Davy’s Dept.

Davy shares three fantastic weeks with YOU in England, Switzerland and America. Take his hand, hold on tight—AND AWAY YOU GO!

Welcome to the private world of Davy Jones. Yes, it’s me—and yes, you and I are about to share three fantastic weeks together! At the present time, I am departing to go home to Manchester for a week, to go to Switzerland for a week and to spend a week driving across our beautiful America! Since I want so very much for you to come along with me, and since (for reasons that we won’t go into) that’s impossible right now, I decided to do the next best thing to share my every plan in minute detail with you! So—be my luv, give me your hand, and come along with me.

Our plane lands at the enormous London Airport. We switch immediately to a smaller plane, which flies us to Manchester in less than 30 minutes. Waiting at the airport, standing on the tarmack (that’s our word for the “apron” at the end of the runway) as our plane taxies into Manchester, are two of my sisters, Lynda and Berle. They are waving madly and my heart almost bursts with joy.

We pop into the girls’ mini-car and in no time we have pulled up in front of my dad’s house on Clumber Road. Dad, of course, doesn’t go out very often as he hasn’t been feeling too well, but he is standing there on the porch straight as an oak and sturdy as a rock—very glad to greet me. I suppose you will be a little surprised to see me cry—but then again, maybe you are the understanding type. I certainly hope so.

Inside the house, I introduce you to the “clan”—to my other sister, Hazel, and to the husbands of all three girls. After that, I proudly introduce you to one nephew and one niece—and then up pops Hazel holding her brand new baby boy, Robert! He’s seven months old and I have never seen him before. Of course (being a Jones kid), he is as cute as can be! Oh, and I mustn’t forget my Scottie pup, “Dodger.” He’s on hand—yapping his head off, naturally.

Our evening is filled with warmth and joy as we all share presents and everybody brings everybody else up-to-date on the latest news. Neighbors drop by to say hello and too soon it is very late and time to go to “slumber city.”

Our next stop is London—one of the most exciting cities in the world. You are amazed when you see that Peter (Tork) is waiting for us there! Wow, what a wild time we have! Of course, Peter knows all the Beatles and I make sure that you are introduced to John, Paul, George and Ringo. Our host in London is a great chap named Jack McGraw, who works for the Screen Gems offices there. Jack really knows his way around, so we don’t miss a sight.

Among our stops are all the swinging discotheques, a shopping spree on Carnaby Street and King’s Road, and a visit to the Beatles’ new shop—Apple.

Soon we find ourselves flying off again—this time to Switzerland. Perched high on the snow-capped mountain is a beautiful, jewel-like city called St. Moritz. In St. Moritz, for the very first time in my life, I try snow skiing—and you get a good laugh on me! But whether we are good or bad at it doesn’t matter. What is exciting is the fact that we are in Switzerland—the air is crisp and beautiful, the sky is bright blue, and we can spend as many hours as we wish rolling and tumbling in the snow or just walking through the fairy tale city of St. Moritz.

The last leg of our trip begins in New York City, where my Cadillac Eldorado is waiting for us. I have decided that I really want to see America, so we drive slowly across the States toward Hollywood. The first city we visit is Washington, D.C. The capital of your country is a fascinating place—and we fulfill a long-time wish to see such famous landmarks as the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Memorial and, of course, the White House.

Next we drive across the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and head on down toward New Orleans. I have heard that New Orleans is one of the friendliest and prettiest cities in America—and that it also has great food! Naturally, our sightseeing tour of this romantic city includes the world-famous French Quarter. Here we spend endless hours visiting quaint little houses—all with beautiful patio gardens—built over 100 years ago.

Texas is the next state on our list—and it’s a big order! We visit Mike Nesmith’s home town—Dallas. And of course we have one of those famous chiliburgers he is always talking about! (If we’re lucky, we might even find Mike and Phyllis down there on a visit. Wouldn’t that be a gas?)

Well, it’s time to turn our wheels toward Hollywood—and head for home. We begin our leisurely drive west, not missing the opportunity to stop at the gorgeous and worldfamous Grand Canyon. It is here that we rediscover the quiet magnificence and splendor of another of nature’s miracles.

The very last lap of our drive shows us some of the beauty of the desert of Arizona and Southern California, and we see a sunset of such fantastic colors and wild beauty that we will never forget it. Before we part from one another in Hollywood, we spend several hours reminiscing about the wonderful travels and adventures we have been through together. And, as you surely know, reminiscing about what has happened is almost as much fun as having it actually happen!

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 9
Issue: 11
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Page: 52