UNDER their hair!

Phoenix, Ariz.

I just stared at the pictures you printed of Dino, Desi and Billy as they were then and they are now. From the cute little boys with the crooked smiles to the handsome young men—I just can’t believe how they’ve changed! I loved them then, and I guess I always will.

A Fan
Ontario, Canada

This is to the girl who wrote that she was “Too Much in Love” with Dino Martin. I’m in the same situation and I know at least 25 girls who are too! There must be thousands of girls who feel the same way, I’m sure.

Canton, Ohio

That girl who wrote in about how much in love she was with Dino Martin is ROOKIE! Her chances of meeting Dino are 1,000 to one!

I myself like Dean Martin, Johnny Rivers, and lots of other stars, but I’m not in LOVE with them! If I were that girl, I’d come back to reality!

Barb B.
Tillsonburg, Ont.

I saw a pic of Fang with a smelly old cigarette in his mouth and I just about keeled over! I’m sure he knows about the physical harm smoking can do him, but he should also worry about his IMAGE!

Worried Fan
Bain Is., Wash.

I don’t know if your tiger had kittens and you were celebrating or what, but THANX for the super, outasite pix in your last issue of TiGER BEAT.

Saugus, Calif.

This is to the girl who wrote in asking what we thought about a girl musical group. I think if you really work at it and have loads of confidence, then surely you’ll have luck. I know, because I’m 17 and in an all-girl Folk-Rock group, and we have an outasite time!

In the beginning we were constantly teased, but now we have started to play at parties and dances and everyone thinks we’re a novelty. The boys love the idea of a girl band—ONCE THEY GET USED TO IT!

We call ourselves “What’s This… Madness?” and we’ve been practicing since last summer. You can’t think just because you’re an all-girl band that you’ll be loaded down with jobs. You’ll only be hired if you’re GOOD, just as only good boy bands are hired. Good luck! You’ll have a blast!

Sandi Fereshetian
Concord, Mass.

I’m a TiGER fan, and a very jealous fan too! You know why? I’ll tell you! You ran an article called “Paul Interviews Mark” recently, and in one of the pictures, there’s a girl next to Mark, and I don’t even know who she is! Well! Who is she?

Connie GentiƩ
Manchester, N.H.

Mark is holding the hand of a girl fan, just like you.

I’ve read lots about blondes and brunettes fighting about their hair color. Well, you brunettes aren’t missing anything. Blonde hair gets split ends more easily, and it can’t be grown very long. It is also apt to be thin and it gets messed up easily.

I admire any blonde who can keep her hair beautiful in spite of all these problems. And I should know, I’m a blonde!

Janet Turk
Long Beach, Calif.

Why’s everybody running? I guess you’re wondering what from. Well, I’ll tell you—from the BEATLES, that’s who! Doesn’t anyone but me still adore John, Paul, Ringo and George? Has everyone forgotten the four great guys that came out of Liverpool?

Huntsville, Ala.

I just heard that Harpo of the Raiders left the group. Well, I’m glad he did ’cuz I have heard his new song and it’s just outasite! I called a disc jockey and asked him to play it, and he didn’t even know that Harpo used to be a Raider! Then I had to tell him that he used to be a Goodtime too. Boy! Is he out of it! Guess he doesn’t read TiGER BEAT.

Now I’m all excited to see who the new Raider will be!

Mary Groves
Bellingham, Wash.

I read in your story “Paul Interviews Mark” that Mark Lindsay has a third arm! All I want to know is, can it be true?

June Padrick
Ft. Pierce, Fla.


I’m writing about the letter you printed from some mixed-up child who wrote that Herman ran off the stage crying like a baby when he was hit with a bottle during a concert.

Isn’t she human enough to realize how something like that could hurt? Herman can feel pain just like everybody else! Honestly, how dumb can anyone be! That poor, pathetic child!

Carmen Lejon
El Paso, Tex.

