Monkee Letters

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Micky really drives me out of my mind! I crave his crazy actions and that pug face of his really turns me on! Zowie!

Omaha, Nebr.

Davy’s eyes

Davy’s eyes are so big and brown, and they just match his hair! I think it’s groovy to have your eyes and hair match!

Rosemary Barker
Philadelphia, Pa.

Nicknames for Monkees

I thought you people would like to know what kind of nuts live in Mike’s old hometown. My friend and I have nicknames for all the Monkees: Muddling Mike, Ping Pong Peter, Darling Davy, and Mammouth Mouth Micky.

Eloise Riley
Houston, Tex

She’s a doll

Wow! Is Micky’s sister CoCo pretty! I took my magazine to school and showed all the boys her picture. They stared at her and one boy said, “Man, what a doll! What I wouldn’t give to know her!”

Please do more stories on CoCo. She’s neat-o-jets-ville!

A Fan
Norwalk, Calif.

Why the left side?

I have noticed on almost all of the Monkee shows that Peter Tork wears his belt buckle on the side. Why? It’s not that I don’t like it, because Peter’s my favorite Monkee.

Maybe he wants to start a new fashion!

Pam York
Holly Ridge, N.C.


Today everywhere you go you see boys with long hair and tight pants. Most of them look exactly like the Monkees from the back! I don’t like tight pants, but I love long hair on most boys. Also the high boots they wear are the grooviest!

Whee! Can you imagine what people in the 22nd Century will be wearing?

Monkee Lover
Deer Park, N.Y.

Her steady is jealous

I just luv, luv, luv Davy Jones! He’s the greatest thing that ever happened to me since my steady, Jimmy! But one thing is wrong. Jimmy is very jealous of Davy. I try to make him understand that Davy is just an idol, but he just won’t listen.

I love Davy and I just want him to know that if I have to choose, I’d choose him!

Peoria, Ill.




Jil Moore
Vista, Calif.

A crazy friend

I have a friend who hates the Monkees! I think she is crazy! She likes BATMAN and doesn’t like the Monkees! I mean this kid has got to be crazy!

Nancy Lennon
Winfield, Ill.

Stop being silly

I wish all those silly girls would stop dreaming about meeting and marrying some star (like one of the Monkees) when they know they never will. It seems that some girls spend all their time daydreaming when they should be out making friends with some boy their own age!

Be realistic, girls! Settle for someone your own age!

Bangor, Maine

Davy and Herman

I was looking at a picture of Herman and a picture of Davy the other day, and they look alike! Except that Davy has brown eyes and Herman’s are blue! What do you think?

E. Smith
Cocoa Beach, Fla.

Lovely dimples

I just simply love Peter Tork! He’s got the most lovely dimples and those eyes of his just grab me! Put more of him in your magazine, ok?

Chris Laciok
Grimbsby, Ont.

A request

I heard that Micky is always tired. I also heard that he looks very cute when he’s sleeping. So please print a picture of him sleeping.

Debra Gilbeau
San Diego, Calif.

Micky’s nose

I thought Micky ought to know that he’s not the only one in the world with such a cute pug nose! My baby kitten has one too! He also has long hair!

Judy Jolly
Jacksboro, Tex.

Digs Micky

I dig Micky so much that I could tie a pair of handcuffs on him and myself and go wherever he does!

Billings, Mont.

Micky’s hair

Was that Micky Dolenz I saw on the Emmy Awards? You’ve got to be kidding! His HAIR! If two Monkees can get a haircut, what’s wrong with the others doing the same?

Micky, I love you, and I would even if your hair was down to the floor. But come on, cut some of that shaggy mane off!

LI, N.Y.

Twiggy & Phyllis

If anyone thinks Twiggy has a figure, why not look at Phyllis Nesmith in Monkee Spec’s August issue! I luv her clothes! And Mike sure picked a beautiful girl to be his wife!

Macon, Ga.

Cool Peter Tork

I never thought Peter Tork could be any cooler—that is until I saw him with a beard! He looked great! I thought it was beautiful, and I don’t see why he shaved it off. How could anybody hate it?

Fan Forever
Cincinnati, Ohio

Thanks to them

I just saw the Monkees in concert and I want to take this opportunity to thank them in print. This event was the highpoint of my life. I’ll never forget little Davy or fabulous Micky. The way they performed really thrilled me.

I know that these boys would rather be taking a vacation like all the rest of us get instead of traveling all across the country putting on shows. I think we all owe them a great big thank you for making our lives so much happier.

Joannie Bassett
New York City, N.Y.

Likes Monkee beards

I must say I disagree with the girl who wrote in she hated the Monkees with beards. Peter with a beard is the best of all! He looks like a very handsome beatnik! Wow! Micky with a beard just adds to his greatness, although he does look a little shaggy. Mike is wow-y with a beard. In other words, BEAUTIFUL! But Davy is better without one.

