The Critic: Song was pretty white.
Mike: And I’ll tell you somethin’ else too. The same thing goes for Christmas!
[instrumental excerpt from “Circle Sky”]
Davy: He’s crazy!
[gun shot]
Lord High ’n’ Low: Boys, don’t never, but never, make fun of no cripples.
?: Somebody come up and giggle at you, that’s a violation of your civil rights.
?: Skunk bait. That’s what the world is full of. That’s what it’s based on. That’s what this economy is based on.
?: Are you telling me that you don’t see the connection between government and laughing at people?
Peter: Well, let me tell you one thing, son. Nobody ever lends money to a man with a sense of humor.
[evil laughter]
[heart beat]
[door creak]


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