GRRRRRRRRR-eetings, guests! It’s me, “Dreamy,” your handsome Dreamsville host—ready and willin’ to take you on another tasty trip through those swingin’ 16 golden gates! Get a good grip on your gray matter, cos this month’s prizes should really start some wigs flippin’!!

There are six (count ’em) comfy clouds—just loaded with gifts and goodies galore from some of your favorite stars—waiting to be claimed by six lucky 16 readers!

Follow me to the text below—and see if your name is listed there. If it is just slide on in and grab your goodies! If not—just keep pitchin’ and don’t give up hope. Sooner or later, everybody who believes that dreams can come true will find themselves in Dreamsville! I kid you not!

If you’d like to know how to apply for a Dreamsville trip—just read the E-Z instructions below.

Just write a short letter (on one side of the sheet only!) telling what you would dearly love to have. Could be a personal phone call—or a personal letter—from your favorite star. Could be a personal keepsake from your dream guy. Could be a pin-up portrait personally autographed by your grooviest group. Could be a whole set of recordings from the top of the charts. Could be any number of delicious things. It’s your request—so you name it. Jot it down on a sheet of paper and mail it to the address below. All it costs is just one 6ยข stamp—nothing else! Your Dreamsville gift is absolutely free!

16 Magazine
Box 218
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11202

After you’ve mailed your letter, don’t fail to get every issue of 16 Magazine and watch the Dreamsville answers page—because that’s where you’ll see the glorious news that everything you wished for, dreamed of, longed for has come true!”

CELESTIAL CUSTARD! Nobody leaves the cake out in the rain in Dreamsville (cos the sun is always shinin’ up here!). Here we are in my very favorite flavor, er, I mean section) of all—it’s called Super-Dream! Super-Dream is reserved for 16 readers with an extra-special wish you’d think even Dreamsville would flunk-out before filling. Don’t you believe it, kiddies! Dreamsville’s Super-Dream can do anything! Just look at what this month’s winner won!!

JIMMY BROWN of Bentonville, Ark., is up to his ears in dreams-come-true, thanks to our Editor-in-Chief, Gloria Stavers. Gloria climbed out from under her huge pile of 16 Magazine and SPEC duties (which take up the lion’s share of her day) and filled every wish JIMMY wished in his superlong letter! (Keep those letters short, gang, cos we’re getting eye-strain!) JIMMY is by now listening to his brand new portable radio-record player, a copy of the latest Monkee LP, Sajid Khan’s new single, a new Cowsill LP, and 10 more brand new LP’s Gloria personally picked out for his listening pleasure! A full year’s free subscription to swingin’ 16 will solve JIMMY’s monthly hunt to find a copy—and a leather-bound autograph book with several of its pages filled with personal autographs of his favorite teen-stars is another super-gift! (GeeGee stopped gossiping long enough to add her two cents’ worth too, JIMMY—she sent along a pair of her zany glases and a big Herman Hermits pin just for a giggle. Dreamsville stops at nothing—to make your dreams come true!

When Brendon heard how broken-hearted you were, LINDA, at the news of Garrison’s Gorillas not returning to your TV screen this season he went all-out to dry your tears! Brendon took his pen in hand and wrote you a note, autographed a huge picture of himself, sent along two souvenir flowers (that’ll last a lifetime!)and topped it off with a personally autographed copy of his very favorite poetry! (A full year’s free subscription to swingin’ 16 Magazine is on the way too, LINDA. Dreamsville does it again!

Davy Jones

DAINA wrote a desperate letter calling Dreamsville her “last hope” and really tugged at our heartstrings! Come on in, DAINA—we couldn’t bear to leave you so hopeless! Davy Jones has personally furnished your cloud with gobs of goodies! Davy autographed a large picture of himself, sent along a lock of his own hair (with a note in his very own handwriting to prove it!), a mod wristwatch, and (as a super-bonus) Davy sent along his own Arabian agal-kuffiah (it’s desert headgear, kiddies!) that he’s shown wearing in the picture gallery! You’ll be the envy of every Monkee fan in Kentucky, DAINA, and (thanks to Davy and Dreamsville) happy instead of hopeless!!

Thom Mooney dropped everything (including his drumsticks) when he heard that you were nutty about the Nazz!, MICHELE! He sent you a handwritten note, a personally autographed picture, a copy of the brain-snappin’ new Nazz SGC LP (signed by each and every member personally!), and (just to remember him by) Thom also sent along a wall-size poster of his favorite super-hero—Spiderman! Thom picked up his drumsticks—and sent them to you too, MICHELE—then he plucked the souvenir flower (pictured above) for an added treat! Gee whiz, MICHELE—you’d better get a shopping cart! The sky’s the limit in Dreamsville!

Mike Nesmith

NAN was bugged at Dreamsville, cos she thought that Monkees Davy, Peter and Micky were hogging all the Dreamsville tripping—and Mike Nesmith was getting left out! Wow, NAN—did you really think we’d play favorites up here?? Just to prove a point (cos he hates his fans to be bugged at anything!) Mike Nesmith knocked himself out to make sure that your Dreamsville stay will bring you miles-of-smiles (and magic memories) for many moons to come! Mike doffed his favorite green wool hat—and sent it to you! (He sent along a handwritten letter to prove it’s the real McCoy too!!) You can also expect a complete set of the Monkees’ Colgems LPs and a portable record player to spin them on! Don’t ever doubt Dreamsville, NAN—We’re on your side!

You can thank Gary Puckett of the Union Gap for your ’round-trip to Dreamsville, Robin. Gary went on a shopping spree—with you in mind! He personally autographed a picture of himself, got his fellow Union Gap members to autograph a copy of their latest Columbia LP, picked out a bottle of his favorite cologne, and (just to keep you company and remind you of your Dreamsville stay), Gary sent you a “gonk”. (That’s the “gonk” he’s holding in the picture gallery—cuddly little feller, isn’t he?) A full year’s free subscription to 16 goes with the “gonk”, Robin—cos if a “gonk” doesn’t read 16 each month, it loses all its hair!!! Dreamsville never fails to blow more minds than a light show!

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 10
Issue: 7
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Pages: 28–29