All About Davy According to Astrology

Davy Jones

*Astrology is the science which claims that stars and planets influence peoples’ personalities as well as their lives. Many people base much of their lives on astrology. Whatever your beliefs, it’s obvious that many people born under the same sign have similar characteristics. This article on Davy is written according to astrological information.

Very early in the morning on December 30, 1945, Venus (the brightest star in the sky) beamed down her love and affection upon a new little baby boy and gave him a belated Christmas stocking stuffed full of groovy personality and talent!

Davy Jones is wildly friendly, good-humored and cheerful. He looks at everything on the sunny funny side and has a great knack of expressing himself in a happy manner.

Bubbling over with life, Davy probably lives everyday as though it might be the last. He eagerly enters into everything. He likes to go places and do things. He digs traveling, parties, sports, and has a deep love of animals, especially horses.

Thinks his friends are fab

One thing for sure, Davy is not a ‘loner’ in any sense of the word. He has many close friends and thinks they are all just fabulous. People are important to Davy and he especially likes to be around fun people. Actually, he is happiest and does his best work when associated with others.

Because he is sympathetic, kind and giving of himself, others are naturally drawn to Davy. They want to share their problems with him knowing full well he will be understanding and will try to help. But for his own sake, he must learn to sympathize with the person, but not with the trouble, for being so sensitive, he is apt to take the trouble on as his very own!

He finds an unfriendly situation especially hard to take, and will often act as a messenger of peace, a go-between, trying to make everyone happy around him.

Great big heart

Davy Jones

It must be true that Davy Jones has the most generous heart in the world! More than anything he gets a kick out of giving things and spending money on friends, on girls, and on himself. But this most wonderful quality may turn around too soon and hit him where it hurts the most. The chief danger is that his generosity is apt to empty his bank account before he knows what happened. And being a bit careless with his money, he is even apt to suffer from the dishonesty of others.

Davy digs clothes and jewelry. He dresses well and likes to be in style. He loves and appreciates expensive goodies: a grand house, fine cars, valuable books and paintings. But this tendency to be over-extravagant, if left to run wild, will only result in a fun-loving and generous guy with no cash nor credit with which to buy.

Strong drive and ambition

Davy is a Capricorn (born between December 22 and January 20), and this sign gives a person tremendous drive and capacity for hard work. Davy’s need for recognition and approval has given birth to a mighty strong ambition. He is always trying to reach higher and higher, and refuses to give up until he satisfies his striving heart.

He is a born leader and has what it takes to get where he wants in life, but Davy may have to hold his inner energies in leash, as other people will resent any attempt to be driven.

Sometimes depressed

Davy Jones

Of course, Davy is not always Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky! Now and then he becomes depressed and feels sorry for himself, but he is easily kidded out of this dark mood by those who are close to him. Just a little encouragement or a word of approval will do the trick.

’Changeable’ is the keyword to Davy’s personality. The changes can be sudden and extreme. He may follow a fad or begin a new project with as much energy as if his life depended upon it, and then, without warning, drop it and take up something entirely opposite. He always seems to be changing his mind and actions, which sometimes gives both himself and others much frustration.

A rebel at heart, Davy will balk under restrictions, and he especially dislikes to take orders from others. When placed in such a rare position, he may become gloomy, moody and touchy. Usually though, he can charm others into giving him his own way.

His temper, when it comes to the surface, is quick and hot, but he doesn’t stay mad for very long.

Thinks about childhood

Davy has a strong link with his past; things he has done, experiences he has had, or people he has known. He probably has great sentimental feelings for his childhood and thinks about these things often. Sometimes he even has weird dreams and feelings.

Other careers

Davy Jones

Let’s pretend, only for a moment, that Davy Jones is not one of the Monkees, just to see what other careers he could have followed according to Astrology.

All things mysterious, strange and secret fascinate Davy. He is eager for investigation and adventure. He could have been a fine scientific researcher or astrologer.

He can follow a trail like a bloodhound and never give up as long as there is the slightest chance of success. He could have been a great detective or even a super-spy.

He has keen artistic flair; maybe a jeweler, architect, poet, toymaker, florist, clothes designer or artist.

Davy and love

Without a doubt, Davy is a ‘Ladies Man’. The gals love him and he adores them all of them!

Good-looking, loving and romantic, Davy has a way about him that simply melts your heart and makes you flip—the gentle soothing sound of his voice; the flashing sparkle in his eyes; the warm smile, the mischievous grin, and even the occasional pout that crosses his mouth—all are part of that wordless ‘something’ called charm.

Davy has probably been called a terrible flirt. Perhaps it is because he is searching, always hopeful of finding what he yearns for in the eyes of every girl he meets. He honestly feels, deep in his heart, that the love he is looking for is just waiting to be found. When it is, he will be true, the ‘terrible flirt’ will disappear and there will be only two people on earth as far as he is concerned.

He is honest and straightforward and says just what he thinks of another. He is sensitive and can be deeply hurt. But even though he may find a real or imagined offense very hard to forgive, it won’t stop him from going through the same experience again.

How to score with Davy

Davy Jones

Ask his advice and praise him, especially on his marvelous taste in clothes and jewelry.

Don’t tie him down or interfere with his plans or he’ll disappear from sight. He may want his own way a lot, but you can win him over with kindness, for he will give up a great deal in return for kindness.

Be flatteringly romantic, gracious and charming. If you’re on the jealous side, keep it hidden, for Davy attracts gobs of girls. They find him terribly appealing and he has a ‘problem’ of girls running after him.

Genuine and sincere appreciation is important to his happiness.

HE MAKES FRIENDS WITH: Aquarius, Leo, Gemini, Sagittarius, Taurus, Virgo, Pisces, Capricorn.

HE COULD MARRY A: Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Pisces.

Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 7
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 18, 20–21