All About Micky According to Astrology

Micky Dolenz

Astrology is the science which claims that stars and planets influence peoples’ personalities as well as their lives. Many people base much of their lives on astrology. Whatever your beliefs, it’s obvious that many people, born under the same sign have similar characteristics. This article on Micky is written according to astrological information.

Micky Dolenz was probably born with a goofy grin on his face! When the Doc let him have that first hard slap of life on March 8th, 1945, it wouldn’t be surprising if this new-born babe had giggled instead of cried.

Right from the start, nothing has meant more to Micky than to make people laugh and feel good. He gets a real kick out of trying to make the whole world happy.

A charming guy with a groovy personality, life is a blast around Micky. He has a nutty way of always looking on the bright side of everything. He is easy-going, generous and affectionate. His sense of humor is outasite! He can quickly make people forget their personal beefs with just a few funny words. He has the talent of turning tense situations into hilarious happenings.

Digs people

Micky Dolenz

Micky goes out of his way to be friendly, to be interested in a person’s pet subjects and hobbies. He will do everything he can to entertain you, make you happy and make you feel at ease. If you can’t get along with him, it won’t be Micky’s fault! His loyalty and honesty is strong so he is dependable and close-mouthed. Your secrets would be safe with Micky as he would never think of ‘telling’.

Micky’s way of looking at life is ‘to live and let live’; that is, so long as nobody is going to be hurt. He is for personal freedom, is against censorship, and strongly believes education is the key to freedom. This is why he hates to be held down or be told how he should live.

Pisces, the actor’s sign

Micky Dolenz

Micky is a Pisces (born between February 20 and March 20), and he couldn’t have chosen a better career than acting, for Pisces is truly the actor’s sign. Like a sponge sopping up and squeezing out water, Micky can take-in the thoughts and feelings of others as if they were his own, and then express them just as easily.

Sensitive and emotional, he has almost too much sympathy and concern both for people and for animals, and he is always drawn to those who need help. He understands human nature and seems to know what makes people tick. But sometimes his wanting to help backfires on Micky, as he often takes on the troubles of others so strongly that it worries him too much.

Although he is bursting with life and energy, he should try to be by himself now and then. It is only when he is quite alone that he can really relax and recharge his batteries.

Family is home

Active and restless, Micky likes new scenes. He roves about a lot and probably never lives in the same place for very long. But in his heart, his family is his real home. He has a close and sentimental attachment to his family, and his great sorrow is that he can’t see them more often.

Mysterious Micky

Micky Dolenz

There is a strange inner mystery to Micky! He has many curious and weird feelings. He often seems to ‘just know’ things, almost like they have happened before somehow. But if ever questioned as to how he just knows these things, he would probably be at a loss to explain.

He sometimes lives in a world of delightful fantasy and daydreams. A born actor, he simply cannot help being dramatic in everything and often finds it difficult to tell the difference between reality and make-believe. Rarely should he be taken word for word, for he seldom says what he really means. You just have to read between the lines to really understand him.

Moody spells

Micky is a lovable guy, but he must have an awful time trying to control his super-charged emotions. His feelings often get the upper hand over his better judgment. He will sometimes plunge into moods during which he may be very difficult. When these spells take hold, he becomes touchy and stubborn. He may be short-tempered and impatient with everything around him. It’s best for people to leave him alone for awhile and let the moods run their course.

One of his main faults is spending too much money. He loves to own beautiful and expensive things, but if he continues to leap at luxury he may find himself in debt up to his eyebrows.

Abilities galore

Micky Dolenz

Micky’s life is made up of his first three loves: music, acting and traveling. He likes all things artistic including the beauty of nature, especially the sea, and he has a deep love for animals.

Micky is always tuned-in to new information. He learns fast and memorizing is a snap. He digs books and likes to write. He may secretly write much that is truly excellent, but he is apt to be shy about it.

He has a magic touch and charm with people and would also do well in the advertising business. Here he would tell you, not so much the bare truth, but the truth shaded a bit with what he thinks would please you.

Because he would like to kill the pain in the world, he would have made a fine doctor. His many interests range from science, electronics, teaching, exploring and psychology, to photography, magic, secret missions and adventure. He would be great at building custom cars or inventing new and unusual musical instruments because he has the gift of invention and the skill of mechanics.

Micky and love

Micky is attracted to girls like a moth is drawn to brilliant lights! He is a master in the art of romance. He likes to place his gals on a pedestal and make them feel like queens.

Even though Micky seems to be falling in and out of love all the time, it would be unfair to call him fickle. His mix-up is looking for the kind of love that few people are ever lucky enough to find the perfect never-never land of soft dreams, beauty and joy, with someone always there to understand and take his hand. Sadly enough, life isn’t always like that; it’s just not that simple.

He has probably had his share of bumps and bruises in the search for his own true love, but he’ll go on looking until he finds that special girl who shares his romantic ideals.

How to score with Micky

Micky Dolenz

Don’t rush up on him; be less bold and a lot more mysterious.

Be especially neat. Nothing escapes his eye and nothing turns him off faster than sloppiness or uncleanliness.

Never put him down. He is sensitive and worries about all sorts of things. Give him a more hopeful outlook, be sympathetic and truly sincere.

You can coax him, but never attempt to drive him. Show that you appreciate whatever he does for you. Learn to be patient and understand his moods. Happily, they don’t last long.

He digs people, so be ready to play hostess and give parties on short notice. But most of all, never be caught with a bare refrigerator!

HE MAKES FRIENDS WITH: Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, Capricorn, Aquarius.

HE COULD MARRY A: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Pisces, Aquarius.

Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 6
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 18, 20–21