Monkee Mail

Dear Jackie,

Why doesn’t Mike ever smile? He’s happily married with two lovely sons, he’s famous and successful in something he likes doing, so why is it that among all my hundreds of pictures there is not one with Mike smiling? Even when the others are killing themselves laughing, Mike still looks as though he is about to burst into tears.

Luv from,
A very puzzled Monkee nut.
A Monkee Nut,

Dear Jackie,

Just a brief note to tell you that after watching the Monkees on T.V. in an episode called “A Fairy Tale”, I have come to the conclusion that that dishy Jones bloke looks absolutely groovy in plaits! Wowee Baby! He really knocks me out.

Love from Jayne,
A swooning Davy maniac,

P.S. ‘fraid those kisses aren’t meant for you Jackie they’re for er… what’s-is-name… Jones. I hope he reads this so he’ll tie his hair in plaits more often. GROOVY!

Dear Jackie,

I have just bought Monkees Monthly No. 16. and those groovy pix, have really knocked me out. Where do you get ’em? Monkees Monthly always has the most outta pix. imaginable but the ones of Peter, (my fave Monkee) have just left me weak.

As all true Monkee nuts will agree, the Monkees are obviously the most fantasnagorical (hey! get the vocab.) group on the scene, so please continue to knock those knockers and if you ever run out of strong words for them, write to me ’cos I’ve got plenty for anyone who dares make false and horrible statements about them.

From an ever-loyal, true, sincere, devoted, mad and loving Monkee-nut.

Mary Catterall,
117, Prescott Lane,
Kitt Green,
Nr. Wigan,

P.S. I know the fab 4 read this because you’ve said so, and so if you don’t mind, I’d like to wish Peter all my love.


A drawing of Peter sent in by Ingrid Pollard of 74 Nelson Road, Hornsey, London, N.8.

Dear Jackie,

Feeling in a funny mood, we decided to compose this short poem. We hope you will like it and maybe print it.

I saw a green and knitty thing
A placed upon a head
Was it moving should it speak
Alas but it looked dead
Then the owner of this strangest thing turned quickly round and said
“Don’t lets have so much of it
That’s my woolly hat your looking at.”

Could this really be our Mike,
My hopes and dreams had quickly gone
Shucks It’s only our milkman with a new hat on.

Love and Peace,
Irene Benn and Josie Skeats,
9, Sutton Road,
London, E.13.

Dear Jackie,

I’d like to give warning to all the knockers, who say those Fabulous guys, the Monkees, won’t last and are a load of trash! My warning is:—Please get lost, and leave our fave boys alone!!!

So O.K.! Their latest record didn’t reach No. 1! So what?! It wasn’t for want of hard work on the boys part!

I’d also like to point out that the brigade of Monkee fanatics is increasing every hour of every day and gradually all you knockers are being out-numbered.

My one wish, other than Love and Peace throughout the world, is for the whole world to realize what great entertainers the boys really are.

Ann Horton,
3/6 Barnsbury Park,
London, N.1.

P.S. Tell Peter that if he can stick to health foods for more than three months, he must have nerves of steel!

Magazine: Monkees Monthly
Editor: Jackie Richmond
Issue: 17
Publisher: Monkees Monthly
Pages: 36–37