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At last! Here is THE PLACE to get all of your questions about your faves answered, no matter what they are! If you want to know even the smallest detail about a fave—past, present or future—send your questions to:

fave Q & A
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Q. In your very first issue of Fave on page 13 (the color pin-up of Davy) it appears that he is crying. Is my imagination playing tricks or is it possibly an allergy? My mother, sister and friends get the same impression. It would break my heart to have my fave crying.

Worried Fan
Abilene, Texas

A. Davy is not crying nor is he sad. This is a “mood shot”, taken to show you how he looks when he IS a little sad once in awhile. This way you get to see many moods of him that you wouldn’t ordinarily see, although he may be just “acting” those moods at the moment the photo was taken.

Q. How old are the Schultz twins, Kevin and Keith? Where can I write to them? I think they’re both groovy!

A Schultz Twins Fan
Lincoln Park, Michigan

A. Kevin and Keith were born on September 16, 1953. You can write to them c/o DJ Productions, P.O. Box 1214, Beverly Hills, California 90213.

Q. Can you tell me the real, true, actual birthdates of the Monkees? I’ve read so many different stories in so many different places. I know you always tell the truth so I want to know.

A Devoted Monkees Fan
Espanola, New Mexico

A. The real, true, actual birthdates of the Monkees are: Davy, December 30, 1945. Micky, March 8, 1945; Mike, December 30, 1942; Peter, February 13, 1942.

Q. I’m desperate! I must know Jon Provost’s address in a hurry. Please! I simply adore him! Also, when was he born?

A Jon Fan
Fort Wayne, Indiana

A. You can write to Jon c/o DJ Productions, P.O. Box 1214, Beverly Hills, California 90213. He was born on March 12, 1950.

Q. I read in a magazine that Davy was going with an English girl named Jenny Baker. Please tell me this is not true.

Susan and Kathy
Bradenton, Florida

A. Davy dates many, many girls but is not going steady with any one of them.

Q. Do the Monkees have a fan club? If there is one please tell me about it.

Cindy Payne
Charlotte, North Carolina

A. The address of the Monkees International Fan Club is P.O. Box 88, Los Angeles, California 90051. If you write to them and enclose the membership fee of $1.50 they will send you all the information. This is the only authorized fan club, although there are chapters of it around the country.

Q. If I write someone like Kurt Russell or Dino Martin do they read the mail or do they get someone to read all the fan letters for them? If so, what happens after that? My friends and I would like to know. Thank you.

Vancouver, B.C., Canada

A. Most stars are forced to have someone else read most of their fan mail since many of them receive several thousand letters a day. The usual procedure is for a secretary or relative to read all the letters, answer as many as possible and forward as many as possible to the star. Most of your faves do read a tremendous amount of your letters to them and many times they ask that particular attention be paid to a certain letter. After everyone else has read the letters they are often saved by relatives to be put in scrapbooks, etc.

Magazine: Fave
Editor: Mary Jo Clements
Volume: 1
Issue: 3
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Page: 60