Monkee Letters

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My birthday is coming up soon, and since I always buy your groovy magazine you could at least give me one Davy Jones for my birthday! Even if it’s only for the day!

Karen Stracek
Chicago, Ill.

Thanks! I mean it! Your groovy Monkee Spec #11 filled up the gap! That is, all those color pinups connected the ones that were already on my wall. My total count is 261 color Monkee pics! Oh joy! My room is about 20 feet by 90 feet and all of the walls have Monkee-Picture-Wallpaper! I guess I’ll have to start on my ceiling now!

San Antonio, Tex.

Have you ever noticed that the Monkees’ initials all stand for something?

Peter Tork—P.T.—Play Time
David Jones—D.J.—Disc Jockey
Mike Nesmith—M.N.—Medical Nurse
Micky Dolenz—M.D.—Medical Doctor

These are pretty good standards, wouldn’t you say?

Lana Graas
Sask. Canada

I heard Micky has to approve of everyone Coco goes out with, or he doesn’t allow her to date! Boy, if my brother did that, I would clobber him!

Penny D.
Chicago, Ill.

About a month ago, our house burned to the ground. Unfortunately, almost all of our worldly possessions were lost. BUT, I somehow managed to save all of my Monkee pictures! That’s what I call REAL devotion!

Debbie Smith
Shreveport, La.

My dad has bought me every Monkee record, book and magazine I have. He watches their shows and likes them, and he digs their music. He doesn’t mind my Monkee pics on my bedroom walls. I know he’s the grooviest dad around, and I wouldn’t change him for anything!

Lucky Daughter
B.C. Canada

I have a great idea for all Monkee fans! All it takes is a 1968 calendar and a groovy picture of your fave Monkee (or all four). Just remove the original picture and replace it with your own picture and you’ve got the best calendar in the world!

Boulder, Colo.

We think the Monkees are outasite! But as far as our girlfriend is concerned, Roger Ramjet is the only person on earth!

Isn’t that dumb?

Lori and Jane
Hamilton, Ont. Canada

In a recent Monkee Spec, Mike had a terrific recipe for refrigerator cookies! Our class was giving a going-away party for our teacher because she was getting married, and I brought some of the cookies I made from Mike’s recipe.

The party went off very well, and my teacher asked me for the cookie recipe so that she could make them for her wedding! She asked me to tell her where I got the recipe, and I told her, “From a Monkee!”

Anyway, thanks for the recipe, Mike, and thanks to Monkee Spec for printing it!

Pam Kilpatrick
Gallup, N.M.

To me, Davy Jones is the most! His mod clothes are “in!” He is all the love, life and nature in the world! He’s the cool man of my life to me!

I may not be the girl for him, but I love him anyway! He’s a teenage idol to love, with playful eyes, ready for fun!

Lisa Rosenberg
Gody, Wy.

All of the Monkees have helped me with my work at school and at home, at one time or another. A three-year-old boy I babysit for is crazy about the Monkees, especially Davy. Once, over the telephone, a friend of mine imitated Davy’s voice and he talked to him and told him to be good for his parents and me. The little boy, believing it was really Davy, has been a perfect angel ever since!

I would like like to say thank you to four helpful friends!

Carol Mannion
Bronx, N.Y.

Davy may be little, but he sure has a lot of muscles! To me, Davy looks like he is the strongest out of all the Monkees. If you want to be sure, just look on the back of their Pisces record album!

A Davy Lover
Evanston, Ill.

Not too long ago I heard that Davy was going out with both Sally Field and Deana Martin. If he can’t make up his mind who he likes best, I’d like to make a suggestion.

Drop Deana and keep Sally! Sally’s a total groove, and she’s very pretty too!

Barb Pittman
Albany, N.Y.

It sure sounds like everyone is always complaining about what Davy does, how he does it and when he does it. All I can say is, we should be glad he told us!

Sugar Notch, Pa.

My friends say that Micky’s nose and my nose are the same. But there’s one thing wrong! Davy is my favorite Monkee!

A Monkee Luvver
Somerset, Mass.

Where, oh where is Zilch I? When my husband took me to N.Y.C. last month, our son’s only request was that we bring him something from Davy Jones’ store. We walked the streets of Greenwich Village for hours but couldn’t find it!

Mrs. Dick
Eatontown, N.J.

Zilch is located at 217 Thompson Street in Greenwich Village, N.Y.

Don’t you think that Peter should get some kind of medal for being so groovy, but most of all for being all the way for Peace and Love? I think that more people should be the way Peter is! Peter’s motto is “God is Love,” and my motto is “Love and Peace is Peter!”

With his personality and that motto, wouldn’t he make a wonderful president?

A Devoted Fan
Pensacola, Fla.

Oh Davy, the trouble I get into for loving you! I get into trouble with my boyfriends for talking about you constantly! I get into trouble at school for carving Davy Jones 4-Ever on the desks and going into a trance when I should be studying. I also get into trouble for tearing up my wallpaper when I rearrange my pix of you. I get into trouble for spending my money on all the magazines about you, and all your fantastic records. I get into trouble with my parents when tears run down my face when I watch you on your groovy show.

But what am I expected to do when I love you so much I can’t help it! I just LOVE loving you!

Patricia Cain
Yorkshire, Eng.

I must be the luckiest girl in the world! I wrote a letter to Micky Dolenz a while back, and today I got an answer from him! He sent me a picture of him holding one of his cats and on the other side in his own handwriting he wrote me a letter!

I think Micky is the most wonderful, understanding and lovable guy in all the world! I don’t know how to thank you, Micky, ’cause you’ve made me the happiest girl around! Thanks, a thousand times thanks!

Cathy Marconi
Detroit, Mich.

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Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 14
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 12–13