Monkee Rumors

Mike Nesmith
Info Mike is quite a writer. Some of his songs have been recorded by other groups.

Dear Readers,

While the Monkees are hard at work on their movie this month, rumors still are going around and coming in from all over the world. I’ve picked out the ones that were most urgent and I hope the true answers will put your minds at ease.

Love, Ann Moses

Q. I was listening to the radio when one of the disc jockeys said that Mike Nesmith wrote “Different Drum,” sung by the Stone Poneys. Is this true? If it is, why is he writing songs for other groups?

A. Yes, Mike is the composer of “Different Drum” which was recorded by the Stone Poneys. However, Mike did not write it especially for that group. “Different Drum” was a song Mike had written several years ago and it was recorded by a group that never really became popular. Quite accidently [sic], Linda, the lead singer in the Poneys, heard the song and said she wanted to record it. Currently Mike is devoting all his writing talents to the Monkee albums.

Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork, Davy Jones

Q. Are the Monkees going to make a movie so we can go to the movies and see them?

A. Yes. They began production of their first full-length color motion picture in February. It is being filmed at the Columbia Ranch and though things are being kept very hush hush the guys did tell me part of the story will be about the Monkees traveling around the United States on motorcycles. Also, while they are in Japan on tour they plan to film some inserts in that country for the movie.

Justin Hammer, Davy Jones
Info Justin is the darling son of Karen and Bob, who are longtime friends of Peter’s. Karen and Justin were Peter’s guests on the Monkees summer tour.

Q. In one of our newspapers there was an article about Peter Tork which said he had just returned from London and stepped off the plane with a blonde-headed girl and a baby. The girl wasn’t wearing a wedding band or ring and when they asked him if it was his baby he didn’t answer. Could you please straighten me out?

A. Peter did take two guests with him on his London holiday, but it was neither his wife, because he is not married, or his child. The girl mentioned in the story is named Karen and the baby’s name is Justin.

Karen and her husband, Bob, are long-time friends of Peter’s and they have been guests at Peter’s home in Los Angeles for several months. Peter also invited Karen and Justin along with several of his other close friends on the Monkees tour last summer. So don’t worry, Peter is not married!

Q. I am really confused. In Monkee Spectacular number 8 in the Monkee Rumors column it said Davy Jones made the ring that he always wears. And then in Monkee Spectacular number 9 it said (under 50 true facts about Davy Jones) that Davy got the ring from some friends in New York, the Neals. I don’t know which to believe.

A. Rest easy, you can believe both. That’s right, Davy wears two rings almost all the time. One is a black star sapphire which Davy made with the help of one of his friends in New York. He has had the ring for several years. The other ring he wears was a gift from the Neal family for a 21st birthday present. Hope that clears up the confusion.

  • Gina Dolenz
    Info That’s Gina Scott, Micky’s seven-year-old sister, above, and that’s Debbie Scott, [right], who’s nine.
  • Debbie Dolenz

Q. I was reading my “Monkee Spectacular number 8” under Monkee Rumors and it said that Micky’s sister Debbie is eight and Gina is four. In the June 1967 issue of Tiger Beat it said that Gina was 8 and Debbie was 12. I would be pleased if you would tell me which one is actually true.

A. Boy, did we goof, and we thank you for pointing it out. Bringing you up to date, Debbie turned nine on February 9th and Gina is seven, Coco turns 19 on April 5th.

Q. I noticed the questions and answers about the Monkees and I was wondering where to write if you have questions about them.

A. You can write to: Monkee Rumors, c/o Monkee Spectacular, 1800 North Highland Avenue, Hollywood, California 90028. I’ll be sure to answer you by mail or in my column. Thanks for writing!

Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork

Q. I read that the Monkees are going to be on the Ed Sullivan Show. Is this true?

A. No, the Monkees are not scheduled for an Ed Sullivan Show.

Q. The addresses below were printed in a magazine (not Tiger Beat) as the home addresses of the Monkees. I know that you tell only the truth and this is why I wrote to you. Please tell me, are these their home addresses? David Jones, 1436 N. Serrano, Hollywood; Mike Nesmith, 863 N. Virgil, Los Angeles; Micky Dolenz, 3399 Bennett Dr., Hollywood; and Peter Tork, 1511 N. Laurel Canyon, Hollywood.

