Monkee Letters

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My friends tease me about having freckles, but they are in style. Peter Tork has them!

Paramus, N.J.

This letter is to thank you, Phyllis, for all your love and care. Mike is the subject of this letter, for after all, where would Mike be without you?

First of all, we want to thank you for loving and caring for Mike so. Even in his hours of distress you stood by him faithfully. Now your love has been rewarded. You have an adorable son and the best husband a girl could ask for.

Secondly, we want to thank you for your encouragement. What we mean is, if it weren’t for you, Mike wouldn’t be a Monkee. And without Mike, the Monkees just wouldn’t be the same!

Also, we just want to tell you that Mike loves you dearly. Just the look in his eyes when he sees you is proof enough. So Phyllis, thank you for being your loving, wonderful self, and especially for making Mike so happy. You three are truly the most beautiful family in all the world.

Patty and Mary
Denver, Colo.

Poor Phyllis! What in the world does she do while Mike is on those long summer tours! Well girls, maybe being a Monkees’ wife isn’t so peachy after all!

Dee Dee
Garland, Tex.

Every Tuesday at 7 p.m. I’m sitting in front of the TV ready for the Monkees to come on. I give the countdown, “5-4-3-2–1” and I’m sitting there watching them. I don’t move an inch during the whole program!

Denise Stead
College Pk, Ga.

Peter is one of the most wonderful people in the world. He’s so dedicated to his work, and I admire his quick wit and his gentleness. He deserves all that the world can give him in prosperity, luck and a future of happiness.

Peter is a special gift to humanity and I’m proud to be in his generation of love!

Dyan H.
Portland, Me.

We are very loyal fans of Micky’s. We always thought he was fab until he changed his hairstyle. He looked so much better before he went for all those curls!

Now we have turned to Davy. If Micky will switch his style back, we will again be his fans. Meanwhile we’ll stick with Davy!

Destin, Fla.

Like millions of other teenagers, I have Monkeeitis! It’s definitely incurable, but the greatest medicine is Monkee Spectacular Magazine!


I’ve read that Peter will do anything to make you happy. Peter, do something to make me happy!

A Sad Fan
Brooklyn, N.Y.

I feel sorry for Samantha Juste, because every girl I’ve talked to thinks she is conceited. How do they know when they haven’t met her? I wish everybody would just leave Micky and Sammy alone!

Sammy’s Side
Kalamazoo, Mich.

In Monkee Spectacular #5 there is a groovy picture of Davy in a karate pose. I showed it to my brother who is taking karate lessons and will soon rate a green belt. He said that it was a sloppy pose, so I was wondering if Davy was ever interested in karate or if he was just goofing off for the camera.

A word to Davy: Don’t feel bad. You do that pose better than I do!

Barbara Gage
Shirley, Mass.

Davy was just fooling around for the photographer.

On the back cover of your Monkee Spectacular #5 is a picture of Micky wearing sunglasses. You can see the reflection of a person taking Micky’s picture in the glasses, and I think it’s Peter Tork. Am I right?

Kathy Kundert
Oxon Hill, Md.

No, the reflection is of photographer Henry Diltz.

I read the letter “Davy Hater” wrote in saying she thought Davy was conceited. How does she know? She shouldn’t judge people she’s never met by something she’s read or heard!

All I can say is “Davy Hater” seems to be a very childish person and a terrible judge of character!

Davy Lover
Silver Spg., Md.

When I went to the circus this year I bought one of those fuzzy monkeys on a stick. He was cute, he was a monkey, and I wanted to name him for a star. I called him Davy Jones, because he fits Davy’s description perfectly—except that Davy isn’t fuzzy!

Roberta Capelson
Brooklyn, N.Y.

We love the Monkees, but Mike and Peter both look sick with those long sideburns. Please tell them to shave them. Thank you.

D. & D.
Chicago, Ill.

I think Davy Jones is wonderful. When he was in St. Louis my girl friend and I wrote him care of the radio station working with their tour, and we asked Davy to dedicate a song to us since we couldn’t make it to the Monkee concert. Davy did just that, and the song was “Shades of Gray” which is our favorite!

Columbia, Ill.

Confused, that’s the word for it! My girlfriend and I have noticed in all of Davy’s pictures that his teeth are almost too clean, white and bright! Can they really be that good?

Davy’s Friends
Duluth, Minn.

Davy has perfect teeth.

Why in the world do girls write in saying they can’t stand Davy or some other Monkee and still say they are Monkee fans? You really aren’t a true fan unless you like all four of them!

Remember: All Monkees are created equal!

Valery King
Moro, Ore.

Listen you guys who don’t like the Monkees with beards! I think they have the right to do what they want! Just cuz you don’t like them doesn’t mean they have to stop wearing beards.

I’m positive that I would grow a beard if I was a boy, and I’m sure every guy does at least once in his life, just to see what color it is! If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s being told what to do, and I’m sure the Monkees feel the same way. I say let ’em lead their own lives!

Esther Walling
Bronx, N.Y.

To me, Peter Tork is the most! His mod clothes are “in.” He is all the love, life and nature in the world. He’s the guy for me! I may not be the girl for him, but I love him anyway! He’s a teenage idol to love, with playful eyes always ready for fun!

Peter Fan Forever
Seneca Falls, N.Y.

I recently read in a magazine that Micky’s real name is George! He doesn’t look like a George to me!

Micky Luver
Manchester, N.H.

The picture of Micky inside the cover of your August issue was too much! I literally melted all over the place when I saw it! It’s the most beautiful picture of Micky ever printed and I love it more than all my 700 pictures of him!

I took 12 pictures of him off my wall just to put that one up. I practically worship it! Keep printing pics like that one and your magazine will definitely stay groovy!

Micky Fan
Endicott, N.Y.

I’d like to thank Peter Tork for being so groovy, for being a Monkee, and for being so lovable!

Amy Crean
Larchmont, N.Y.

I read your story about how Davy helped Jan Barry of Jan and Dean. It was one of the most beautiful stories I ever read! I was nearly in tears!

Surely Davy Jones is everybody’s best friend. Even to people he has never met. I know he’s my best friend, and I’ve never met him!

Donna Sodero
Oceanside, N.Y.

I had to write and thank your fab magazine for letting us know about the Art Award Monkees Paint-By-Number set. When I saw the ad in your Dec. issue, I ran out and bought a set. Now I’ve got two groovy Monkee paintings!

Liza Niles
Boston, Mass.

Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 8
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 12–13