The Lo-Down

Handsome MICHAEL VINCENT has just returned from Acapulco, Mexico, where he shot Danger Island, which will either be a TV pilot or a movie. We’ll settle for both, MIKE. Meanwhile, let’s hope they’ll be showing Los Bandidos (the film MIKE finished earlier this year) in the States this summer . . . Catch CHRIS CROSBY’S glitzy new hair style. Here are two pix—one the way he used to wear it (labeled Then) and one showing the way he wears it now (labeled Now). Which do you dig the most? Chris, by the way, just signed with Columbia Records and you can write to him c/o that label at 51 West 52 Street, New York City 10019 . . . Darlin’ WAYNE NEWTON (26) wed former airline stewardess ELAINE OKAMURO (24) in Las Vegas, Nevada, on June 1. They met two and a half years ago (on a flight when WAYNE was returning from Viet Nam) and have been dating ever since. The happy couple will live on WAYNE’S ranch in Las Vegas, Nevada . . . Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In has been replaced for the summer by The Champions, starring hand some STUART DAMON. Don’t cry. Laugh-In will be back on the air—same time, same station—the second week in September . . . Help save TOM! After the summer re-runs, there’ll be no more Cowboy In Africa with TOM NARDINI. The show was definitely cancelled. If you want to bring TOM back to the “boob tube”, write to Program Director, ABC-TV, Hollywood, Calif., and tell him how much you dig TOM NARDINI. T’wixt time, TOM will be shooting a film (called The Blow Off) early this summer and it will probably be released in the fall . . . Meanwhile, back at the Chaparral, things are still High for MARK SLADE and HENRY DARROW. This NBC-TV favorite will be re-run all summer and has been renewed for a full season, starting early in September. Forget the silly rumors that HENRY DARROW is splitting from the show. “Manolito”, sombrero and all, will be right back there early next fall.

Movies you can see soon: MIKE SARRAZIN in Wylie (you can write to him at Universal, Hollywood, Calif.); KEVIN COUGHLIN in Young Runaways (you can write to him at MGM Pictures, Hollywood, Calif.); MIKE BURNS in The Mad Room (you can write to him at Columbia Pictures, Hollywood, Calif.); and ROBERT WALKER in Killers Three (you can write to him at AIP, Hollywood, Calif.) . . . On the back of the MONKEES’ LP, The Birds, The Bees And The Monkees, MICKY’s signature, Mijacogeo, is the real name of his puppy dog. It also combines his name, his mother’s name (Janelle), his sister’s name (Coco) and his late father’s name (George). MIKE’s signature Carlisle Wheeling, is the name of a tune on MIKE’s LP The Wichita Train Whistle . . . JAY NORTH is teaching SAJID KHAN how to play baseball. You can catch them working out at the sandlots around Studio City any Saturday or Sunday afternoon . . . Welcome back to PATRICK MCGOOHAN (formerly of Secret Agent) who is now starring in CBS-TV’s The Prisoner . . . Will DAVY marry soon? DON’T think so . . . Will MICKY marry soon? DO think so.

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 10
Issue: 4
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Page: 20