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Our Hollywood Reporter tells us that we should be ready for a big Monkees surprise this month. In fact, it may well have already happened as he said that the key date to watch was July 4th. The big surprise—a MONKEE WEDDING!!!

Which of the three unmarried Monkees is most likely to step down the aisle first? My guess is Micky! Samantha went back to America with him when he returned after his recent visit to this country. And, although she immediately started working again on the boutique which she is planning to open in Hollywood, it has been obvious that her mind has not been completely on her work. Even if July passes without the sound of wedding bells, I still think it will happen before very long.

The release of the Monkees new album, “The Birds, The Bees And The Monkees” which was originally scheduled for June, was delayed until July 5th due to production difficulties at the RCA factory. The Monkees’ new single, “D. W. Washburn” written by Leiber and Stoller and sung by Micky, and the flipside “It’s Nice To Be With You” written by Goldstein and sung by Davy, which was released on June 21st, is already shooting up the charts. The RCA people think it should be one of the Monkees’ biggest sellers in this country so far.

Mike Nesmith recently went to America’s famous Country and Western recording centre, Nashville in Tennessee, to make some C & W pop tracks. Altogether, he taped nine great instrumental tracks using a lot of different instruments including violins, harmonica, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, drums, piano and a special pedal steel guitar.

While he was in Nashville he went to the Sho-bud Pedal Steel Guitar factory and selected a special guitar for himself. He’s having his name inlaid in mother-of-pearl on the two necks.

He’s also recently bought another new car—a Jaguar XKE. And I’m sure you can guess what colour it has been painted—yes, you’re right, chocolate brown.

Peter has now settled into his new house in Studio City. He has had the whole house carpeted in orange and blue.

While Micky and Davy were in England and Mike was in Nashville, he went north to Carmel for a vacation.

Davy has now got a big collection of animals in his household. The complete list is a German shepherd dog; a Collie puppy; a black rabbit; an alley cat; a Siamese kitten; two little red kittens and an assortment of fish.

Let’s hope that he doesn’t suddenly want to add his two English pets, Chicomona and Pearl Locker, the race horses that Basil Foster looks after for him in Yorkshire.

These days the Monkees often record the backing for their songs first and then come back, sometimes weeks later, to add the vocals. The instrumental backings to “Shorty Blackwell” and “Rose Marie” were taped before Micky went on holiday. He added the vocals when he returned after his recent British trip.

Micky’s house is now completely redecorated and the swimming pool is painted all in black. So is the waterfall which runs into it.

Magazine: Monkees Monthly
Editor: Jackie Richmond
Issue: 18
Publisher: Monkees Monthly
Page: 25