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Up until I saw your February letters column, I believed that all teen magazine columns were phony, and that the letters printed in them were made up in the editor’s head. Now I know differently, because you printed a letter I wrote about Derek Taylor’s Pop-Marriage article.

Thank you, and I’m sorry I doubted you!

Ellie McCafferty
Phoenix, Ariz.

In your February magazine you printed a letter a girl had written to the Beatles. I can’t begin to say how fantastic it was, and how grateful I am to you for printing it. The girl who wrote it put down in writing just what I feel in my heart, and I’m sure that many other Beatle fans feel the same way.

Eileen Jacobs
Manchester, Conn.

The Beatles have lost their touch! Their last two records were lousey [sic]! Whoever sings “Strawberry Fields” is not only very off-key, but sounds as though he is singing into a bucket! I can’t stand to listen to them because of an unknown mood it sets me into. Not that I’m concentrating on their words—it’s just a nothing feeling their songs give me.

I’m sorry that they’re breaking up; but personally I feel it’s all for the better. They just can’t turn up with a really groovey sound anymore!

Meta Bonmer
Michigan City, Ind.

Hey, TiGER people, I want to thank you a bunch for the fab pictures you’ve been printing of Micky Dolenz. Wow! He’s a doll and ¾!

Susan Hoover
Asheboro, N.C.

I’m not exactly in the teen set yet, but I really think TiGER BEAT is groovy! The group I really dig is the Monkees! All the girls around the block think they’re great! There’s one certain girl I know who wouldn’t blink an eyelash at any other singing group, but man, she really digs the Monkees!

Kenneth Newell
Artesia, N.M.

Boy, it’s a good thing you didn’t print Denise John’s address in the January issue after what she said about Mark Lindsay! I could have pounded a thousand lumps on her! Who does she think she is? I love the Raiders and I think Mark is the greatest! Anyone disagree?

Marilyn Schiavone
Elmwood Pk, Ill.

I have a friend who can’t stand Fang. She says he looks like a girl! I love him and I wish I could have him for myself. Do you know who she flips over? LAWRENCE WELK!!! Something must be wrong with this kid. She needs help, real bad!

Tampa, Fla.

Please don’t get me wrong—I luv the Monkees and the Raiders with all my heart—but why don’t you print some pics on the gearest group of all? Of course I mean the Animals! I’ve been looking through all the magazines I can find, and nobody has anything on them anymore. How is a faithful Animal fan supposed to keep up her picture collection?

Faye Brown
New Rochelle, N.Y.

I get so tired of seeing letters in columns that say stars don’t answer their mail! These people don’t seem to understand that stars get hundreds of letters a day! How in the world could anybody answer all of that?

A Person
Cape Girardeau, Mo.

Well I hope all you Raider Rooters are happy and proud of yourselves! You’ve let the Monkees practically take over in no time at all! The Raiders worked hard and deserve every bit of success. Then all of a sudden the Monkees came out and you make them overnight stars!

I’m surprised at all of you Raider fans! If you really care about them, I suggest you start boosting them and keep them number one! Don’t let those apes take over! Raiders forever!

D.C. & D.S.
Elk, Ind.

I hear that long hair is going out and that mustaches and muttonchop side whiskers are in. Right now the only group I care about are the Monkees. If they cut their hair and grow whiskers, would I still care about them?

I don’t know if it’s just their hair I love, but if it is and they cut it, what will I do? I always thought long hair counted for everything. What’s happening to today’s teenagers to let this happen!

Dalphene Payne
Modesto, Calif.

We like long skirts, saddle shoes, socks, classical music, and we don’t go to “rowdy” afternoon dances after school. We don’t wear false eyelashes any more because they obstruct the vision. Makeup is out because it makes the skin break out. Skimpy dresses are out because girls should not try to attract too much attention. We hope other people feel as we do!

Two Bach Lovers
New York, N.Y.

We would like everyone to know that we recently held a contest at a local radio station on the popularity of the Monkee vs. the Beatles. The Monkees had 23,950 votes, and the Beatles 15,253 votes.

The Monkees are great, and I’m glad our great city could help prove it!

D.W. and C.M.
Birmingham, Ala.

Who ever let that picture of Dino Martin appear on the back cover of your February issue? It’s a disgrace—to him and all his fans! It’s the worst photo I’ve ever seen of him! Hope it won’t happen again—especialy [sic] to a great guy like Dino!

New Jersey

As soon as I got a look at that picture of Dino Martin on the back cover of your February issue, I flipped but good! It’s the neatest one I’ve added to my collection of Dino pics, and I’ve been saving them for a long, long time! Keep up the good work!

Sarah Cole
Seattle, Wash.

John Lennon with short hair is like apple pie without the apples! With short hair and those horrible glasses, he has about as much sex appeal as a grape! I hope his hair grows out, and soon!

For Long Hair Lennon
Sacramento, Calif.

