Monkee Letters

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When I am babysitting I usually get lonely after the kids go to bed. TIGER BEAT solved the problem by publishing Monkee Spectacular, because now I pick up a Monkee Spec and I don’t feel alone! Thanks!

Barbara Grasso
E. Meadow, N.Y.

One night I was looking through Monkee Spectacular and I saw so many groovy pictures of Davy, I started cutting them out. By the time I was through, there were only about 12 pages left in the magazine!

Fan of Davy’s
Chtatanooga, Tenn.

If I owned a hotel in my home town and the Monkees came on tour, I’d let them stay at my place free and they could stay as long as they wished without paying a cent!

Sandra Kay
Richmond, Va.

All my life I could never blow bubbles with bubble gum. I knew how to do it, but it just never worked! Well, one night I was really trying. I was watching the Monkees at the time. All of a sudden Davy came into the scene, and I blew the biggest bubble you’ve ever seen!

I believe it was Davy who did it for me! I want to say a special thanks to him. I guess when the Monkees are around, anything can happen!

Dorothea Brodeur
Needham, Mass.

I absolutely loved the article, “25 Ways to Make Your Parents Love the Monkees” in March Monkee Spectacular. There’s only one problem! It will take at least 125 ways to make my parents love the Monkees! Keep up the good work and I’ll keep working on my parents!

Atlanta, Ga.

From the time I was five years old, people have been telling me that no one is perfect. Somebody isn’t telling me the truth! Is Micky Dolenz real or not?

Rome, N.Y.

This letter is just to let Davy Jones know what a kind, considerate, adorable, wonderful person we think he is! My three girlfriends and I went to one of their concerts and sat in the front row. One of my girlfriends got so excited she threw her purse up on the stage.

Davy must have picked it up, because last week he called her up! I was in her house when he called, and I still can’t really believe it! We’ll never forget it as long as we live!

Cynthia and Bonnie
Palm Springs, Calif.

So many pepole [sic] have written in saying that they have only five or two more inches to go before they’re as tall as Davy. Well, I’m only 12 years old and I’m three inches taller than him!

Any suggestions on human shrinkage?

A BIG Fan of Davy’s
Washington, D.C.

Something very terrible happened at our school. All the girls hung pictures of the Monkees in their lockers because we luv them and then some idiot stole them!

The Monkees are the greatest and we don’t want to see their pictures wasted like that! So whoever stole their pictures—you’re in for trouble!

Girls from Lakeview School
Neenah, Wis.

I really don’t know why all those Monkee Forever Fans think the Monkees are going hippie! They are just keeping up to date! If you are a true fan and you’ve got love for them, you’d like them just the way they are. You can’t knock success!

A True Fan
Stockton, Calif.

Davy, you are too nice and wonderful! You are always nice! You keep your teeth clean. I mean clean! When you play in movies, your teeth are always clean! These are the only words I have to say.

San Antonio, Tex.

Isn’t it groovy to live on the same planet the Monkees do, breathe the same air the Monkees do, etc. etc.? I repeat: it’s groovy!

Luvs ’Em
Sheffield Lake, O.

I think I’m a lucky Monkee fan because I have Davy’s gum, two letters from Micky and one letter from Ann Moses. Plus that, I have the phone number of Stage 7 where the Monkees film. So by the time you read this, I’ll be talking to the groovy guys!

Jean Kelley
Dorchester, Mass.

A girl wrote into Tiger Talk recently saying how lucky she is because she and Micky are both under the Pisces sign. I am too, but I’m even luckier, because my birthday is March 8 too!

Quincy, Mass.

I am writing to complain about something! Last night at 6:30 I sat down in front of the TV and guess who came on instead of the Monkees! Wallace! Was it a commercial? No! They took off the Monkees so he could talk!

There ought to be a law against it! I’m going to protest! If Wallace does become president, he’d better pass a law against taking off the Monkees!

Cynthia Hughes
Selma, Ala.

I read in a recent Monkee Spectacular about the girl who said she records all the Monkee Shows on her tape recorder. I tried it and when I played it back it was like I was there when the Monkees were recording their show on film! What a wonderful feeling!

Cynthia Barnes
Ont., Can.

Hope I don’t sound crazy, ’cause I think the Monkees are really cute, but couldn’t Davy and Micky pluck their eyebrows? It would make them even cuter if they did! Thanks tons!

