Fave Q&A

At last! Here is THE PLACE to get all of your questions about your faves answered, no matter what they are! If you want to know even the smallest detail about a fave—past, present or future—send your questions to:

fave Q & A
1800 N. Highland Ave.
Hollywood, Calif. 90028

Q. What religions are the Monkees? This has been bugging me for a long time. Thank you.

Judy Ewing
Bay City, Michigan

A. Mike is a Christian Scientist, Micky belongs to the Church of Religious Science, Davy belonged to the Congregational Church when he was in England and Peter studies the Eastern religions.

Q. In your October issue of Fave you said that Micky was born on March 9th but in lots of other places I’ve read that he was born on March 8th. Which is right?

Karen Cook & Gina Russo
Dallas, Texas

A. There must have been gremlins in the type works. Micky was really born on March 8th.

Q. Where can I write to Twiggy? She’s fab and WOW!

San Antonio, Texas

A. Write to Twiggy c/o Capitol Records, 1750 N. Vine Street, Hollywood, California 90028.

Q. How did Dino get his driver’s license before he was sixteen?

Danville, Illinois

A. In California you can get a restricted license at fifteen and a half if you fulfill certain requirements. Among them are: 1) passing a driver’s education and a driver’s training course; 2) having your parents certify before a notary that they assume the responsibility for any of your actions behind the wheel; 3) passing the standard written, eye, and driving examinations.

Q. I am writing to ask if you could please give me Angela Cartwright’s address. I saw her life story in your magazine and I think she is really great.

Robert G. Thomas
Santa Ana, Calif.

A. Write to Angela c/o “Lost In Space”, P.O. Box 900, Beverly Hills, California 90213.

Q. I recently read that Freddy Weller of Paul Revere and the Raiders is married to a girl named Kay. Is this true? I don’t care if he is, he will always be the same groovy person he is! Lucky Kay, if she is married to him!

C. Malo
Houston, Texas

A. No, that was a mistake. Freddy Weller absolutely is not married and isn’t even going steady with anyone!

Q. My sister, Sandi, and I share a common problem and you know them pretty well. They are Keith and Kevin Schultz. There are about three addresses around where we can write them but which one is the one where Keith and Kevin get their fan mail? Since it’s impossible to ask for their home address, could you please tell us where would be the best place to write to them?

Chris & Sandi Lowe
Albany, California

A. Keith and Kevin get their fan mail at P.O. Box 1214, Beverly Hills, California 90210. Every letter received at this address is read and forwarded to their home for them to read.

Q. Please, tell me how old Davy is? My friend says he’s twenty but I know he’s older.

Melinda Hoyle
Junction City, Kansas

A. Davy was twenty-two last December 30.

Q. Where can I write to Ronny Howard? I think he’s neat.

A Ronny Fan
North Haven, Conn.

A. Write to Ronny c/o “The Andy Griffith Show”, CBS-TV, 7800 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, California 90036.

Q. I luv Phil “Fang” Volk. Is it true he’s been drafted?

April Moore
Monroeville, Penn.

A. No.

Q. Is Davy really homesick? In the October issue of “Fave”, in the centerfold, there’s a picture of him holding up a British flag. I hope he doesn’t feel blue ’cause when he’s blue, I’m blue.

Joan McKendrick & Danette Cirello

A. No, Davy’s not homesick. He is proud of his citizenship, though, and when he does have the opportunity to “show off” England, he takes it.

Q. Where can I write to Dino, Desi and Billy?

Sheri Collins
Floydada, Texas

A. Write to them at 8255 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, California 90046.

Q. Please, where can I write to Bill Provost, Jon’s older brother? He’s adorable! Please print something about him.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

A. You can write to both Jon and Bill at P.O. Box 1214, Beverly Hills, California 90210.

Q. In Fave’s October issue it showed Micky Dolenz with his hair combed straight back but Mick made a guest appearance on Joey Bishop’s show and his hair was real curly and stood out on end. How does he really have it?

Harold Denton
Forth Worth, Texas

A. Micky started to wear his hair like we pictured it in October’s Fave but after the picture was taken he decided to let it go naturally curly. He’s always had to straighten it every week and that can be a real drag so he decided to let it go the way it wanted to for a little while.

Q. I would like to know if Jim Valley is married. I heard somewhere that he was married and is now divorced. Thank you.

Janet J. Peterson
Seattle, Washington

A. Jim is very much married and not at all divorced. His wife’s name is Sharon.

Magazine: Fave
Volume: 1
Issue: 5
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Page: 47