How to Have the Phyllis Nesmith Look

Phyllis Barbour Nesmith

Phyllis Nesmith is a very special person with a very special look. She is a combination of Mod and feminine, youth and the utter simplicity of the ages. The key to Phyllis’ whole look is simplicity and simplicity in style and make-up is one of the easiest things to acquire.

Phyllis is a blue-eyed (Correction) blonde with a slender figure, which she watches very carefully. She weighs between 107 and 112 pounds. The minute she gets an ounce of extra weight on, Phyllis will cut down on everything she eats until she loses the weight. She won’t cut down on the quality of the food. With her hectic schedule she needs a balanced diet and a balanced diet is very important if you want to keep your health while you lose weight. The first thing you should do to gain the feminine, graceful look that Phyllis has is stay trim and slim, but don’t go on a crash diet because you’ll just gain the excess pounds back. Eat a well balanced selection of foods.

An extra dividend in eating a well balanced diet is gleaming hair and Phyllis’ long blonde hair is always shining and clean. Phyllis is lucky in that she doesn’t have to set her hair. Once in a while she likes it to have a more wavy look and she’ll set it in a flip. After her hair dries she’ll take it down and brush until it’s almost straight, because the almost straight look is right for Phyllis. She usually wears her hair parted at the side and free floating over her shoulders. For an occasional variation she will wear her hair behind her ears. To protect her hair from the sun while she’s doing her daily chores, Phyllis will wear a scarf. She has many of these and each one matches a different outfit. The important thing to remember if you want hair as nice as Phyllis’ is to keep it very clean and brush it until in gleams.

Phyllis Barbour Nesmith

Phyllis doesn’t wear much make-up, because Mike prefers the natural look. In order to achieve this look, Phyllis makes sure her face is very clean, then she pats it dry. She applies a make-up base to match her skin tone and she blends it in thoroughly. Next she applies a blush on. The shade of the blush on will vary to match the lipstick and blend in with the outfit she has chosen to wear. Phyllis would never wear a honey colored blush on with a shocking pink outfit. She applies her lipstick with a brush, again the lipstick is keyed in to the outfit she is wearing. When she is in a hurry, Phyllis makes great use of the various colored lip glosses on the market.

Phyllis’ best feature are her eyes. First she applies a lightener or high-lighter around her entire eye, then she blends it in. Next comes the eye-liner, Phyllis uses a dark brown liner. She applies the eyeliner to her upper lid in a semi circle or crescent moon shape. In other words the end of the line does not turn up at the outer corner of her upper lid, rather it continues along the natural line of the lid. The liner is never more than a quarter of an inch thick, so don’t plaster it all over the place. Next Phyllis uses a shadow along the upper part of the upper lid. Then she uses a light brown pencil on her eyebrows making tiny upward strokes and with the application of mascara, her make-up is complete.

As we all know Phyllis’ clothes are totally outasite. She has an excellent figure, so she can wear mini anything beautifully. She has very simple taste and she always consults Mike before she chooses her clothes. Her clothes tend to double breasted jackets with pants and mini skirts with double breasted coats. She loves the long flowing hostess pants-dresses and Mike loves seeing her in fur. He has chosen a couple of beautiful mini outfits in fur for Phyllis and a mini mink has one of the top spots in her collection.

The basic thing about all of Phyllis’ clothes is that they are very simple in line. Phyllis and Mike don’t like a cluttered line in anything she wears. She wears little jewelry and loves the outasite sandal shoes and heels that are available today.

You might call Phyllis’ look, The Total Look because everything blends together to form a perfect picture of femininity and utter simplicity. She is graceful and basically dresses to please her husband instead of the entire feminine world, and after all, the important thing in looking your best is to please the guy you like best and Phyllis does that with an instinctive knowledge of what makes her look her very best.

Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 6
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 48–49