Too Chicken to Sign Name
Rochester, N.Y.

Dear Monkees: Please, please, please don’t become hippies! I like you very much and if you become hippies (such talk!) I’ll smash every one of your records I have and burn every picture of you that I own. I’m a true Monkee fan, but if you become hippies, forget it! Hippies look sick!

W. Nyack, N.Y.

In a recent issue of Monkee Spec, you had a picture showing Davy’s palm. Well, I read his palm, and it said he was going to marry a Dianne Johnson. Wonder who she is?

Dianne Johnson
Hopkinsville, Ky.

I have three things to say to Micky Dolenz: I need you! I want you! I LOVE you!

Linda Nolan
Salem, Mass.

Although I am thoroughly ashamed of myself, when it comes to Davy I have a jealous streak a mile wide. Last night I put a picture of Sally Field up on my wall and threw darts at it until it was full of holes. My aim was getting very good.

I won’t sign this “A Monkee Fan” because I wouldn’t want what I did to reflect on Davy’s nicer fans. However, if you ever feel that you would like to have a little revenge, try the dart-throwing bit. You might hate yourself for it the next morning like I did, but it sure helps release a lot of inner tension!

Ashamed, But Feeling Better
Seattle, Wash.

I don’t think the Monkees are hippies. They’re just big, lovable, groovy people and I luv ’em!

Karen Humphries
Cleveland Hts., Ohio

When I watch the Monkees and see Micky I sit on the floor and keep on eating and eating. My mother has to hide the candy and food from me!

Chicago, Ill.

My sister Karen Ann and I jump to the Monkee song, “Goin’ Down.” She and I jump on our beds, and when the Monkees sing, “Goin’ down,” we jump down flat on our backs. It’s a hot game, but it’s fun! (My sister is 3 ½.)

Phoenix, Ariz.

I think Micky and Sam are really groovy together. I know I may get killed for saying this, but I hope they do get married! I think they’re a perfect couple and they’ll be very happy together. No matter how much they deny the rumors, I know they’re in love. You can see it in their eyes!

Of course, I would hate to see Micky get married, but we all gotta go sometime, and I can’t think of a more groovy girl he could go to!

Los Angeles, Calif.

The senior class of my school performed Oliver, and we rented the original costume that David Jones wore in the play. If only he had still been in it!

One of the Gang
Brooklyn, N.Y.

I think the Open Letter to the Monkees in Monkee Spec #12 was the most wonderful thing anyone has ever said about them. I feel the same way, but was never sure how to put it into words. This person certainly did it and expressed the truth!

I am sure there are other fans who feel this way too, and I’m glad it is out in the open.

Feeling Good
Providence, R.I.

Hey, why don’t they put Monkee pictures on postage stamps? I think Davy would make a groovy stamp!

A Fan
Key West, Fla.

I’d know David Jones anywhere! From the shine in his teeth to the shine in his eyes. From the shine in his hair and mostly from the shining love he sends out to every single fan!

Melody Smith
Norristown, Pa.

I used to hate my name until I read the Monkee Name Chart in a recent issue. Then I found out Davy Jones loves it! Now I like it too!

Sykesville, Pa.

This is a warning to all you Peter and Micky lovers! Enjoy them while you can, ’cause the next time they come here for a concert, we plan on taking them home for keeps!

C.G. & S.S.
St. Paul, Minn.

I would like the Monkees to know how much they have helped me. Their show made me laugh when I didn’t feel like it before. Their records show me things that other records never got through to me. Their concerts bring out feelings that were never experienced before. Thanks, Monkees, for being around!

Gaye Francis
Scarborough, Ont.

Everyone tells me that my lips are exactly like Davy’s! Isn’t that groovy? That means they would fit perfectly!

Lezlie D.
New Haven, Conn.

I recently ordered a subscription to Monkee Spec and what really worried me was that you’d stick an ugly label on the cover and let me worry about getting it off.

I should have known you were too considerate to do that! When my first Spec came, it was in a plastic bag with the label on the bag.

That’s only one advantage of subscribing. It costs less in the long run, the plastic bag protects it from water and damage, and all of TIGER BEAT’S magazines have much more true information! Keep them coming!

A Monkee Fan
Fresno, Calif.

Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 15
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 8–9, 48