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Micky Dolenz
Info Micky’s lived in the film capital so long that he is a very experienced cine-cameraman. Here he is in action during the boys’ Australian tour.

Whilst the boys were in Japan at the end of their Far East tour from 30th September to 8th October, they saw an episode of their own TV series on the box in their hotel suite.

Apart from bringing back memories, the show also had the Monkees doubled up with laughter as all the speaking voices had been dubbed on in Japanese. Just watching and hearing themselves speak Japanese was just about one of the funniest things they had ever seen.

All the Monkees were very taken with Australia’s unusual animals, particularly the kangaroos and koala bears.

Micky has decided that he would like to have a kangaroo as a pet and he is doing his very best to get one sent over from Australia as soon as possible. We have not heard yet how Samantha feels about the idea of having a kangaroo—which can jump about 15 feet—dashing around all over their house and garden in Laurel Canyon.

The boys’ first full-length feature film will be premiered in New York just after this issue is appearing on the book-stalls on 12th November. Both the Monkees and writer-director-producer Bob Rafleson are expecting quite a mixed reception to many of the scenes in the film which, as we have already told you in MONKEES’ MONTHLY, are not only frequently very funny but also both unusual and scarey [sic].

No explanation was made of the title ‘Head’ which is consistent with the mystery which has surrounded it from its inception. Copies of the shooting scripts were guarded jealously, even to the point that the performers, including the stars, were only given scenes on a day-to-day basis.

The film is being advertised all across America with a marvellous poster which—yes, you’ve guessed it—shows just a head.

When they read the script for their first TV special on their return from their Far East tour, the Monkees decided that they weren’t happy. They felt that the show which had been given a fairy-tale treatment, was far too sloppy. They insisted that the writers had to re-do the whole thing. They started shooting the TV special at the end of October.

The boys’ new single “Porpoise Song”, one of the numbers from their film, written by Gerry Goffin, which was released at the beginning of October in America, is a red bullet in the American “Hot Hundred” and is shooting up the charts very fast. At press time R.C.A. had still not given a definite release date for the record in this country.

The Monkees’ new album, which will feature numbers from their film, is due for release in America in approximately two weeks’ time.

Davy spent the week and a half after the end of their Far East tour on a quick visit to England. He left the rest of the party in Osaka in order to catch a special plane from Tokyo which would fly him to London. Unfortunately, there was an upset in the flights and when the others arrived at Tokyo Airport, there was Davy still waiting for his connection.

While in Britain he commuted between his father’s home in Manchester and friends in London. He is due to return to see his father and family again at Christmas, and this time Road Manager, David Pearl, hopes to accompany him.

Magazine: Monkees Monthly
Editor: Jackie Richmond
Issue: 22
Publisher: Monkees Monthly
Page: 23