You Can Win Micky’s Personal Phone Number

Micky Dolenz

Do you go to sleep at night with a special prayer, a special dream—that one day, one night, your telephone will ring and you’ll pick up the receiver and over the wire will float (all the way from California!) a voice that could belong to nobody else but your favorite Monkee, none other than Micky Dolenz?

Well, put away your dream, luvvie, and pick up your pen or pencil—or even your typewriter—cos now is the time to act!

16 is bringing you the not-to-be-missed opportunity of a lifetime to get a person-to-person call from Micky directly to you—and also to get Micky’s own private, personal phone number so that you can call him! And it’s so simple! Here’s all you have to do:

Write a letter on one side only of a sheet of paper telling Why I Love Micky Dolenz. Write simply and sincerely, as if you were talking straight from your heart. After you’ve finished the letter, fill in the coupon on this page, cut it out, attach your letter to it—and mail both letter and coupon to the address on the coupon. (Be sure to print your telephone number in the space provided on the coupon.)

Micky himself will judge every letter submitted, and he will select the one letter which in his judgment is the best written from the standpoint of warmth and sincerity.

That’s all you have to do! After that, groovy-marvelous things begin to happen! Like—

First, Micky will telephone you (because with a little bit of luck the prize-winning letter could be yours!) and have a nice, friendly chat with you and just before he hangs up, Micky will give you his own unlisted home telephone number, so that you can call him whenever you wish!

Second, Monkee Micky will send you a huge, autographed color pin-up of himself with a special message written on it just to you.

Third, Micky will send you a lovely surprise gift he selected just for you—with a special handwritten note to you to prove that he, Micky Dolenz, actually did select that gift for you and you alone.

Fourth, 16 will award you a free full-year’s subscription to 16 Magazine.

You just can’t let this chance slip by! So, before you even turn the page, grab on to that pen, pencil or typewriter now—and get your letter off today!

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 9
Issue: 1
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Page: 38