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I really love the Monkees, but I heard that they don’t play their own instruments. Is this true?

San Bruno, Calif.

No. This isn’t true. Those who see the Monkees on tour definitely can see how talented these four are.

Davy, Peter, Micky, and Mike
They Are the Monkees
They’re outasite
Davy’s accent drives girls wild
And Peter’s smile, soft, sweet, and mild
Makes me love them more each day
I hope that they will stay that way

Becky Dyer
Marlow Hgts., Md.

On the inside flap of your January issue you featured two pictures: one of Davy Jones and the other of Micky Dolenz. Please tell me if Micky was really sleeping, or if he was told to pose that way for the picture.

Westchester, Illinois

Micky was taking a real nap between scenes on the set when Bob Custer took that picture.

Is it true that the Beatles are breaking up? They can’t be! They can’t let us Beatle fans down!

I think if they would do more songs like they came out with at first, such as “I Saw Her Standing There” instead of “Yellow Submarine” and “Eleanor Rigby,” they’d have as many fans as ever.

Detroit, Mich.

Cher wears so much makeup you can’t tell whether she has an eye injury or mud in her eyes! Her sideburns are also completely intolerable! She’s also too extravagant in the wearing of jewelry and clothes.

I will admit that I like her singing, but her looks leave a lot to be desired!

Girl Who Knows

I am writing in regard to your color pictures in the January issue. They’re just beautiful! Each and every one of them are perfect, and I hope they’ll be a regular part of your fab magazine!

Maxine Hoffman
Lafayette, Ind.

Glad you like them, Maxine. The color pictures will be appearing in every issue of TiGER BEAT from now on.

This letter is in response to one written recently by a redhead and her blonde girlfriend. They said and I quote: “75% of all boys prefer blondes or redheads!”

All I can say is that if a magazine is the only place they can get their compliments, they’re pretty hard up. Besides, it’s just hair, and they can keep it!

Ontario, Canada

When I was attending a Raider concert in St. Louis, my girlfriend and I made some uniforms exactly like the ones the Raiders wear. We had Raider hats and boots too. My hair was then as long as Marks. I had it tied in the back the way he wears his.

I was standing in the lobby of their hotel waiting for my bus when all of a sudden I heard screams. Well, I thought, Mark must be coming down to sign autographs. But then I felt a hand on my hair and one on my coat. My hat disappeared and all of a sudden about 30 to 50 girls grabbed me. When I got out I was minus one coat, one boot, one hat, half of a shirt and some of my hair!

All I have to say is, I’m glad it happened to me instead of Mark. I wish people would be a little more considerate!

St. Louis, Mo.

I have a boyfriend who looks like DINO! He was born the same day, same year, is the same height (5'8") and he even has blond hair and blue eyes!


I think after a singer is in holydeadlock he or she should stop singing things like, “I love you, let’s get married, etc.” It doesn’t sit right with me to hear this from a married person!

John S.
Los Angeles, Calif.

I celebrated Fang’s birthday, and I made a cake. At first I was sorry I couldn’t send it to him, but now I’m glad because I saved him from a terrible death! My family ate the cake, and we all got sick!

Diane Vlastos
Petaluma, Calif.

In one magazine I read that Mike Nesmith (my fave Monkee!) was married and lived with his wife and son. Is it true?

Sylmar, Calif.

Yes, it’s true.

I live in the great state of Texas which gets all the greatest stars in the wirld [sic]. I went to a Raider concert here in Austin recently, and if you haven’t been to a live show you ought to lay down and die!

Fang and the other guys were all super. The Robbs, Standells and Keith Allison, among others were there too, and they are all super plus in my book!

So go now, and see this fab show if you possibly can!

Still Fainting
Austin, Tex.

One of your readers once remarked that she thought Derek Taylor misses four very special people—the Beatles. What better proof could there be than his “Beatles Now” article? It is the most sincere and impressive tribute to the fab four that I will probably ever read.

Derek may be greatly relieved to be “far from the maddening crowd” and free of the strain of traveling with the Beatles, but as he sincerely put it: “We shall not see their likes again.”

The Beatles are most fortunate to have Derek for a friend, because he loves them!

Jo Miller
Boise, Idaho

In your December issue some nut calling herself a Jeremy Clyde fan said Jeremy should get his hair cut. The idea!!!

