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TO LUCILLE BALL and MEL SHAVELSON: thanks for the fantastic plug for 16 in your super movie Yours, Mine And Ours. That was really the greatest! . . . Of course, you 16-ers know by now that DESI, JR. and little LUCIE will be co-starred on The Lucy Show next season. DESI will play the role of Lim Carter and LUCIE will play Lucie Carter. DESI and LUCIE were asked to pick the names they wanted, and these were the names they chose! DD&B will not break up because of DESI’s television career. They plan to keep cutting records together and do weekend tours, and they even have their own TV special in the works! . . . And Sonny & Cher are not breaking up, either! However, as was announced in this column many months ago, CHER will be making many more solo appearances—as she did on the NOEL HARRISON special Where The Girls Are on NBC-TV. CHER’s ultimate goal is to become a straight movie actress . . . JOHN DAVIDSON will do three Kraft Music Hall specials this summer for NBC . . . FRANK CONVERSE is back! After being cancelled in the early spring, the ratings of ABC-TV’s N.Y.P.D. soared—and now the show has been officially renewed for next season! . . . Dark Shadows time change: the show is now seen at 4 P.M. in the West, 3 P.M. in the Mid-West and 4 P.M. in the East . . . Pretty and popular DIANA RIGG (no longer with The Avengers) is pursuing a movie career. Her first starring role will be in Mistress Masham’s Repose. It will be a musical, and that ought to be a gas! . . . Another TV star, ROBERT WAGNER of To Catch A Thief (Correction), is going to do a movie. He will co-star with PAUL NEWMAN and JOANNE WOODWARD in Winning, in which he will play a racing car driver.

Glom the crazy gear I’m sporting in the pic at the head of this feature! That “thingy’ is a gift from PAUL MCCARTNEY. He brought it back from India and sent it to me in the States via friends. It’s black and white and red, and can be worn as an overblouse or a mini dress. These, along with other exciting Indian-type things, will soon be for sale at the BEATLE’S London boutique, Apple. Wish they’d open a branch here! . . . Necklace and watch (in aforementioned photo) are compliments of Zilch. It’s getting so DAVY can hardly claim Zilch for his own anymore! It is rapidly becoming America’s most “star-studded” store! Mingling with the teenyboppers, you find such stars as TOMMY BOYCE and BOBBY HART, BARRY and JOHN COWSILL, BRENDON BOONE, the RASCALS and the NAZZ. If you haven’t sent for a Zilch catalog, you are really missing out on all the fun. Get same by sending 25ยข to Zilch, 217 Thompson Street, New York City . . . Speaking of boutiques, PETER “HERMAN” NOONE is opening one in New York City. It’s called the Zoo and is located at 243 East 60th Street (inside a shop called Abracadabra). PETER’s shop will feature original designs by his partner STEVE LYONS (just take a look at the groovy “space suit” he’s wearing in this exclusive 16 shot of him) plus English clothes that PETER will personally select and ship over to the States. You will find things there that you can’t find anywhere else in America—and that will often include PETER NOONE himself!

The soul-splitting eyes behind those shades (and I’m not talking about that picture of me—GEEGEE) belong to JIM MORRISON (as if you don’t know). This picture is just one of the many you’ll find in the DOORS’ super new program booklet. This brochure presents twenty 8 × 11-inch pages of exclusive black and white and color photos of JIM, RAY, ROBBY and JOHN—plus some of the most beautiful poetry I’ve ever read (written by JIM, of course). You can buy this program at the DOORS’ concerts for $1.50, but if you are not lucky enough to get to one—for $2 you can order The Doors Program Booklet from The Doors, 8512 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. You’ll be glad you did! . . . The next beautiful ILLUSION is waiting to shake your hand. He’s 21-year-old MIKEY MANISCALCO, who plays organ and sax and sings lead (occasionally) with the ILLUSION . . . Soon you’ll be hearing loverly LYNNE RANDELL on records again! LYNNE has just signed a contract with Tiffany Records (a subsidiary of Reprise Records), and her first single should be out by the time you read this. She will also be doing a full week on The Joey Bishop Show. Welcome back, baby! . . . Also, welcome back to RANDY BARLOW. His new single—which he wrote and produced—is called Color Blind and it’s on Mercury. Ex-BYRD DAVID CROSBY produced one of this month’s top fave LPs. It’s Joni Mitchell on Reprise. Don’t miss. Other GeeGee recommended LPs include: Gary Puckett & The Union Gap (featuring Young Girl) on Columbia; Buffy Sainte-Marie’s I’m Gonna Be A Country Girl Again on Vanguard; Jim and Jean’s beautiful People World on Verve Forecast; the Incredible String Band’s The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter on Elektra; Manfred Mann’s The Mighty Quinn on Mercury; Mortimer on Philips; Ars Nova on Elektra; Harumi on Verve Forecast; Iron Butterfly on Atco and Gabor Szabo’s Bacchanal on Skye. The most thrilling and breathtaking album to be released in a long time is RICHARD HARRIS’ A Tramp Shinning on A&M. This magnificent LP was written and produced by JIMMY WEBB, the handsome young composer who wrote By The Time I Get To Phoenix and Up Up And Away . . . RUDY SOLARI, of the late Garrison’s Gorillas, may break a few hearts when (and if) he walks down the aisle with his steady, pretty Hollywood secretary NIKI NICHOLSON. Don’t be disheartened, RUDI-rooters—the former “Casino” has already been scheduled to do a movie, and it’s possible he’ll have his very own TV series next fall . . . BRENDON BOONE is trying to decide which of three movies offered to him he will take. CHRIS CAREY is going into serious drama and has just directed a production at the Pasadena Playnouse. CESARE DANOVA is going steady with actress RUTA LEE. And RON HARPER is growing oranges. No joke. He has his own orange grove in the San Fernando Valley . . . Thought for the month: From the stem of love will grow the flower of peace.

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 10
Issue: 3
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Pages: 32–33