Monkee Mail


The Monkees are a fab group
As great as they could be,
They do a television series
Just for you and me.
Now Mike he’s the quiet one
(Well just a little bit),
But Micky puts it on for you
So he’s quite the opposite,
Now Peter he’s the shy one,
But he’s growing out of it now,
Well Davy he’s the small one
He’s afraid to take a bow,
So now you have the group complete,
Micky, Davy, Mike and Pete.

Pauline “Eggie” Heagaty,
56 Murray Crescent,
Pinner, Middx.


Dear Jackie,

In last month’s Monkee Monthly you asked us if we had any suggestions for the name of Mike Nesmith’s new baby—well! here are some names.

Girl. Melony Jane, Hilary Ann, Beverly Jane, Gillian Anne, Hazel Elizabeth, Elaine Phyllis, Lorraine Anna, Denise June, Pamela Jane, Diana Patricia, Carmella Ann.

Boy. Andrew Michael, Martin Michael, Paul Andrew, Paul Michael, John Michael, Robert Michael, Phillip Anthony, Val du parry, Paul du Val, David John, Phillip Andrew.

Yours sincerely.

Elaine Fuller,
59 Thicketford Road,
Tonge Moor,
Bolton, Lancashire.

Vivien’s dream

Dear Jackie,

I’ve just heard “Daydream Believer”, so take a rather large breath.

It’s absolutely great, groovy, fab, terrific, out of this world, marvellous, fantastic, lively, adorable, super, superb, romantic, gorgeous, lovable, admirable, digable, mighty, perfect, miraculous, swinging, fabulous.

Something tells me it has got to be a hit.

Davy’s voice sent me into the biggest daydream ever, and I’m a believer in the Monkees and their records.

Love from A MONKEE (especially Davy) mad fan.

Vivien Ashley,
5 Danefield Terrace,
Otley, Yorks. (England).

P.S.—Oh! boy, does Davy Jones send me, I can picture the near future, every time I hear “Daydream Believer” I’ll just go into the biggest daydream ever.

Wrong meaning

Dear Jackie,

I was reading last month’s Monkees Monthly, when I came across Patricia Tyldsley’s letter about Davy. She said that he was (amongst other things) fabulous, but I’m sure that if she really knew what the word meant she wouldn’t call him that.

I ran for my dictionary and looked it up, and this is what it said: fable, incredible, absurd, exaggerated. So I think you’ll agree with me that Davy, and the other three, are not fabulous… they’re just great!!!

Pete Pan,
Richmond Road,
Appledore, Devon.

Monkee dogs?

Dear Editor,

As I’m mad over dogs (almost as much as the Monkees!) I decided to see which kind of dog personality would suit the Monkees best. This is what I got. Davy as a cute Cairn Terrier as he’s so cuddly looking; Mike as a Greyhound—he’s always so far ahead with his songs; Micky as a Labrador, with his kind eyes; and last but not least Peter—as a Spaniel, with his long, silky hair.

I hope no Monkee fans rise up in arms over this, ’cos I only did it for fun. Yours faithfully.

Miss Stephanie Watson,
35 Richhill Crescent,
Sandown Road,
Belfast 5.

Wonderful surprise

Dear Jackie

This is just a short note to thank you for the lovely Swiss watch which I won in your recent competition.

It was a wonderful surprise when I opened the November issue of Monkees Monthly and saw the result. I never thought that my title would be good enough to win a prize. Thank you once again,

Yours sincerely,

Anne Cannon
32 Bellevue Road,
Friern Barnet,
London, N.11

Magazine: Monkees Monthly
Editor: Jackie Richmond
Issue: 11
Publisher: Beat Publications Ltd.
Pages: 28–29