Patty Peterson
Menlo Park, Calif.

Davy’s eyes are…

I am a great, big fan of Davy Jones. I think he is the grooviest looking Monkee! I dream about him, and I think his eyes are CUDDLY!

Flint, Mich.

Mike does smile!

I don’t agree with the girls who say that Mike Nesmith doesn’t smile on the show! He does too! It’s a small grin, but very, very cute! It’s just that his smile isn’t the average Monkee smile, that’s all!

Lansing, Ill.

Mike’s family

The other day I was looking through my issue of Monkee Spectacular and I saw some pictures of Phyllis Nesmith and Christian. Will someone please tell Mike that I think he is very lucky to be married to Phyllis and that she is prettier than all the other models, even Jean Shrimpton.

Also tell him that Christian is one of the cutest boys I’ve seen, and if he ever needs a babysitter, just call me and I’ll do it free!

Monkee Fan
Denver, Colo.

New way to sleep

I thought I would write to you and tell you that when I read in Monkee Spectacular that Davy slept with his feet in his face, I did a double back somersault! And since then, I’ve been sleeping the same way myself!

Barbara Patrick
Atlanta, Ga.

I wish…

I wish my hair was the color of Peter’s. I wish I had a hat like Mike’s. I wish my hair was as long as Davy’s. I wish I could MARRY Micky!

Lisa Herold
Lakeland, Fla.

Should be ashamed

I love to read Monkee Letters, but it always gets me mad when someone writes in criticizing the Monkees. What have they done to deserve such harsh treatment? They work hard day and night just for us and that’s the gratitude they get!

All I can say is people who write letters like that should be ashamed of themselves! WANNA FIGHT?

Carol Clark
Collingswood, N.J.

Monkee allergy

Somebody said that Micky has a “wholesome strawberry taste,” and Davy’s “kisses are like strawberry pies!” I certainly hope not, ’cause I’m allergic to strawberries and I would break out in hives if they kissed me!

Rusty Johnson
Brownfield, Pa.

Monkee charms

My mother has been sending off for charms, so I now have a charm bracelet. One of the charms I wanted was a monkey to remind me of my favorite four guys. But I must say the charm doesn’t look half as good as the Monkees do!

Jilla Vandeventer
Aspen, Colo.

Fish ’n chips

Somebody told me the Monkees like fish ’n chips. I was scared to try to eat fish because the first time I did I got sick. But I got the nerve to try them again, and wow! Now I love it!

Sandy Massey
Seattle, Wash.

Monkee wedding

I hope all the “Teenyboppers” who barged in on Ric Klein’s wedding will read this. How inconsiderate can you be? Do you think Ric and Frew appreciate that in the least? How would you feel if some little girls came in to your wedding just because some famous people were there? It would just ruin the ceremony!

I think these kids owe Ric and Frew a big apology.

Jenny Los
Altos, Calif.

Best Monkee

The Monkee I like best is… all of them! Davy is the best-looking, Micky has the best voice, Peter has the best personality and Mike is the most sensible!

Dwayne Holloway
Jonesville, N.C.

Message from the dogs

We the dogs of the world have a complaint! You are always showing neat pictures of those groovy Monkees in your magazine. Don’t get us wrong, we luv ’em too. But while our masters and mistresses drool over them, what can we mere dogs do? Nothing!

Our point is, could you please have some shots of the Monkees’ canine friends? Namely Fraak, You, Spotte, and any others including Davy’s Danes-to-be!

Elda and Avis Minger
Antioch, Ill.

Met Davy Jones

Many girls dream about meeting Davy Jones in person. Well, my dream came true! My grandmother was the manager of Davy’s former apartment and I was introduced to him when I visited my grandmother.

I just want to tell all his fans how DARLING he really is! When I met him he had just come back from getting his hair cut. It was really short and I was glad. His accent is inspiring, and he is definitely the greatest guy I’ll ever meet!

Micki Jones
Los Altos, Calif.

Plea to The Monkees

We the teenagers of Alaska, in order to survive in this wilderness, try to establish happiness, insure [sic] musical appreciation, provide for the common welfare, promote the teenage idols and secure the friendship of Alaskans toward you. We wish to establish this plea for the privilege of a visit to Alaska by the Monkees!!!!

Teenagers of Alaska

Adorable Monkees

I am a real Monkee fan. They seem to get more adorable all the time. In art class I drew a picture of Davy, and in Science I named the pieces of wood I was working on after the Monkees. There were four pieces of wood—one for each of my favorite guys!

Wendy Boyd
Alberta, Canada

Grooviest guy alive!

Peter Tork is the grooviest guy alive! I went to see him and the rest of the Monkees perform in Florida, and while they were singing I waved to Peter and he shouted “Hi!” and waved back!

Lynn Flemming
Alexandria, Va.

Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 6
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 16–17