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A few days ago I went to Davy Jones’ new store, Zilch, and I bought a Monkee shirt and a pair of beads. The things are really groovy!

Bronx, N.Y.

Every time I think of the Monkees in concert I start crying because I know I’ll never be able to see them. Isn’t that a crying shame?

Jackie Sturgeon
Madison, Ind.

If Davy was my brother, I would always be showing off in front of my friends. If Davy was my father, I would always be with him. If Davy was my cousin I would keep asking him to spend the day with me. If Davy was my best friend, I would ask him for a date! I love you, Davy!

Cindy Floria
Elizabeth, N.J.

Hey! For those of you who think you’ll never meet the Monkees, try this: Dream about them! I’ve had quite a few dreams about them and it’s just like knowing them personally!

So when you go to bed, sweet dreams!

Monkee Maniac
New York, N.Y.

I’d like to say exactly what I think of David Jones. I don’t know him personally, but I feel I know him in my heart.

Davy is funny when the mood hits him. He can be serious and tender. He is concerned for the welfare of others and puts his friends above himself. Davy possesses loyalty and honesty. He is exciting and does kind deeds. He has the virtue of modesty and will never be a braggart.

Davy is athletic, masculine and attractive. He has a deep respect for, and loves his father and family. When Davy cares for something, he cares deeply.

Davy is everything a girl could want!

Barbie Alexander
Franklin Square, N.Y.

My little sister Nancy is 10 years old, and she didn’t know what a dimple was until she saw Peter’s!

Kankakee, Ill.

My mom tried all the Monkee recipes and my brother said, “After all this I have changed my mind about the Monkees. They cook so good I like them better!”

Brenda Heisey
Grantville, Pa.

I am mad at my friend because she says that Davy Jones has wrinkly lips! I know he doesn’t, because I have loads of pictures of him in my room. Isn’t she terrible to say that?

True Fan
Fairport, N.Y.

Mike, Micky and Peter, I do believe it is time for you to take a trip to the barber shop. Come on you guys, trim up!

Possie Baker
Wichita, Kans.

In Monkee Spectacular #7 there is a picture of Peter Tork on page 50. What is the brown mark on his cheek?

Roberta Leong
St. Louis, MO

Peter is wearing a removable tattoo on his cheek.

I would still like the Monkees even if: Micky curled his hair, Davy wore a wig, Peter wore lipstick and if Mike had false teeth!

Elsa Alvarez
New York, N.Y.

Peter Tork, I’m going to catch up with you one of these days! You are lucky that your name and address isn’t in the phone book, or you would have been bombarded with phone calls, Chineses food left on your doorstep, or personal appearances in the middle of the night!

I’m going to meet you some day if it kills me!

Cathy Wagner
Palmdale, Calif.

A girl from California wrote into Monkee Letters and said if people listen to the radio, etc. too much they can become deaf in five years.

Well, I’m 16 years old and have been listening to the radio, record players, television and live concerts every chance I get. To top it off, I’ve been listening to my parents too, all of this for much more than five years!

I’m not deaf. Maybe a little crazy, but not deaf!

Havertown, Pa.

I think your magazine is the greatest thing since the telephone! It’s absolutely the most! I love those fab stories and those groovy pics are so lifelike that I feel like hugging them! Keep them coming!

Monkee Spec Fan
Denver, Colo.

I read where Davy shops for groceries and cooks without any help. If he’s tired of cooking and shopping, just tell him I’m always available and there’s no charge!

Martha Merechino
Valley Stream, N.Y.

The Monkees deserve a lot of credit and congratulations. Who else but the fantastic foursome could prepare for a second season on TV, release another number one single, and still go on a cross-country personal appearance tour?

Only our Monkees could have enough energy and patience to endure all this at once! Keep up the good work!

Lynn Phillips
Cranbury, N.J.

I loved the first Monkee show of the season. But there was too much kissing in it, and I am kind of jealous!

Monkee Fan
Forever Warren, R.I.

I went to the Monkee Concert in St. Paul, and it was well worth it. I just want to tell Micky that if his blue and red striped shirt is out of shape, it’s my fault! I got a hold of it and wouldn’t let go. I’m sorry!

Pat Lundgren

Last week we went to Peter’s house to meet him. He had some friends over, but he came out and talked to us. He looked so groovy, and he was twice as friendly and nice as we’d ever expected! He talked with us, took pictures, and signed autographs.

We’ll never forget that day, and we just want to thank Peter for making that day the most wonderful in our whole lives!

L.E. and S.M.
Los Angeles, Calif.

Every week the girl’s club I belong to serves refreshments and a different girl has to make the food. Last week was my turn, and I made Davy’s Hawaiian Burgers. All the girls thought they were delicious! In fact, we had a visitor and she decided to join the club!

Sandy Bailey
Des Moines, Iowa

Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 11
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 14–15