Monkees Fan Club Column

The winners of the five fifteen guinea gold-plated, fully-jewelled Swiss watches, together with their winning entries are printed below:

a) Anne Cannon, 32 Bellevue Road, Friern Barnet, London N.11. MUTINY ON THE HIGH C’s
b) Pat Way, 65 Crouchcroft, New Eltham, London S.E.9. DISCGUYS
c) Lida Romaniuk, 103 Wolfa Street, Derby. DE3. 3SE. THE MONKEES FOURTH GEAR ACCELERATION
d) Claire Grant, Talland, Tadburn Close, Romsey, Hants. DOLESMITHORKONES
e) Miss C. Martin, 17 Stokoe Avenue, Oldfield Brow, Altrincham, Cheshire. MONKEEOLIGY

The winners will be receiving their prizes by registered post, very shortly.

Hi there! I have got lots to report this month! The fan club has grown and grown and we hope to tell everyone very soon that we are the largest fan club in Great Britain. As a special treat, our 50,000th member will be given a free weekend in Paris as a prize!

We have heard from fans in thirty-seven different countries and many of them have joined our club. I think that The Monkees are greater than ever and they stand out a mile above any other group.

We have had thousands of entries for our Luxembourg trip competition. The winner will meet The Baron. If you still want to take part—do not forget that the closing date is 15th November.

If you wish to send a present or card to The Monkees for Christmas, please let us have them straightaway to ensure that they reach the boys on time. The same applies to Davy’s and Mike’s birthday cards and presents.

All of you who join the fan club now are entitled to fifteen months’ membership, so if you were thinking of waiting until January to join, why not enrol now and enjoy the extra benefits?

If Davy can spare the time at Christmas, providing that he is over here of course, we hope to interview him specially for fan club members and also obtain a picture of him which will be included in the Spring newsletter.

We are organising a petition to bring the boys over to Britain for a tour next year and you can read all about it in our Christmas newsletter. In the meantime, carry on Monkee Maniacs like our Maniac for this month, Miss Susan Day of Wallers Grove, Ipswich who must deserve recognition because we have received postcards galore from many people including her parents telling us about what she does for her fave group. Her Dad says that he is going grey clearing up Monkees pictures, records and magazines!

Best wishes,

Magazine: Monkees Monthly
Editor: Jackie Richmond
Issue: 10
Publisher: Beat Publications Ltd.
Page: 7