How can I ever thank you for the coolest, out-a-site, colorful, dreamiest, gorgeous color pictures of the greatest guys in the whole wide world that you printed in your magazine!

Those pics of my favorite guys, Dino, Davy Jones, Peter Tork and the rest, made me think that they were really with me, and it just sent me up on the highest cloud in the sky! I have to say that TiGER BEAT is just about the wildest mag there is. So keep running off those color pics, and you’ll find that you’ll get your biggest buy from the boss city of the world… Philadelphia, Pa!

Gina Pasilong
Philadelphia, Pa.

Recently I read an article in your magazine by Mark Lindsay, where he talked about his true fans. After I read that story, I felt so empty inside! I just couldn’t believe how some girls have treated him!

A true fan would understand that Mark is really a person with feelings, even though sometimes he seems too good to be true. I wouldn’t hurt him for anything. If he did something I didn’t like, I would think up a reason for why he did it.

I think all the Raiders are wonderful. TiGER BEAT has always been good, but you really outdid yourself with your last few issues. They were perfect! After reading it, three of my friends decided to subscribe!

Pattie Jones
Aspen. Colo.

Everybody writes into TiGER Talk saying how much they love someone in a group, and I don’t think that’s right! You can like a group, but after all, you’ll never get a chance to marry one of them! Most girls run around kissing their fave’s pictures, and that’s all right. But don’t get any ideas, because it’s a waste of time!

Denise Sevigny
Broidrick, Calif.

My problem is very different and almost unbelievable! My mother drives a cherry red, fuel-injected Sting Ray. She wears go-go boots and very short skirts with ski sweaters in the winter. I hate to think how she will dress in the summer! She wears her hair like Cher.

The other problem is that she is 53 and plans to go to college! Anybody have any suggestions on what I can do about her?

Chicago, Ill.

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I’m fed up with people who put down mini skirts! A girl can wear a bikini and nobody bats an eyelash. But, put the same girl in a mini skirt, and watch the eyebrows raise! Hmph! I say, mini skirts forever!

Darlene Perkins
Elyria, Ohio

Many teenagers say that Mick Jagger is too wild onstage. Maybe he is, but I think he’s just expressing his feelings.

Mick’s the grooviest, whether he’s wild onstage or not. Don’t you think so?

Kellie G.
Palo Alto, Calif.

How come everybody thinks the Monkees are in their teens? They are in their twenties? Davy Jones is around 22, Peter Tork 25, Mike Nesmith 23 and Micky Dolenz is around 20. Will you please tell someone they aren’t babies!


I can’t stand it any longer! Please stop it! You’re printing too much of that Raider—Dino, Desi, Billy bit! Almost every issue of TiGER BEAT has a giant pin-up of Mark Lindsay or that Fang! And I can’t even think of any top ten songs they’ve had on the charts!

Why not print more on the Beach Boys, Herman’s Hermits and the Lovin’ Spoonful? And why not do pin-ups of someone decent for a change?

Very Mad Liz
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Ooooh, I just luv, luv, luv Phil Volk! He is soooooo cute and just the greatest! Does he like chestnut brunettes? I sure hope so!

Donna Thurman
Waukegan, Ill.

If you haven’t heard about Keith yet, you’re really in a bad way! He is a newcomer with the potential to become a great star. He has the most fascinating voice I’ve heard in a long time.

Take it from me, get hip on him and you’ll soon be hung on him!

Tripper Ratt
Hialeah, Fla.

I would like to know where I can write Mark (Ugh) Lindsay. I want to tell him how much I hate him! Every time I see a picture of him, I either burn it or mark up his face!

James S.
Magnolia, Ark.

I am a very devoted fan of Herman’s Hermits, and I can’t help dreaming about them. My main problem in school is daydreaming. One day I was sitting in school just daydreaming and when my teacher asked me a question about math, I didn’t even know what she was talking about!

You should have seen my Dad when he saw my report card. WOW! Now do you see my problem?

Sherry Hart
Hope Mills, N.C.

I just love Paul Revere and the Raiders—especially Harpo! He is a doll, and he’s got the cutest smile! Nothing could make me stop thinking he was cute—not even those sideburns I’ve been noticing on him lately!

LaGrange, Ga.

Why doesn’t anybody ever talk about Desi and Billy? It’s always, “Dino is tops!… Dino is great!” etc. etc. It’s just not fair!

I think Desi and Billy deserve just as much attention as Dino. How about it, don’t you think it’s time someone wrote about the rest of the group?

Jill Johnston
Yuma, Ariz.

Everyone is spouting off opinions in your letters column, and most of them seem to have been written by inane, mindless five year olds with overactive imaginations! (I am now approaching the old age of 19.)

Nikki Smith
El Cajon, Calif.

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 2
Issue: 9
Publisher: New Asbury Ltd. Publishing Co.
Pages: 6, 9