Monkee Rumors

Davy Jones, Mike Nesmith, Micky Dolenz

Dear Readers,

For this month’s issue I’ve tried to fill Monkee Rumors with answers to all the great questions you’ve been asking. Sometimes this meant quite a bit of research, but we found the answers. Not all of the questions were rumors, but we want to keep you well informed on all the Monkees’ lives and I can’t think of a better way than right here.

Love, Ann Moses

Q. In a New York newspaper I read that Davy was so crazy about Sally Field that he gifted her with a baby-blue Ferrari for her birthday. Please tell me whether this is true or not.

A. It’s not true. Sally does own a Ferrari, but it was a gift from Screen Gems Studios for her great job on the “Flying Nun” series. By the way, Sally and Davy are no longer dating.

Micky Dolenz, Irving Lippman
Micky was a doll when he appeared on “Circus Boy.” He’s seen with “Lippy” above who was the cameraman on CB and now on the Monkees.

Q. I know that Micky was a star on “Circus Boy,” but I’ve read they have Circus Boy in magazines but they always put “starring Micky Braddock” and I just don’t get it. Please tell me if it is true.

A. When Micky was Circus Boy, he used the stage name Micky Braddock. Micky decided to do this so it wouldn’t appear he was trying to win any fame from his famous father, George Dolenz. Micky’s full name is George Michael Dolenz, Jr.

Q. Will you please answer the following questions for me? 1. When is Christian’s birthday? 2. What day were Mike and Phyllis married? 3. What was Phyllis’ last name before she was married.

A. Christian was born on January 31, 1964. Phyllis and Mike were married on March 16, 1963 and Phyllis’ maiden name was Phyllis Barbour.

Q. In Monkee Spectacular number nine it says that Peter dates many girls; what I’d like to know is who he dates. You’re always printing who the other Monkees date, but we never read who Peter dates.

A. What we said in that issue was correct—Peter dates many girls. Peter usually dates girls who are not famous, so if we wrote Peter dates Mary Smith it wouldn’t mean too much. Also, Peter doesn’t go out much when he takes a girl out, so that’s why you seldom see pictures of Peter with girls. He will often just invite his dates over to his home to share an evening with his friends.

Davy Jones, Suzie
That’s Davy with his dog Susie, above. Once while Davy was away from his house Susie was stolen. Davy missed her, so he got another German Shepherd puppy and named him “Susie II,” even though it’s a male dog!

Q. I read that Davy Jones lost his pup, Susie. Did he get her back is what I’m wondering.

A. Several months ago, Susie was taken while Davy was away and his house unattended. For that reason he had an electric gate installed at the end of his driveway so he will know whoever is coming to his house. To replace Susie, which is hard to do, Davy got another German Shepard pup and named him Susie. Even though the new dog is a male, it’s Susie to Davy and he loves him/her very much!

Q. My sister and I are having an argument. She says Peter sings lead on “Shades of Gray” and I say it’s Davy. Who is right?

A. For the most part it is Davy with Peter coming in to sing the words “only shades of gray” in his deeper voice. However, Peter does sing one whole verse in the song.

Davy Jones, Chip Douglas
[Above], Chip Douglas works out a harmony part with Davy. Chip produced the Monkees’ third and fourth albums, but now they are producing themselves.

Q. On the back of the new Monkee album it says “personal” [sic] and lists instruments and has different names for each one. For instance, it says “bass” Chip Douglas. Does this mean that he is playing bass on all the songs on the album?

A. In this case yes. Chip did the bass parts for the new album. The Monkees “personal” list was their way of giving credit to those musicians who played on the album besides the four Monkees.

Q. I read that Peter allows young un-wed mothers to stay in his home until it’s time for them to go into the hospital. Is this true?

A. No.

Phyllis Barbour Nesmith
There was some confusion about when Phyllis’ birthday was, but she really was born in July, even though Mike calls her April.

Q. I read in a magazine that Phyllis Nesmith’s birthday was July 23, and she was 21 years old. I read in another that she was born on April 5, and that’s why Mike called her April. I know for a fact that the April part is untrue from your column, but could you give me the correct month and date of Phyllis’ birthday and her correct age.

A. Phyllis’ birthday is July 30, 1946. She is now 21 years old.

Q. There is a rumor going around our school that the Monkees manager is the same person who manages the Cowsills. That can’t be true because the Cowsills’ manager is their father! Who is the Monkees’ manager, anyway?

A. The Monkees actually do not have a manager. The four boys are under contract to Screen Gems Studios. The actual work that is done by a manager is usually handled by Ward Sylvester for the Monkees. The Cowsills are also under contract to Screen Gems Studios.

Micky Dolenz

Q. I’ve looked everywhere, but have never found an answer to my question. What’s the question? Oh! It may have been asked before, but is Davy Jones left handed?

A. Davy is right handed.

Q. Since you are the only person I’ll believe concerning the Monkees, I would like to know the truth about the following questions: 1. Is it true that Mike and Phyllis were once separated? Also, is it true that Deana and Davy are getting serious?

A. Mike and Phyllis have never been separated in the sense you mean. They have only been separated by space while Mike was on tour. They are very happy together. About Davy and Deana, even though I know both Davy and Deana, it’s not my scene to pry into their feelings for each other. They still date, but Davy dates others as well.

Q. Please print my question as I would truly like to have the answer. I know millions of other girls also have this question in mind. Where can I write to the Monkees and be sure of them getting my letters?

A. The very best place to write the Monkees is at their studio where they work every week. The address is: Screen Gems Studios, 1334 Beachwood Drive, Hollywood, California, 90028.

Peter Tork

Q. Please clear these up for my sisters and I: 1. What color is Davy’s hair? 2. What color is Peter’s hair? 3. Does Peter read a book a day? 4. Does Phyllis agree to the name Mike chooses for their new baby? 5. Is Micky still going steady with Samantha? 6. Is Zilch doing as well as Davy expected?

A. 1. Davy’s hair is brown. Sometimes though, it can look black and other times, like when he’s been in the sun a lot it can have reddish highlights. 2. Peter calls his hair color light brown. When he, too, is out in the sun a lot, it takes on a blond color. 3. No, sometimes he spends weeks on a book and other times he’ll read a book in an hour. 4. Mike and Phyllis chose Jonathan Darby’s name together. 5. Yes. 6. Davy is very pleased with the way his store is doing and he’s even thinking about opening a west coast branch of Zilch. If you’d like a catalogue for Zilch mail-order clothes just write to 217 Thompson Street, New York, New York.

Q. You asked to let you know if we spotted any mistakes in Monkee Spec and much to my confusion I have. In your Monkee Rumor column you said Phyllis Nesmith turned 21 last September. While in an article, The girl behind Mike Nesmith” in your August issue it said Phyllis was born on July 30 which made her a Leo. Will you please reprint the correct birthday for Phyl? Thanks.

A. Thank you for being so watchful. It was my goof in my column. Phyl was born on July 30, 1946.

Mike Nesmith, Peter Tork, Davy Jones

Q. Could you please answer a question for me: In Monkee Spec #9 you said Chip Douglas was born in Hawaii. Last week I read in Monkee Spec #10 that he was born in San Francisco. Which is it?

A. Chip was born in San Francisco. We got confused because after he was born in San Francisco, his family moved to Hawaii where he was raised.

Q. Why isn’t the song, “Valleri” on any of the Monkees’ albums yet? Everyone I know loves it but can’t find the record!

A. “Valleri,” which the Monkees have re-recorded, is their latest single backed by “Tapioca Tundra” written by Mike Nesmith.

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Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 14
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 36–39