Monkee Mail

Dear Jackie,

I really enjoy the Monkees’ Monthly, but I have found a mistake in it. On the ‘stop press’ page, the typewriter is on the wrong side of the page and is typing from right to left (which is in reverse). I have only just managed to buy two issues of the mag. nos 5 & 6 and so I have only just noticed it or I would have written before.

This is the only thing wrong with the mag. except that is should be bigger, because maniacs like me who adore the Monkees can’t get enough of the fab four.

The other day I was sitting doodling when I had the idea of putting the group’s name onto Mike’s wool hat. I drew it out and painted it, (Please excuse rotten painting but my paints are not very good), and my elder sister said I should send it in.

We think Mike’s wool hat is more closely associated with the Monkees than the guitar on the mag. cover.

Sandra Hendrie,
6 Janefield Place,
By Glasgow.

Jackie Richmond answers: You’re right about the typewriter Sandra, but let’s just say it’s left-handed.

Dear Jackie,

Would you please, please, please, please, please, please inform Mr. David Thomas Jones, that I, Miss Patricia Anne Tyldsley, think that he is the most…

Fantastic, Terrific, fabulous, gorgeous, fab, great, cute, loveable, handsome, humorous, kind, considerate, delicious, delightful, exotic, superb, marvellous, perfect, spectacular, romantic, magnificent, charming, debonair, wonderful, admirable, tender, tiny, tough, lovely, sparkling favourable, sexy, adorable, and absolutely out of this world, so there.

A Monkee Maniac and Davy fan.

P. Tyldsley,
25, Haw Ave.,

P.S. I’ve got 2,065 pic’s of the MONKEES

Dear Editor,

I can think of a particular verse, of a particular song, which would be very suitable for a particular Monkee. The song?—“Call Up The Groups” by The Barron Knights. The verse goes to the tune of “You Were Made For Me” by Freddie and The Dreamers; the words are…

I could never be
A corporal in the calvary,
Please don’t pick on me
’Cos I am only five foot three!

And the Monkee? I think you’ve already guessed.

A mad, mad, mad, mad DAVY fan.

Dear Jackie,

I had a problem; I had hundreds of pictures of the “Monkees” and various articles written about them when I decided to get several scrapbooks (2 / 6 each) and after sticking my various articles in I realised I had hardly touched my pile and finished my books and this was an expensive hobby then “I had idea what I needed was an idea”, as Micky Dolenz would say.

PROBLEM SOLVED!!! I quickly ran round to my local shop and asked if they had an old wallpaper catalogue which I could have so now I have all my pictures in there and another pile accumulating. (Anyone got any spare wallpaper books.)

Yours Sincerely,
Susan Day,
25, Wallers Grove,
Chantry Estate,

Dear Jackie,

First of all I must say thanks a lot for publishing my letter that I sent about the Monkees Concert. (Titled Them.) I had no idea that you were going to print it and when I saw you offering £5 to the letters that were going to be published—well I was as pleased as punch.

I had 4 chain letters to pass on and masses of other letters from people who just wrote to me thanking me for writing such nice things and also have gained some Pen-Pals, I’ve even told one girl how to join the fan club. One more member to the happy Monkee Luvers Fan Club.

Anyway must sign off now, hoping to hear from you soon.

Pauline Maskell,
25, Cross Road,

Must go now Goodbye-Solong-tata gone!

Magazine: Monkees Monthly
Editor: Jackie Richmond
Issue: 9
Publisher: Beat Publications Ltd.
Pages: 28–29