Fave Raves

You know how popular wiglets are these days! Well, my mother has one and it is the exact color of Micky Dolenz’s hair. Everytime she puts it on her wig head it’s all curly and frizzy like Micky’s hair! I thought it would be groovy to draw Micky’s face on her wig head. I did and, man!, it looks just like him! Now my mother’s wig head has real class… Micky Dolenz style!

Dianne Boone
Garland, Texas

Let’s have a Monkees wig-head drawing contest!

If there is one thing I can’t stand it’s a conceited Englishman! I’m referring to that ridiculous, ultra-ugly, super-conceited and goody-goody Davy Jones! Did any of you ignorant Davy fans ever stare at his dopey-looking pictures? I did and I got sick to my stomach! On the show he ALWAYS has to get the girl. He acts like the goody-two-shoes of the group. All I have to say is, “I hate him!”.

Still Another Davy Hater
Chicago, Illinois

Wow! What do you think of someone who writes this about Davy and doesn’t have enough nerve to even sign her name?

I just read in your last issue of FaVE that some girls asked a Ouija Board who Davy was going to marry. The answer was a girl named Donna Lynn with auburn hair. My name is Donna Lynn and I have long dark brown hair and I love Davy. Maybe?

A hopeful Donna Lynn
Howard Beach, N.Y.

You know FaVE’s motto: “The newest and the TRUEST!” We can’t vouch for that Ouija Board, but anyway, good luck!

In a recent FaVE, Davy insists his true love must have long hair. Oh Davy, I just can’t understand your logic! I had long hair but now it’s short and everyone thinks I look a million percent better. Sorry, Davy, I will never let it grow out again. Short-haired girls, let’s stick together!

P.J. O’Brien
San Antonio, Tex.

Looks like Davy’s changed his mind, P.J.! See this month’s FaVE story on him by Deana Martin!

My girlfriends and I read in FaVE that Dino says he has a new girl. My girlfriend Frances luvs him so much that she got sick when she read it. If he has the nerve to tell all his fans that, we want to know who it is!

Brooklyn, N.Y.

We’ve got our FaVE girl-reporter detectives working on this right now! It’s not an easy secret to uncover and other magazines will probably print just anything to satisfy Dino’s fans. Keep watching FaVE for the REAL story!

I hate Micky’s hair so much I’d rather see him BALD! Everyone else I know agrees with me too! ANYTHING would be better than that horrible bush he wears on his head! I wish my father could get him in his barber’s chair for just two minutes!

Karen MacInnes
Las Vegas, Nev.

How many for a bald-headed Micky?

I watch Star Trek every week just to see what Mr. Spock will do next. I wonder, does it hurt him when they make his ears pointed?

Myra Myers
Outlook, Wash.

Leonard says, “Only when I laugh!”

FaVE is the best thing since color TV and sliced bread. It’s probably the only magazine that really listens to what its readers have to say. Thanks for printing those stories I asked for on Angela Cartwright. Keep with it!

Lorraine Grimsby
Lynnwood, Wash.

Thank you, Lorraine! FaVE will always help everyone who writes to us!

Thanks to Leslie Nelson for her groovy ideas on Monkeemania. Real Monkeemania is more than just doing wild or zany things. Monkeemaniacs are the most loyal fans the Monkees have. They try to mold themselves into the kind of person their fave could love and admire. A lot of people put us down for this. But don’t give up. Remember, almost each and every teen idol is going to marry a “fan”, and there’s a chance that it could be one of us!

Debbie Navickas
McKees Rocks, Penn.

FaVE agrees, Debbie and we hope your faithfulness will be rewarded!

The Monkees are copycats! When the Beatles cut a new album or single the Monkees have to copy. The Monkees are just plain afraid because the Beatles are still the greatest group in the world. Think it over, Monkees and Beatles fans.

Janice Brian
Saginaw, Mich.

How can anyone compare the Monkees to the Beatles? The Beatles went out before the Monkees were in. The Beatles were something (but not too much) once upon a time. The Monkees are something now and a lot. They try hard to make their music the best. The Beatles try little. The Monkees are a too wonderful thing to be compared with the Beatles.

Johnette Wall
St. Louis, Mo.

Lookout! The big Monkees vs. Beatles battle is starting again!

Why do you do so many stories on the Cowsills? I think they are sissies who can’t go and sing without their mother! Don’t do any more stories on them!

Kathy Lewis
Lightning Tree, Wy.

Any Cowsills fans have anything to say to Kathy?

Magazine: Fave
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 8
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Page: 9