All About Mike According to Astrology

Mike Nesmith

*Astrology is the science which claims that stars and planets influence peoples’ personalities as well as their lives. Many people base much of their lives on astrology. Whatever your beliefs, it’s obvious that many people born under the same sign have similar characteristics. This article on Mike is written according to astrological information.

There’s a lot more to Mike Nesmith than the image you see when the Monkees frantic TV show hits the ’lil tube each week.

The ‘serious one who wears the hat’ is hiding a secretive inner person who is rarely revealed except to those who are really close to him. Filled with groovy acting ability, Mike finds it easy to disguise his real self from the public.

What is Mike Nesmith really like? This is the picture Astrology paints.

Shy and reserved

Mike is a Capricorn (born between December 22nd and January 20th), the most ambitious and determined of all the signs. Capricorn people are careful, quiet, practical and kind of shy. They are responsible, serious, persistent and most always show good common sense.

Even though his shyness and personal dignity freezes him from leaping across a room to wail out a loud ‘Howdy’ to someone, Mike is warm-hearted and gentle, kind and friendly. His reserved yet good-natured and easy-going personality has gained Mike oodles of friends.

Kooky humor

Full of fun and spirit, he quickly sees the comic side of life. His sense of humor comes out in a dry casual manner, catches you completely off guard and hits you right between the eyeballs! Out of the nowhere Mike will quietly say something with a straight face that actually puts those around him rolling in the aisles.

Digs discussions

Mike Nesmith

Discussions on serious subjects turn Mike on and charge his mental batteries. His thoughts are original, independent and as fast as lightning. He is honest in his opinions and fearless of the opinions of others.

Above all, Mike simply hates dishonesty or phoniness. He is usually patient, but can’t swallow laziness or a lack of ambition in others. He thinks it’s a waste to sit back and wish for things to happen when it’s really very simple to make things happen yourself.

Doesn’t forget

It’s great to be Mike’s friend because he is sensitive to the feelings of others. He likes people and likes to have a good time. Once his friendship is given, it is true and lasts forever.

But pity the poor guy who has made himself Mike’s enemy! Mike is super-sensitive and will rarely forgive and will never forget any injury or wrong done to him.

Mike’s emotions, as a rule, are pretty steady and he seldom loses his ‘cool’. But his anger is unleashed when an attempt is made to hold him back in any way. He doesn’t like having to do things against his own better judgment. Mike is not about to take any mistreatment quietly.

Outasite ambition

The key that unlocks Mike’s whole purpose in life is one mighty powerful word—Ambition.

He has reached success through his strong will of not only wanting to get somewhere and be someone in this world, but by doing something about it. His ‘do or die trying’ attitude has refused to let him give up.

Mike works hard and steady, especially if the work is aimed toward his ambitious goals. He has a matter-of-fact yet efficient way of handling things. He irons out details because anything uncompleted or unfinished bugs him.

The yellow brick road to success hasn’t been all bright and shiny for Mike. He has met with some heavy obstacles in his path of progress which would have thrown most people into a tunnel of defeat and darkness. But not so with Mighty Mike. By sheer persistence and patience, he has been able to butt his way through triumphantly and capture the big blue ribbon. He has learned that determination, after all, does pay off.

With such driving energy he most likely has many irons in the fire at a time and loves to be in the midst of everything that’s going on. He probably can’t sit still for very long and is always busy about something.

A fountain of ideas

Mike Nesmith

Those who work with Mike trust and respect not only his thoughts and opinions, but his ability as a performer and artist as well.

He builds up outasite ideas and stirs them into action with confidence and enthusiasm. He has the rare knack of exciting enthusiasm in others.

He should be given full reign to lead, guide and control. He is at his best in this role because he is always ready and capable to map out the future and lay out plans of action.

Mike Nesmith is very likely to be the driving force behind the Musical Madcap Monkees!

Inner war

There seems to be a hushed but full-scale battle going on inside Mike. His family is where his heart is. He is mighty proud of his wife, son and home; this is his own personal privacy and he wants it to remain private. He feels protective, responsible and a great sense of duty toward his family.

The trouble is how he can divide himself fairly between career and home. He seems to be torn between the two. He wants to devote much of himself to his career, and at the same time he wants to give much of himself to his family. The result may be that when he is home, he thinks about his work a lot; and when he is at work, he thinks about his family and their well-being.

Original or weird?

Mike is probably considered freaky in his tastes by most people, yet it’s not purely a matter of being weird or odd, but rather of being original.

He likes good food and takes care of his health. He is tuned-in to art, books, the theater, and of course, music.

He’s wild about traveling both for pleasure and for learning. While tramping all over the globe, his mind works like a camera taking mental pictures of everything he sees and does. He becomes excited and anxious to share his experiences with others. Mike can hold a listener spellbound while telling of the many things he has seen and learned.

Nesmith for president

Mike Nesmith

If the Merry Monkees had never been formed into one of the grooviest groups around, Mike Nesmith would have been a happening anyhow! No matter what he sets as his goal, he’s the type of per son who is sure to achieve it.

Astrology says that with such a sharp mind plus the ability to speak well and quickly express himself, he could have been a famous lawyer making the headlines in a juicy court battle.

Mike has deep feelings, large sympathies and genuine concern for people. He holds strong views of the rights and welfare of mankind. His high ideals could have cast him in the role of a super politician. Maybe Mayor? Governor? President?

Along with a tremendous love of adventure and the unknown is a somewhat suspicious mind. How about a splendid spy or secret agent, the original 007?

His interest and ability in literature is strong. He could very well be successful as an advertiser or publisher. He would excel in writing, but especially writing music.

The serious and quiet member of the Monkee bunch, you know ‘the one who wears the hat’, is an actual fired-up dynamo of power. His abilities are unlimited and his undying ambitions will take him far.

HE MAKES FRIENDS WITH: Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Pisces.

Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 8
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 51–53