A. Some magazines will do anything to sell their pages. So, they put “Monkee’s home addresses” on the cover and they sell magazines, just like they did to you. They have no concern that with these phony addresses your letters will find their way to the dead-letter office at the post office. These are not the Monkees’ home addresses. The very best place to write the boys is at their studio, Screen Gems at 1334 Beachwood Drive, Hollywood, Calif. 90028.

Q. On page 11 of the January Monkee Spec Davy was quoted as saying that the Monkees will probably last one more year. Are they going to split up after that? Please don’t say yes, we want them forever!

A. In a sense what Davy said is true. Davy imagines the Monkees will go on “as they are” for another year or so. What he really feels is that after this season the Monkees will branch out and get into some new type of comedy, of course, as a group! He expects the Monkees to be together for many years, but doing a variety of different things. All the boys hope to do hour-long TV Specials as a group and a vaudeville stage show. They are excited about their current movie, but want to do more after that. Davy plans on being a Monkee for many years to come, so don’t worry!

Q. Is it true that Peter is 25 years old? My girlfriend says he’s 26, will you straighten me out?

A. Peter turned turned 26 on February 13th.

Q. Please, please print this. I made a bet that Mike’s hat is olive green and has six buttons on the top and the ball is also olive green. Tell me, what color is his hat and how many buttons on it does he have?

A. The hat that Mike wears most often is a bright kelly (not olive) green with six white buttons. He also has a royal blue hat with six white buttons that he sometimes wears on the show.

Maxine (Sharon Cintron), Daphne (Deana Martin), Mike Nesmith, Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, Peter Tork, Valerie Kairys
Info During the season The Monkees played a variety of roles and each one was great! On this show Davy played a girl and Deana Martin, second from the left, played a boy! By the end of the story, everything was straightened out.

Q. My girlfriend and I have two questions about Davy. 1. Is it true he restricts himself to going out with blondes only? 2. How tall is he without his boots on?

A. Davy dates many girls and certainly doesn’t restrict himself to blondes. Take Deana Martin and Sally Field as examples! Both girls have dark hair. Davy is 5'3" tall in his bare feet.

Q. I read in a book about the Monkees that Micky was secretly married but he wouldn’t tell anybody the girl’s name. Is this true or false? Also, I would like to know Peter Tork’s real name.

A. Micky has never been married. Peter’s given name is Peter Halsten Thorkelson.

Q. I heard that Sammy Juste quit her job in London and moved to Hollywood so she could be closer to Micky and that we may have a Monkee wedding in the near future. Is this true or just another rumor?

A. Only part is true. Sammy did quit her job and she is now living in Hollywood and Micky and Sammy are together often. However, there are no wedding plans at present.

Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz
Info Who plays drums for the Monkees? That’s what many of you have been asking. Well, Mick is the group’s one and only drummer, but Davy takes over on the drums for a couple of live numbers in their stage show.

Q. I read in another magazine that Davy was going to take over the drums in the Monkees permanently so Micky could clown around in the front. I just want to know if it’s true or not. Yours is the only magazine you can really trust.

A. Thanks for your confidence. The answer to your question is no. Davy plays drums on stage on about two songs. Micky is still the Monkees’ drummer and plans to remain so.

Q. I heard that Jim “Harpo” Valley, the ex-Raider, is now writing songs for the Monkees. Please let me know if this is true. Thanks.

A. Jim Valley is not writing songs for the Monkees. He is currently finishing up his first album on the Dunhill label and some of his original songs are included.

Micky Dolenz, Jim “Harpo” Valley, Peter Tork, Ann Moses
Info Is Harpo writing songs for the Monkees? I’m afraid not. The Monkees have been writing most of their own material lately and Jim Valley is working on his own album which will be released on the Dunhill label.

Q. Will Micky Dolenz be straightening his hair again?

A. Well, I can’t speak for Micky, but at the moment he seems very pleased with his hair. So, I see no reason for him to be changing it in the near future.

Q. I read somewhere that Davy gave an identical sapphire ring like his to an English girl named Jenny Baker. Could you ask him if this is true? If so, how serious is he about her?

A. Jennifer Baker, who is a friend of Davy’s from his “Oliver” days, has a ring similar to Davy’s, though not identical. It is merely a coincidence and Davy did not give it to her as a present. He hasn’t seen Jennifer since he was around 16 years old, though he still considers her a very good friend.

Q. I live in Alaska and up here over the radio they keep saying that Davy Jones and Micky Dolenz both got married. It isn’t true, is it?

A. Mike is still the only married Monkee!

Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 12
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 30–33