Keith Altham’s British Beat

LONDON—Just at present I am not very proud of this ‘green and pleasant land’ where MAMA CASS arrives as our guest and celebrity and is wrongfully arrested! . . . I have just bought my first album in five years of being in this business—TIM HARDIN 2, and it was worth it . . . KEITH MOON of the WHO believes their songs are most suitable to hum over a lathe! . . . It took THE BEATLES a year to gain recognition in the U.S. It took THE STONES another year. It has taken THE WHO almost three years—how long for the SMALL FACES? . . . At premiere for JOHN LENNON’S “How I Won The War,” RINGO wore a bow tie with flashing lights . . . WAYNE NEWTON (a kind of teenage Liberace without a piano) informed the British press he was not a teenage idol but for the whole World. On behalf of the British pop scene I would like to offer him back—gift wrapped . . . Number one British group THE FOUNDATIONS, a good argument for multi-racial coexistence . . . You were right MIKEDAVY’S “Cuddly Toy” should have been the single . . . SONNY AND CHER very favorably received in their acting debut in UNCLE series just seen here . . . BEE GEES’ manager Robert Stigwood formerly managed actor JOHN LEYTON . . . EX-ANIMAL HILTON VALENTINE has returned from U.S. trip as unofficial publicist for the CAKE . . . Now they are calling them the “Beegels” . . . TREMLOE CHIP HAWKE a Sandie Shaw fan . . . Next time they arrest JOAN BAEZ I may tender my resignation from the human race . . . BEE GEES manager Robert Stigwood and WHO manager Kit Lampbert business friends for many years.

THE HERD example are distributing bananas to their audiences from the stage . . . LULU’S favorite Beatle is PAUL . . . BEE GEE ROBIN GIBB escaped from British train crash at Hither Green where over 50 people were killed . . . Paul McCartney’s brother MIKE McGEAR’S group the SCAFFOLD have recording sessions attended by HENDRIX, STONES and guess who? . . . ERIC BURDON’S strength is still that he sings in what he believes . . . BEATLES get very nostalgic over the mention of old rocker GENE VINCENT . . . TWIGGY appeared on TV here and declared herself uninterested in the beauty news that full figures are coming back . . . ROGER DALTREY of the WHO made a pretty picture in the Sunday London Times seated in a bath full of Heinz baked beans—a promotion for their new album “The Who Sell Out” . . . PETE TOWNSHEND of the same has taken to throwing his guitar some twenty feet in the air and heading it into the audience! . . . Famous last words from MICK JAGGER on the hit ‘We Love You’ that was not quite—“We Love It” . . . Meanwhile, MARIANNE FAITHFULL is riding on the back of motorbikes in a French film with actor Alain Delon . . . SAMANTHA JUSTE recorded several tracks with record producer Mike Leander before leaving Britain for West Coast and you know who . . . Well, REG PRESLEY of the TROGGS still in our charts but what happened to the last two singles from that other Presley? . . . I like BILL COSBY . . . So does DAVY JONES . . . and JIMI HENDRIX . . . Don’t you dare take those dots out of there and what do you mean this will have to be re-typed? . . . “To Sir With Love” was issued in Britain as the flip side of a LULU single and wasn’t a hit . . . Hello, Bruce, what are THE BEACH BOYS recording now? No, I do not understand “Smiley Smile” and neither does Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees and a whole lot of other people who won’t matter to BRIAN WILSON . . . Now let’s end on a happy note B flat!

Magazine: Flip
Publisher: Kahn Communications Corporation
Pages: 20–21