Help! I recently read a drastic article that said the army might draft Davy Jones! They can’t! To take Gary Lewis was one thing, but when they think of taking Davy Jones! Oh, come on! What is the army trying to do, break up every good rock and roll band around?

Not that I’m unpatriotic or anything. I love America just as much as anyone. But couldn’t our U.S. Army get along without Davy Jones?

Besides, Davy’s too small to carry a gun!

Dawn Mullen
Buffalo, N.Y.

I just read a letter from a girl who wrote, “The famous just don’t care about their fans.” Recently I met a few of these “famous” people, and they were friendlier than a lot of the people I see every day. They were in a hurry to get their gear packed, and it wasn’t too long before the show was going to start, but they stopped to talks and sign autographs. One member of the Left Banke even began asking us questions and begging us to ask him for his autograph and to keep talking to him!

Last summer a girl I know met the Raiders. She sneaked backstage during their show and they stopped to talk to her and let her take pictures until it was time for them to go onstage.

All this may not mean much, but I just had to write how I felt. Just think… every one of these guys is going to MARRY a fan who loves him! If she wasn’t a fan, she couldn’t love him, right?

Barb Benduhn
St. Petersburg, Fla.

In one of your recent issues, Davy Jones wrote about the things he was thankful for. He said one of the most important things he was thankful for were his fans. I thought it was very nice of Davy to say that. It made me very proud to think someone is thankful for me.

Well, I’m very thankful for Davy, Micky, Peter and Mike. They make great music for me to listen to, and a great television show for me to watch. They’re all great guys, and I luv them!

Lyons, Ill.

Hooray! Hooray! You’ve done it again! In your April magazine you had one of the grooviest pin-up pictures of Davy Jones in the WORLD! When I saw it, I just hit the ceiling, went through the floor and crawled all over it! Keep up the groovy pin-ups!

Brenda Lairmore
Cypress, Calif.

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I don’t understand what you mean by sending in a self-addressed, stamped envelope to get a free decoder and press card. Could you explain?

Shelia Derby
Cincinnati, Ohio

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In one of your issues a girl wrote in about her Ouija Board saying Mike Nesmith was already married. Well, I don’t have a Ouija Board to ask who Davy, Peter and Micky will marry. If someone will please ask their board, I’d be very happy.

Monkee Fan
Lansing, Mich.

When I got my last issue of TiGER BEAT I couldn’t believe the cute (and I mean CUTE) boy I saw who really made me flip! I couldn’t believe him! I’m talking about Jon Provost, of course!

The minute I saw his picture I ripped it out and put it at the head of my bed where everyone could see it. From this day on, Jon is my new idol!

First Jon Fan
Chicago, Ill.

As TiGER BEAT was going to press, Pop events suddenly changed the line-up of two top groups and resulted in the formation of a brand new group.

Upon Harpo’s departure from the Raiders, Freddie Weller joined the Raiders. When Fang left, Charlie Coe of ‘Don and the Good Times’ was recruited.

Following the Raiders April tour, Smitty also left the group and joined Fang and Drake Levin to organize a new group. You can find out all the details on the new Raiders, Don and the Good Times and the new group in the August TiGER BEAT, on sale July 15th.

The other day my mom was chopping out Sherlock Holmes, and so I decided to show her how worthwhile he was. I picked up your magazine, and I broke your Secret Code, using the Sherlock Holmes method. Guess what—it worked! Aside from a few letters, I got the entire message!

New York, N.Y.

I’m writing to thank you for printing the fabulous article, “My Brother Micky” by CoCo Dolenz. I’ve always loved Micky, but the other Monkees usually won most of my attention. But now CoCo has shown me and other Monkee fans what a great, fantastic, outasite brother she has! She brought me closer to Micky than I ever thought possible!

There’s no doubt in my mind about who is the grooviest Monkee. Thanks for making a confused fan the happiest girl in the world!

Debbi Bradow
Beaver Falls, Pa.

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 2
Issue: 11
Publisher: New Asbury Ltd. Publishing Co.
Pages: 6, 9