Monkee Mail

Dear Jackie,

I have just finished reading “Davy—is he misunderstood?”, and I had to write to you, to say how much I agree with what you said. Some friends of mine say Davy is a big head, but I disagree and I explain why but they just will not believe the truth. The part about the “Lonely Davy Jones” really went straight to my heart. I think it’s awful what people say about Davy being a show off when Monkee Fans and people who know him, know he is a helpful and a great guy. He’s one the of best. (So are Micky, Pete and Mike.) My love and best wishes go to Micky and Sammy, hope they have a happy married life.

Love from an EVER loving Monkee Fan,

Alison Fletcher,
328 East Lancashire Road,

P.S. Hope it’s possible for the Monkees to do a concert in Manchester when they do a tour of the British Isles cause I would so much like to see the Boys.

Dear Jackie,

In issue No. 20 of MONKEES Monthly you wrote an article about the MONKEES singles. I would like to say that I think the reason the MONKEES don’t have more success with their singles is because too many fans who would buy a single do so to find that it is released later on an L.P. So instead of buying a single they now wait to see if it is on an L.P.

Its not that they don’t like the boys or their records but in this age of high priced records and low pocket money few fans can afford to spend money on a single to have it rendered void when the next L.P. is released.

If we could be sure that singles would not be on L.P.s we would buy them more readily. Give my love to the boys.

Kathleen McNamee (15)
3 Dorset Road,

How wonderfully created (to me it seems)
The face that appears in each of my dreams.
A longish fringe above his eyes,
Thick eyebrows raised in sweet surprise.
Those dark brown eyes: they show no fear,
But look so gentle and sincere.
A nose—not too large and not too small.
Then a golden-brown tan which covers it all
Was made by the hot Californian sun,
And blessed the only English one.
His lips form into a smile which shows
White teeth like pearls in two straight rows.
His dark brown hair, just slightly wavy
Brings to my mind the face of….. DAVY.

By Loraine Davis,
29 Coronation Avenue,

Dear Jackie,

I’m just writing to say how proud I am of Davy when in Australia at a Press conference. Davy poured a glass of water over a reporter’s head when he asked “When do you think you might break up and try something like music?”

I know how all the Monkees get furious when anyone mentions things like this and I can tell you so do your fans.

Reading several letters from angry fans, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one, I actually boil up if anyone says horrible things about them. My friends and I have had arguments about it. Well done Davy, I guess that the reporter deserved his cooling off.

Don’t worry, Davy, Micky, Peter and Mike we’re backing you all the way.

You are still the best group ever and I consider you always will be.

Love and peace
A crazy Davy Fan and Monkee maniac,
10 Water Tower Bldgs.
London Road,
Bognor Regis,

P.S. Good Luck with your tour and hope to see you in England real soon.

Dear Jackie,

In “Fabulous” magazine, they have an American correspondent writing every week, and she said that Mike and Phyllis have separated. I just didn’t know whether to believe it or not. Is it true? I really do hope it isn’t. PLEASE could you say something about it in Monkees Monthly? I know it’s a bit late, but please print something, just to put everyone’s mind at rest.

Love and peace.
Chris Allen,
1 Elmdeigh Road,
Twickenham, Middx.

The answer is right here in this month’s issue! Phyllis went with Mike on their Far Eastern tour which doesn’t sound as though they’re separated to me—Jackie

Dear Monkees Monthly,

I have been getting the “Monkees Monthly” since Feb. 68 (No. 13). I hadn’t read any earlier issues till tonight when I read No. 7. It was fantastic (as usual) but for me (a fan who didn’t go to Wembley) the best article was the one about the Monkees visit to Wembley. It was an unbelievably good article which set my imagination working and created all the excitement and atmosphere of what must have been an even more unbelievable concert. I always wondered if I’d scream at a Monkees concert but now I KNOW I would so I’ll see YOU if the Monkees come to England. Thanks for a great article and let’s have more like it.

A fanatic fan,
Christine Everson,
20 Church St.,
Little Lever,

Dear Jackie,

I am writing to you after reading about what happened in Australia to the Monkees (referring to that completely unnecessary remark made to the Monkees “When do you think you might break up and try somthing like music?”)

If I had been there I certainly wouldn’t have kept my temper as much as Davy did, in fact I would have felt like doing a lot more than pouring water over the reporter’s head!!

Why on earth can’t people stop knocking the Monkees and find something better to do?

Don’t worry Monkees your fans are behind you!

From a Davy, Peter, Micky and Mike follower

Susan E. Day,
25 Wauers Grove,
Chantry Estate,

Magazine: Monkees Monthly
Editor: Jackie Richmond
Issue: 22
Publisher: Monkees Monthly
Pages: 32–33