Songs Written by Unknown (35 songs)

“50s Medley—Dry Bones”The Monkees33 ⅓ Revolutions Per Monkee1969Unknown
“Banjo Jam (excerpt)”The MonkeesHeadquarters Sessions2000Unknown
“Blues (excerpt)”The MonkeesHeadquarters Sessions2000Unknown
“Dance Gypsy Dance (original 1982 Japanese 45)”Davy Jones“Dance Gypsy Dance (original 1982 Japanese 45)” / “Can She Do It (Like She Dances)”1981Unknown
“Dandruff?”The MonkeesHead1968Unknown
“Fever”The MonkeesHeadquarters Sessions2000Unknown
“God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”Davy JonesChristmas Jones1976Unknown
“Gravy”The MonkeesHead1968Unknown
“Head Radio Spot (prev. unissued)”The MonkeesHead1968Unknown
“Helen’s Eternal Birthday”Unknown
“Incredible”Davy JonesIncredible!1986Unknown
“It’s Christmas”Davy Jones“It’s Christmas”2008Unknown
“Kellogg’s Jingle”The MonkeesMissing Links Volume 31996Unknown
“Life Is Long”Unknown
“Love Is the Place”Unknown
“Masking Tape (tracking session composite takes 6 to 8)”The MonkeesHeadquarters Sessions2000Unknown
“Me and My Brand New Haircut”Unknown
“Only the Fittest Shall Survive”The Monkees33 ⅓ Revolutions Per Monkee1969Unknown
“Only Understanding Love”Unknown
“Opening Ceremony”The MonkeesHead1968Unknown
“Poll”The MonkeesHead1968Unknown
“Searching (Diane’s Song)”Unknown
“Sleep, My Child”Unknown
“Smiles of Autumn”Unknown
“Special Announcement (prev. unissued)”The MonkeesPisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd.1967Unknown
“Superstitious”The MonkeesHead1968Unknown
“Supplicio”The MonkeesHead1968Unknown
“Swami—Plus Strings”The MonkeesHead1968Unknown
“The Good Earth (prev. unissued)”The MonkeesThe Monkees Present1969Unknown
“The Monkees Present Radio Promo (prev. unissued)”The MonkeesThe Monkees Present1969Unknown
“This Day in Bethlehem”Davy JonesChristmas Jones1976Unknown
“Twelve-String Improvisation”The MonkeesHeadquarters Sessions2000Unknown
“Who Are You—Relax”The Monkees33 ⅓ Revolutions Per Monkee1969Unknown