C’mon Along with Me and Visit My Parents’ House

  • Micky Dolenz
  • Janelle Dolenz Scott, Robert Scott, Gina Dolenz, Debbie Dolenz, Coco Dolenz
    My family has always enjoyed music, so I gave my mom this organ for Christmas. She loves it and we often have family sing-alongs. She even learned two Monkee songs! Coco and I do a lot of singing whenever we get together.
  • Robert Scott, Debbie Dolenz, Gina Dolenz
    [Above], you can see my dad, Dr. Scott, wrestling with Debbie and Gina. This is a regular Friday night event. My dad even has a special sports outfit he wears. The girls just love it and never seem to get enough. Dad, secretly, loves it too!
  • Micky’s parents’ home
    Beautiful green hills surround my parents’ home in Los Gatos in Northern California. I really love going home because it’s always so peaceful.
  • Debbie Dolenz
    That’s Debbie, [above], in the original costume I wore on Circus Boy. There was a cap to go with it, but we couldn’t find it. I can’t believe it, it fits her perfectly! Now all she needs is an elephant and she can enter show business.
  • Debbie Dolenz
    Debbie and Gina really do a great go-go dance. They put on shows for my folks just like Coco and I used to. Debbie is 12 and Gina is 8.
  • Gina Dolenz
  • Janelle Dolenz Scott, Debbie Dolenz, Robert Scott, Gina Dolenz, Coco Dolenz
    There’s the whole gang in our living room—my Mom, Janelle, Debbie, Dr. Scott, Gina and Coco (hamming it up). We have great times together and I only wish I could see the family more often.
  • Coco Dolenz, Debbie Dolenz
    [Above], Coco and Debbie take turns riding a neighbor’s horse. All my sisters would love to have horses, but even though we have a very big yard, it’s not that big! Coco is a good rider because we used to ride a lot.
  • Micky Dolenz
    Do you think I invented all those nutty faces? I make some up, but I think I inherited some too!
  • Janelle Dolenz Scott
    My mom has to be the grooviest mom ever. She digs the Monkees, and since she’s met Davy, she hopes to meet Peter and Mike too.
  • Janelle Dolenz Scott
    Mom is also a great cook, but she doesn’t let anyone in her kitchen! She makes fantastic pork chops with rice.
  • Janelle Dolenz Scott, Robert Scott, Coco Dolenz, Debbie Dolenz, Gina Dolenz

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 2
Issue: 10
Publisher: New Asbury Ltd. Publishing Co.
Pages: 2–5