Monkee Letters

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To David Jones

Hurry up and take the last train to Clarksville! We’ll be waiting for you!

People of Clarksville

He’s handsome

I never realized how cute Mike Nesmith really was until I saw (believe it or not) a picture of him smiling! So if you’re lucky enough to find a smiling picture of Mike, take a closer look at it. It’s handsome Mike!

Patti Marshall
Collingswd Hts, N.J.

Micky’s image is at stake!

Your latest issue of Monkee Spectacular showed pictures of Micky Dolenz with his hair behind his ears and frizzy all over! I have read that Davy and Peter got their hair cut, so what happened to Micky? His hair looks just terrible that way!

Please tell me he forgot to fix it that day! If he has hard to manage hair, couldn’t he get some hair straightener? After all, his image is at stake!

Bangor, Me.

Loves Davy

I just love Davy, but the more I think about him the sillier it gets! I can’t eat, sleep, or do anything without thinking of him! What I mean by silly is he doesn’t love me and isn’t worrying his cute little lovable head over me like I am over him!

Someday I guess I’ll learn to live with the fact that I’ll have to admire him from afar. But at least I know that Davy, like the rest of the Monkees, loves his fans, and thank goodness I’m one of them!

Dreamer Girl
Auburn, Ala.

Great recipe

I tried Peter’s Lemon Punch and it was good! Everybody in my family loved it, and that includes my mother and father and five brothers and sisters! I think the Monkee Recipes are very nice.

Liz Dielman
Petosky, Mich.

Davy deserves the best

I wish with all my heart and soul that Davy Jones would marry within the next few years. He would make a wonderful husband as well as father.

When he does get married I hope he never gets hurt by marrying the wrong girl. Davy deserves a woman who is worthy of himself as well as the name Mrs. David Jones.

I said “woman” because Davy is one of the greatest men living today (the others being Micky, Peter and Mike) and he deserves a Woman who would love him with all her heart and never hurt him!

Annette Branco
Norristown, Pa.

Monkey Marcus

I love all the Monkees, and always watch their show on TV. The funny thing is, I have a pet monkey named Marcus, and he runs all around the house. When I have the Monkees on TV he loves to watch them with me. I guess they’re his favorite group too!

Lillie D
Palmetto, Fla.

Funny rumors

Those rumors you print about the Monkees are a scream! I laugh so hard when I read them that tears come into my eyes so that I can’t see the print! Honestly, how could anybody believe them!

By the way, the one recently about the desert was really a hot one! I’m still laughing!

Shirley Faust
Pittsburgh, Pa.

Love at first sight

When I first saw Micky and Peter, I couldn’t pick which one I liked the best. At first I picked Micky. Then when their third album came out, I heard Peter singing “Shades of Gray” and I flipped over his voice and finally realized he was just as cute (if not cuter) than Micky!

A Fan
Charlotte, N.C.

Like The Monkees

I love all the Monkees very much! I have hair like Mike’s except mine is brown. I was born in Washington, D.C., just like Peter. I’m always cracking jokes with my friends like Micky does. And I have a ranch and ride horses like Davy. You know, I might be a Monkee!

Laura Love
Oahu, Hawaii

No room

My bedroom walls and even the ceiling are covered with colorful Monkee pin-ups! I have five big scrapbooks full of them and at least 500 other adorable pictures in my drawers, with no place to put them. Any suggestions?

Galt, Ont. Canada

Wildly in love

I just don’t understand why more people don’t like Peter Tork! I myself am wildly in love with him!

To give you an idea of how nuts I am about him, I even dream about him at night! So he must be fab! Have more on Peter!

Peter’s Fan
New York, N.Y.

Records The Monkees

If you are lucky enough to have a tape recorder, invest in a few reels of tape and record the Monkees TV show every week. I’ve been doing this since last year, and have tapes on just about every show they have done. I only record the parts which center around the Monkees talking and also new songs during their romps.

When I play back the tapes it’s just like seeing the show all over again! This way you catch the jokes you may have missed during the show and you can listen to the Monkees talk anytime you want to hear them!

Lynore Buzzanca
Reading, Pa.

Dear Micky

You’re sweet, really.

Irish Stevens
Alliston, Ont. Can.

Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 9
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 16–17