Meet The Monkees Contest


Hold onto your hearts, me little ones—16 Magazine is about to do the impossible!

You are going to meet the Monkees! For the first time any place in the whole wide world—because the Monkees themselves are special-super-wild about all you 16-ers—here’s your chance to meet your fave-rave Monkee! Since the boys simply can’t meet each and every one of you individually (jeez, that would take five whole lifetimes, wouldn’t it?), they’ve decided that the very next best thing they can do for you is to pick a 16 reader and take her (and her chaperone) into their lives for a day (or as much of a day as their work schedule will permit), and that’s just what they’re going to do!!! AND THAT SPECIAL GIRL COULD BE YOU—YOUYOU! So read on—

Here’s what’s gonna happen: You are going to be transported from wherever you live by plane, train, bus or car—whichever you choose and whichever is most convenient—along with the proper chaperone to wherever in the world the Monkees happen to be at the time the contest is fulfilled. Since Peter, Mike, Micky and Davy seldom know where they’re gonna be from one month to the next—you’ll be meeting them anywhere from their Screen Gems studio in Hollywood to wherever they’re playing on their tour of America, or perhaps even England (Or any other foreign country where they might be playing). If, at the time the contest is fulfilled, they are making a movie—then you will go wherever they are filming.

As you can see, the possibilities are super-triple-fab, to say the very least. You’ll not only meet each of your fave Monkee guys—you’ll get to talk with them, listen to them, watch them at work and play. You’ll really get to know Davy, Micky, Peter and Mike! Nothing in the whole wide world could be more wonderful than this magical, bezazzling, fantastic Meet The Monkees And Spend A Day—Or Several Hours—With Them Contest. And it’s so so E-Z-simple for you to become the one special girl who wins you’ll be absolutely amazed that all you have to do is—

Write a one-page letter entitled: “Why I Would Love To Meet The Monkees.” Make your letter simple and sincere—just pour out your true thoughts and feeling about the Monkees, what the boys mean to you. Write on one side of the paper onlydon’t write on the back.

After you have written your letter, choose a photograph of yourself taken recently. Attach your photo to your letter—then fill in the coupon on this page, cut it out and mail it, together with your letter and photo, to the address on the coupon. (Note: No photographs will be returned.)

All letters will be judged by the Monkees and Gloria Stavers, editor of 16 Magazine. They will select the one letter which in their judgment is the best—the most heartfelt and the most sincere. And the writer of that letter will be the contest winner.

If you’ve ever dreamed about meeting the Monkees—all four of them!—in person, here’s your gleaming golden opportunity! Don’t let it go by! Pick up a pen, a pencil or a typewriter and write your letter right now!

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 8
Issue: 12
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Page: 44