Davy by His Oldest Sister Hazel

Davy Jones

Can you remember some of the early things you used to do together?

We always went to Sunday School together. During the summer months the whole family went by trail to a cricket club that Dad belonged to in the country. While the match was on we children would go to play in the fields and woods surrounding the club and would come back with our arms full of wild flowers. Mum took a picnic lunch and we would love to play racing and David would like to climb trees and get dirty.

Did you ever play make believe? If so, what was it about?

We had a large old tent that Dad put up on some spare land behind our house. One day it was a house, another day it was an Indian Wigwam.

What games did you play together?

We played rounders or cricket using the gas lamp in the street for the stumps.

What was a typical day with Davy like when he was nine?

We never saw him if it was a fine day, he would go out after breakfast and only come back for meals.

Davy Jones
Info Only 17 months old and Davy was surrounded by girls! Funny, it hasn’t stopped since.

At what age was Davy the most angelic?

When he was a baby. I was old enough to push him out in his pram (baby carriage) and at least we knew where he was.

Were there any foods that Davy disliked and what would happen when that food was served?

He hated rice pudding because he didn’t like the skin that formed on top and we had a crying session every time it was served.

What would aggravate you the most about Davy?

We all went to bed at the same time and mother said I could come downstairs when the others were asleep (since I was the oldest). David had story after story read to him and I ended up falling asleep before him!

What would Davy do to annoy you?

Wouldn’t take his turn washing the dishes.

Davy Jones
Info Little Davy is seen at age two ready to walk in the Whitsuntide procession with the Sunday School. Davy’s family attended church at Lees St. Congregational Church in Manchester, England.

What were some of the nice little things he used to do for you?

Help me carry the shopping home.

Did you ever put on any skits together?

We dressed him as Guy Fawkes and pushed him round the streets to collect pennies (an old November 5th custom) and people said how “life like” he was. I was training a team of dancers for a Sunday School concert and he kept joining in on the line and doing all the steps wrong. We included this on the night of the concert and it was a huge success.

Was your attitude toward Davy protective?

Yes. It still is. I worry if he looks thin and would like to have him stay with me to “feed him up”!

Can you remember Davy ever getting lost or running away?

We went hiking in our early teens and took David with us. When it was time to set off for home he was missing and although we shouted for ages he never answered. All the time he was hiding in a corn field and he thought it was very amusing because we nearly missed the train home.

Hazel Jones Wilkinson, Davy Jones
Info His sister Hazel’s wedding picture is seen above.

Did you get along well together?

I think so, although I found him a nuisance at times when I had to take him out with me.

What was the most violent quarrel you ever had with Davy?

When we chose a suit with short trousers for David to wear at my wedding. David was 14 and thought he was too old for short trousers so we argued right up to the time the wedding car came.

Did you and Davy ever play any tricks on your parents?

Out on a fishing trip with Dad one day David threw a brick off the top of the bridge into the river. Dad heard the splash and was all set of diving into the water thinking one of us had fallen in.

What was Davy’s favorite pastime on a rainy day?

Playing dominoes but only if he could win. We played for sweets, but by the time it came for him to pay his debts, he had eaten all his “capital.”

Davy Jones
Info Davy’s seen in the suit he hated! He felt he was old enough for long pants and argued all the way to the church!

Did he prefer anything special for tea or some special sweet when he was younger?

Stuffed lamb hearts and chicken giblets. Now when he comes to visit us I always have some dried peas soaking because he always asks for them.

Was there ever any jealousy between you two?

Only that he could go to places with Dad where we couldn’t go.

Did he ever bother you when you were trying to entertain friends or a special boyfriend and if so, how did you get rid of him?

When Ken (my husband, now) was on leave from the army David wouldn’t go out to play so Ken would give him sixpence to go to the corner sweet shop but David would run there and back. That’s why we’re poor!

What little presents did you give each other?

When he was five I bought him his first reading book which he could recite without looking at the words.

What was the most memorable present Davy gave to you when he was little?

When he was at school David made a pair of step ladders and a wooden fruit platter. We still use them.

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 2
Issue: 11
Publisher: New Asbury Ltd. Publishing Co.
Pages: 2–5