Letter from the Editor

Magazine: Monkees Monthly
Editor: Jackie Richmond
Issue: 10
Publisher: Beat Publications Ltd.
Pages: 2, 23


At last we’ve got a new Monkees single. This time, let’s make sure that it climbs into the top ten faster than any other disc.

Phew! What a job I had judging the L.P. title competition. I ended up with little piles of your postcards all over my desk and covering half the floor of the room. After lots of hard thinking, I finally picked the winners. So many of your suggestions were good that I could have multiplied the actual winners list many times over but I’m afraid we can only pick five, as we said in the original competition rules in Monkees Monthly No. 8. The complete list of winners is printed on page 7.

Mike and Phyllis are expecting another baby in December and they tell me that they’ve no idea what to call him, or her. So, if you have any names which you think would suit “Woolhats” new baby, drop me a postcard and I’ll pass it on to Mike.

In this issue we have got the second part of the Micky and Sammy story—incidentally, thanks for all your letters saying how much you liked the first part—plus a very special feature on Davy by Frazer Hines who, as you know only too well, is one of the stars of the “Dr. Who” show on television. Frazer is becoming quite a star in his own right and has built up a very big fan following over the past year, and he’s got some really fascinating facts to reveal about Davy.

See you next month.

Jackie Richmond

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