I don’t care if Jeremy’s hair is long, short, or GONE, but I really like it long—the longer the better! He looks kinky-gear that way and I dig him with a gold shovel!

K.C. Shadow
New York, N.Y.

I almost cried when I bought TiGER BEAT and didn’t find anything in it on the Rolling Stones. How could such a good mag ever do this to me? Let’s put ’em back in, and soon!

Memphis, Tenn.

I was very upset by the article Mark Lindsay wrote about his fans in your January issue. I realize that we have to take into consideration that the stars have sometimes been up for 24 hours and work very hard. But let me say one thing: Who asked them to become stars? Nobody but themselves, and if they don’t like the hours they work, no one’s stopping them from quitting.

I think it is a star’s duty to make time for his fans. After all, where would stars be today without the support of their fans? And that includes Mark Lindsay!

Myra Guloski
South River, N.J.

The other night I watched Herman’s Hermits on the Hollywood Palace, and Herman was so polite! I think his manners are terrific! I’d say his parents did a pretty good job of raising him!

Linda White
Palm Beach, Fla.

I think the Association is the greatest group since peanut butter. Please run more pictures of them!

Pat Evans
Baltimore, Md.

This is for the girl wrote in saying Dino Martin is the greatest thing since the washing machine:

Now tell me, what does a handsome dreamboat like Dino have to do with a machine like that? At least she could have said he was the greatest thing since cotton candy—to show how sweet he is. But a washing machine! Goodness!

Linda Berdell
Chicago, Ill.

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Congratulations! I think the January issue of TiGER BEAT (with all those fab pictures of the Monkees) is the best issue I ever received. I’m a subscriber, and I’ve been getting your magazine for a year now. And I’ve never received a better issue! So keep those articles and pictures rolling!

Lovetta Clinton
Imperial, Mo.

The Monkees really turn me on. I used to think the Beatles were great, but not anymore! Now that the Monkees are in, the Beatles are OUT!

I’ve seen all the Monkee shows and have all their records. My mom and dad even like them! I’ve never met these great guys, but here’s my opinion of them: Fab, wonderful, groovy, great, cute, hunky, sweet, lovable, smashing, heartwarming, humorous vivacious and I LOVE the clothes they wear!

Braintree, Mass.

In one of your older issues, August ’66 to be exact, there were the most FAB pictures of the Stones I’ve ever seen! It was only a small photo of them receiving their NME awards, but… CHARLIE WATTS WAS ACTUALLY SMILING!!! And it wasn’t just a little grin, either, it was a BIG OLE STOMPIN’ SMILE! It’s the only picture like that in the world, and I LUV it!!

Doris Grimm
New York, N.Y.

Do you know how much great talent there is up here in Canada that you Americans never heard about? You pay more attention to those English groups. I guess you can’t really rave about some of our Canadian groups if you haven’t seen them, but your country makes it too hard for them to get work permits to appear in the U.S.

Some day Canada will head the music world. So you kids better wake up and let us Canadians in down there to show you what we’ve got in the way of musical talent. I assure you, you won’t be disappointed!

Celeste D’Agostino
Toronto, Ont. Canada

I have a question. Why do some people think it is effeminate for a boy to have long hair, but a girl can cut her hair as short as she likes without being considered masculine? If guys with long hair are “odd,” girls with short hair are ditto!

Cheryl Hoffman
Chicago, Ill.

Could you please tell me what is on the table in front of Sonny and Cher in the picture on the back cover of your November issue? By the way, all the photos are just beautiful!

Just Curious
Rock Hill, S.C.

Sonny and Cher were sitting in their living room, and there was a chess set on the table in front of them.

I watch “Where the Action Is” every day, and it’s my favorite show. But I have one complaint. My friends and I have noticed how Action dancer Jerri [sic] constantly makes sure that she is right in the middle of everything. We think she’s pushing it too much.

When the different stars come on we want to see them, not Jeri’s ponytail bobbing up and down in front of the camera. So come off it, Jeri and be a little more natural like Leslie, Roberta and Jill. They come in at the right time, which isn’t all the time!

Avid Action Watcher
Long Island, N.Y.

Thanks for writing so much in your November and December issues about the Monkees. I watch their show every week. Even my parents love ’em! My father has a sideache from laughing so hard by the time the show is over!

San Diego, Calif.

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 2
Issue: 7
Publisher: New Asbury Ltd. Publishing Co.
Pages: 6, 9