Fave Raves

All you know is your fave is up there singing for you and there’s lights
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fave RAVES
1800 N. Highland Ave.
Hollywood, Calif. 90028

Listen here man! Girls write in about how dumb it is to scream at a Monkee concert?? Well, let me tell you! I went to a concert and you really can’t help yourselves from screaming. All you know is your fave is up there singing for you and there’s lights flashing all over and girls hollering and screaming. Like man, you almost go nuts. You get a weird feeling. I know it’s a little dumb to scream but ’ya can’t help it!

Debbie Fletcher
Plainfield, Conn.

In Fave’s Monkee Contest (November issue) you said that Canadians were eligible to enter the Monkee contest. It’s the first time an American teen mag has mentioned that Canadians were even looked at as entries. Fave really makes everyone feel important and on behalf of Canadian teens, thank you.

Marcia Chappell
Toronto, Ontario, Can.

This letter is directed to Debbie McMullen who, in the November issue of Fave, said that Davy Jones fans were heartbroken when you printed the picture of Davy about to kiss Donna Loren. Well, here’s a devoted Davy fan who wants to see more of these pictures. I mean, why not? It’s groovy! What do you want? Davy slugging a girl?

Karen Nygaard
Vancouver, B.C., Can.

I was reading your fabulous December issue today and when I saw my picture along with my entry to the Monkee contest I almost fell through the floor! It is truly the greatest thrill of my life to think that my entry was chosen from the thousands and thousands you received! I don’t know how to thank you for such an honor. After entering so many contests with so many bad results, I feel now that there is a little hope and I am dying with excitement. I hope upon hope that I may be the lucky winner. Once again I say, thank you a million times!

Lynne Warshaw
Lido Beach, NY.

This letter is to girls who complain about Davy having dates. What do you want Davy to do when he has a once-in-a-while chance to go on a date? Sit home all night? Work for his fans ALL the time? Well, I don’t. I wish he had more time for dates!

A fan who really loves Davy
Girard, Ohio

I read Fave Raves in your November issue and I read a letter that set me on fire. A girl said the Monkees wouldn’t make it because they weren’t a first! Well, she’s got something to learn; if she would just listen to them she’d come to her senses and see that they’re great!

Girl, come out of hibernation!

Cheryl Wyatt
Salisbury, Md.

How can you touch, see or meet the Monkees when you live in a small town about the size of a pinpoint, miles, many, many miles from any large city?

Ann Greene
West Plains, Mo.

For true Monkee fans, there is always a way to meet the Monkees. The Monkees often go to small towns in all parts of the country for weekends and vacations so keep looking! And, even if you miss them when they come to YOUR town, you can always touch them in your heart.

I was very disappointed Sunday night when the Raiders were on the Smothers Brothers show. They didn’t have any close-ups of Freddy!

Sue Mathes
Zanesville, O.

I am writing this poem as a congratulations to the lucky girl who won the Monkee Contest:

They said “You need originality”
And originality had she
So, Good Luck to the girl who won her Victory!

Karen O’Dowd
Lowell, Mass.

How dare that dumb Ouija Board make those horrible predictions about Davy Jones! He will not get married in 1969 to a blonde! My Mystic Eye said that he is getting married in 1974 to a girl with brownish hair. I also asked a fortune teller and she said the same thing!

A Girl With Brownish Hair Who’s Getting Married in 1974
Chicago, Illinois

For the past year I have read a large amount of articles on Dino, Desi and Billy—yet I have not… not once, heard them sing!

California Girl
Escondido, Calif.

Magazine: Fave
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 7
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Page: 62