Fave Q&A

At last! Here is THE PLACE to get all of your questions about your faves answered, no matter what they are! If you want to know even the smallest detail about a fave—past, present or future—send your questions to:

fave Q & A
1800 N. Highland Ave.
Hollywood, Calif. 90028

Q. In the July TiGER BEAT it looked as if Herman wore makeup! Is this really true? I hope not ’cause it ruins his image.

Laura Boone
Roanoke Rapids, N.C.

A. All your faves have to wear makeup for pictures and films. Most of them really hate it, but wearing makeup while they’re working is just part of show business.

Q. This is going to be a real long request but I want to know the Schultz Twins’ age, birthdate, grade in school and where I can write to them. I hope you answer this ’cause I think Fave is outasite!

Kim Williams
Tulsa, Oklahoma

A. Keith and Kevin were born September 16, 1953, so they’re 14 now. They’re in the ninth grade and you can write to them at P.O. Box 1214, Beverly Hills, California 90213.

Q. Where can I write to groovy Jon Provost? How old is he and what grade is he in?

Karlene Stone
Oak Cliff, Texas

A. Write to Jon at P.O. Box 1214, Beverly Hills, California 90213. He’s 17 and in the twelfth grade.

Q. Could you please tell me if Phil Volk of the Brotherhood has been drafted?

A Phil Volk Fan
Bristol, Virginia

A. No, he hasn’t.

Q. I’m desperate. I must have Gary of Gary and the Hornets address in a real hurry so please hurry ’cause I simply love him.

Ogallala, Nebraska

A. Write to him c/o Smash Records, 35 E. Wacker, Chicago, Illinois 60601.

Q. Where can I write to Samantha Juste? I think she’s just super-cool!

A Sammy Juste Fan
Espanola, New Mexico

A. Write to Samantha c/o Fave Magazine, 1800 N. Highland Avenue, Hollywood, California 90028.

Q. Some kids say Davy is ticklish. Is he?

Chris Coffelt
South Bend, Indiana

A. Davy is ticklish when he’s tired but not when he’s well-rested. His stomach is his most ticklish area.

Q. I recently wrote Desi at Reprise Records in Burbank, California, but a few weeks later I received the letter back with a note on it to “Always Use Your Zip Code.” Could you please tell me the complete address of where to write to him?

A Dino, Desi and Billy Fan
Brooklyn, New York

A. Try 8255 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, California, 90046 and I think you’ll have better luck. The whole group receives their mail at this address.

Q. In the article on Jon Provost in the September issue of Fave there are pictures showing a sweatshirt of Jon’s. I have been trying to figure out the words on the back. Can you help?

A Devoted Fan
Lubbock, Texas

A. The words are, “How can we lose when we’re so sincere?”

Q. Where can I write to Kurt Russell? I think he’s just outasite!

Nancy Likins
Chula Vista, California

A. Write to him c/o Walt Disney Studios, 500 S. Buena Vista, Burbank, California 91503.

Q. I heard recently that Mark Lindsay wears contact lenses. Does he? Also, where can I write to him?

Trish Baumgardner
Colorado Springs, Colorado

A. Yes, he does wear contact lenses. He has them in many different colors and sometimes wears one of one color and another of another color to confuse people. You can write to him at 9126 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, California 90069.

Q. In your first Fave I read in the questions and answers that you couldn’t visit the Monkees set. Then I see pictures of fans on the set and friends of the Monkees there. I don’t understand. Can you see the Monkees set or not? Could I get in?

Sylvia Alfonso
Miami Beach, Florida

A. People on the Monkees set are personal friends of the Monkees, or they are there on official business (they work on the show, or they write about the Monkees like Ann Moses does) or they are one of the lucky fans who have waited patiently day after day at the guard’s post at Screen Gems Studio. Your best bet would be to go each day to the Screen Gems entrance and wait. Once in a while the Monkees will go outside and bring some fans in, but they can’t do it all the time because there are just too many fans and too little room on the set.

Q. Please tell me where I can write to Freddy Weller. I’ve flipped completely for him. Is there a fan club for him? I’m desperately in luv! He’s just indescribably delicious! Such a beautious boy I’ve never seen!! Please print an address!!

Fanatical Freddy Fan Forever (alias Kathy)
Seaford, Delaware

A. Freddy doesn’t have a fan club, at the present moment but you can write to him at 9126 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, California 90069.

Magazine: Fave
Editor: Mary Jo Clements
Volume: 1
Issue: 4
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Page: 48