You Can Meet Davy & The Monkees


Are you ready for the zingy-est, swingy-est, ravey-est news you ever had? Can you stand a sur-prize that’ll rock you and sock you ’til you have stars in your eyes? Well, then, little one, get yourself all squared away, cos here it comes! YOU ARE GOING TO MEET DAVY AND THE MONKEES! YES, YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE WITH DAVY, MICKY, PETER AND MIKE!

To make this dream of dreams come true, 16 is extending the “Win A Day With Davy Jones” Contest and the “Meet The Monkees” Contest featured respectively in the April and May issues—so that each and every 16 reader still has a chance to win! And it’s so E-Z, as you’ll see when you read on! But first let’s have a look at what’s gonna happen to YOU as the grand-prize winner of a trip to Monkee-land!

You—and your chaperone—are going to be transported from wherever you live by plane, train, bus, car, magic carpet, flying saucer (you name it!) to the wonderful world of Hollywood. You will be escorted all around this fab Fun City and see all of the marvy sights you’ve read and heard so much about. You will visit the Monkees’ famous Studio 7, meet Davy, Micky, Peter and Mike—and watch them at work and at play. You will then be taken on a swinging $100 shopping spree to Lenny’s Boot Parlor and other top mod stores in Hollywood. And from start to finish, you won’t have to worry about a thing. You can relax and have the best of times. Once you have decided who will be your chaperone on the trip, your problems are over. Fairy godmother Gloria Stavers and 16 Magazine will take care of everything else!

Due to the unexpected extremely busy schedule of the Monkees (the boys are practically working around the clock doing scenes for their TV show, cutting records, making personal appearances, and now—perhaps—making a movie), Raybert Productions deeply regrets that it won’t be possible for you to spend a day with Davy or several hours with the Monkees, as the previously mentioned 16 contests indicated. But you will really and truly meet the Monkees and spend at least an hour with Davy, Micky, Peter and Mike! And in addition, pictures will be taken of you during your wonderful, never-to-be-forgotten “Monkee Day”—and you will be presented with a beautiful personal photo album of your fantabulous Hollywood adventure which you can show to all of your friends at home and keep forever as a treasured keepsake. AND pictures of YOU in Hollywood will be published in your very fave magazine—16!

Important: If you see a contest in another magazine in which the prize is “a whole day” or “three days” with the Monkees—or something of that sort—don’t believe it, luvvies, cos it just ain’t true! Sweet 16 Magazine is delivering the real McCoy—the real Monkees, that is!—as described to you right here! As the grand-prize winner of this one-of-a-kind, exclusive 16 contest, you will not only meet the Monkees but you will see them in action! You’ll get a chance to talk to Davy, Micky, Peter and Mike, and listen to them, and get to know them as they really are!

What do you have to do to be the one very special girl who will grab on to this great big bee-oo-ti-ful Monkee sur-prize? Just pick up a pen or a pencil—or sit down to your typewriter—and write a one-page letter entitled: “Why I Would Love To Meet The Monkees.” Make your letter simple and sincere—just pour out your true thoughts and feelings about the Monkees, what the boys mean to you and what it would mean to you to actually meet Davy, Micky, Peter and Mike in person. Write on one side of the paper only—don’t write on the back.

After you have written your letter, choose a photograph of yourself taken recently. Attach your photo to your letter—then fill in the coupon on this page, cut it out and mail it, together with your letter and photo, to the address on the coupon. (Note: No photographs will be returned.)

All letters will be judged by the Monkees and Gloria Stavers, Editor of 16 Magazine. They will select the one letter which in their judgment is the best—the most heartfelt and the most sincere. And the writer of that letter will be the contest winner and will be awarded a heavenly trip to Hollywood to meet Davy and the Monkees!

You may never get another chance to meet the Monkees—so don’t miss this one! Pick up your pen, pencil or typewriter and write your letter right now!

NOTE: If you entered the Davy Jones contest and Monkees contest featured respectively in the April and May issues of 16, you may submit a brand-new letter and photograph. Or, if you prefer, you may let your previous letter and photo stand as your contest entry.

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 9
Issue: 7
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Pages: 56–57