“Masking Tape (tracking session composite takes 6 to 8)”

?: Stop! Don’t tell ’em now.
?: Slow.
Micky: Yeah. Give me a count. Stop! Don’t tell ’em that.
?: [???]
?: Mick, put on your cans.
Peter: Thunk, thunk, thunk…
Mike: Drive it, baby. If that [???] drive it.
?: Keep it a little dirtier.
?: A little funkier.
Micky: What d’you mean? Slower?
Mike: Not slower. Drive it. But you know, just get your [???]
?: Yeah.
?: Push, push.
?: Sure you can’t…
?: Maybe that’s…
?: I really don’t…
Micky: That’s, that’s even um… that’s [???]
Mike: Ah! Ah! Ah!
Micky: Stop! Don’t tell ’em everything you know. There it is, Peter.
Mike: Ah! Ah!
?: [???]
Micky: Stop! Don’t tell ’em everything you know.
Mike: One, two, one, two, three, four. One, two.
[short instrumental]
Mike: One.
Peter: Two.
Mike: One, two, three, four. One.
?: [???]
Micky: Think so.
?: Chip, that fast?
?: Yeah, that’s a good tempo, man. Just get it together.
Micky: No, I got, the microphone wasn’t on the drums.
?: Sounded pretty good too.
?: Mike, maybe if you stood up and pushed it a little bit it might help.
Peter: Mike speed up?
?: Where is it?
?: Stand up and push it.
Mike: I’m, I am, baby. I’m not dragging. [???] me? I’m rushing.
Micky: No, no. Stand up and push it.
?: Oh. No wonder my chair’s [???]
?: Push the rest [???]
Micky: Stand up and push it, he said.
?: No, no, I mean, it was just a thought. I mean, I thought you could keep everybody together a little bit better that way.
?: [???]
Peter: Scotch tape will put—tie it on the end of your guitar.
Mike?: [???] ho fucking, ho fucking, ho.
?: Ha ha.
?: Scotch tape will [???]
?: Try it again. Let’s do it again.
?: You watch [???]
?: Hey.
?: Everybody freak out!
?: One, two, one, two.


Micky: Ah! That was it!
?: No, that wasn’t it; it slowed down in the middle. It’s gettin’ close though.

  1. The Monkees: The Day-by-Day Story of the ’60s TV Pop Sensation (2005), Andrew Sandoval, p. 295.