Contest News

“Five errors” contest winners

(From May Issue)

Bev Landall, 12, Meadville, Penna.
Cathy Williamson, 15, Columbia, S.S.
Marie Parsons, 12, Ft. Worth, Texas
Georgia Clark, 13, Fenton, Mich.
Martha Emerald, 12, Portland, Ore.

“Win Micky’s personal phone number” contest winner

(From June Issue)

Louise Stanton, 14, Euclid, Ohio

Louise receives a personal phone call from Micky Dolenz and his unlisted home telephone number. She will also receive a huge, autographed color pin-up of Micky, a surprise gift, a handwritten note and a free full year’s subscription to 16 Magazine.

“Win a Day With Davy Jones” Contest (From April Issue) and “Meet The Monkees” Contest (From May Issue) have not yet been judged. There is still a chance to win! Rush your entries now!

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 9
Issue: 4
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Page: 45