On the Flip Side

MINI-CONTESTS OLD AND NEW—Bet that the happiest girl in Hawaii is GLORIA KISHI! Gloria’s the lucky winner of our groovy ON THE FLIP SIDE Monkees Mini-Contest! Her prize: A very early publicity pic DAVY, MIKE, PETER & MICKY signed when they visited FLIP’s offices a couple of weeks before the show went on the air last year. Congratulations, Gloria, for your prize-winning letter!

If you didn’t win any of our other mini-contests tucked into this little column, maybe you’ll be lucky this month! The prize: A postcard THE YOUNG RASCALS just sent us while they were in Hawaii. If you’d like this Rascal rave, just tell us why. Again, the most original letter will win. Send your letter to: YOUNG RASCALS, ON THE FLIP SIDE, 1010 THIRD AVENUE, NEW YORK, N.Y. 10021.

SUPER SCAM ABOUT SUPER STARS—Would you like to run into THE ASSOCIATION, SCOTT MCKENZIE or anyone of a number of other pop people? Then, the next time you’re in Hollywood, stop by Patton’s Health Food Place on Melrose Avenue. It’s a secret eating place of many of the stars . . . CHARLIE COE is ticklish . . . That’s the word from FLIP’s Carol Deck . . . Hey, Carol, how do you know? . . . CHIP DOUGLAS, producer of THE MONKEES’ record albums, promises that future albums will have many more up-tempo tunes in them than “Headquarters” . . . MAMA MICHELLE and PAPA JOHN PHILLIPS expect to be parents in the spring . . . Living up to their name . . . Congratulations, but please keep on performing . . . Speaking of the MPs, PAPA DENNY keeps disappearing for days on end . . . He probably goes off to Canada for some quiet fishing and thinking . . . If you’ve been wondering who TRAVIS LEWIS of THE LEWIS & CLARKE EXPEDITION looks like . . . It’s TERRY MELCHER, the record producer of THE RAIDERS . . . And MARK LINDSAY now has a phone in his car, destroying the privacy of what used to be his only real escape . . . Now everybody who wants him (and knows his number) can find MARK anytime, anywhere . . . Wonder who talked him into that move?

MORE GROOVY THOUGHTS—Don’t invite THE WHO and HERMAN’S HERMITS to the same party . . . After traveling together for much of the summer on the same tour, some strain developed between the two groups . . . THE ASSOCIATION aren’t only popular with FLIPers, they’re also popular with other groups and the people (like photographers and agents) they have to work with . . . Their secret word is “cooperation” . . . THE CAKE are happening . . . Three groovy girls with an exciting sound and style all their own . . . Managed by the two mad, mad guys (GREEN & STONE) who discovered SONNY & CHER . . . TURTLE Johnny Barbeta has just bought a car called a Marcos and is whipping it around Hollywood proudly . . . Happily reports that there are only two others like it in the entire country . . . JEFFERSON AIRPLANE are hung up on Mah Jong, a Chinese game something like dominoes . . . They play all the time and one game can last for days while they’re on the road . . . TOMMY ROE has just moved from his rented Hollywood house to a permanent one . . . Complete with brand-new pool . . . DICK CLARK has just added a teen newspaper to his growing group of businesses . . . GEORGE HARRISON (and Patti), surprise summer visitors, may be back soon . . . They flipped out over San Francisco, and are anxious to see it again!

More groovy thoughts next month . . . in the issue of FLIP on sale November 9th . . . p-p-packed with o-o-outasite s-s-scoops!

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