Bela Lugosi: Supernatural, perhaps…
Inspector Shrink: Change one tape; the entire process is re-geared. Leisure. The inevitable by-product of our civilization. Tragedy of your times, my young friends, is that you may get exactly what you want.
Officer Faye Lapid: Out.
Mike: Oh.
Officer Faye Lapid: C’mon, out, get outta here.
Micky: Hey, what’s going on?
Officer Faye Lapid: Oh now, move it! Out!
Peter: Oh, hello officer, certainly glad to—
Officer Faye Lapid: Shut up! Okay, weirdoes.
?: Alright fellas, will you come forward, please?
Micky: Who’s that?
?: Alright, now, jump up and down a little, huh, fellas? Get lost in it.
Micky: Jump into this? What is?
?: There you go, very good. Look, you’re supposed to be dandruff, fellas!
Davy: Dandruff?
?: Will you work at it, please? Jump up and down a little bit.
?: Dandruff, dandruff, dandruff, dandruff, dandruff.
?: Good, that’s better, that’s good.


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  1. Head (1994) (CD).