70 Very Personal Fax About Micky

Micky Dolenz
Credit: Ric Klein



(So You’ll Get To Know Him Better Than You Ever Dreamed of!)

  1. He went hunting in New Zealand at 16

  2. He has a chronic bone disease

  3. He owns a Pentax camera

  4. He loves animals

  5. He has three sisters, Coco, Debbie, Gina

  6. He plays drums and guitar

  7. He calls his face “pushed in”

  8. He has climbed Mt. Whitney in California

  9. He doesn’t drink liquor

  10. He loves orange juice

Micky Dolenz
Info From this shot, you’d never knows that Micky loves velour shirts!
Credit: Ric Klein
  1. He recently had his house refurnished

  2. He was born in Los Angeles

  3. His hobby is photography

  4. He went to Grant High School

  5. He wants to build a racing car someday

  6. He likes velour shirts

  7. He likes to camp out

  8. He would like to be like Jerry Lewis (write, direct, produce and star in his own movies)

  9. He likes miniskirts

  10. He likes to eat at home

  11. He entered show business at 10

  12. He went to Valley State College for two semesters

  13. He is nearsighted

  14. He has a dog named You

  15. He likes tinker toys

  16. He eats everything and everything

  17. He likes long blonde hair

  18. He used to build radios

  19. He has a hairy throat

Micky Dolenz
Info Facts, you just want the facts…
Credit: Ric Klein
  1. He weighs 145 pounds

  2. He drives a GTO

  3. His best friend is Ric Klein

  4. Ric is also his stand-in

  5. His best friend in England is model Samantha Juste

  6. He lives in the Hollywood Hills

  7. He was the lead in Circus Boy (Corky)

  8. He once appeared in “Peyton Place”

  9. He likes Motown music

  10. He studied architectural drafting

  11. He wears a gold signet ring

  12. He has very flyaway hair

  13. He has a loud voice

Micky Dolenz
Info Well, I like miniskirts… and I’m nearsighted…
Credit: Ric Klein
  1. He likes to water ski

  2. He sings lead on most songs

  3. He doesn’t smoke

  4. He has hazel eyes

  5. His mother is now married to a minister

  6. He has a Honda

  7. He has three sets of drums

  8. He skipped two grades in school

  9. He doesn’t like New Year’s resolutions

  10. His real name is George Michael Dolenz, Jr.

  11. He once had a group called The Missing Links

  12. He likes to go to clubs

  13. He didn’t know how to play drums before he was a Monkee

  14. He does many imitations

  15. His father George Sr. was an actor

  16. His name was Micky Braddock when he was in “Circus Boy”

  17. He went to Los Angeles Trade & Tech College

Micky Dolenz
Info And I have a dog named YOU… and I like to do imitations!
Credit: Ric Klein
  1. He enjoyed going to Trade Tech

  2. He is a Pisces

  3. He was a car mechanic

  4. He appeared in “Route 66”

  5. He knew how to play guitar before he was a Monkee

  6. He is six foot tall

  7. He has brown hair

  8. He appeared on “Mr. Novak”

  9. He was born March 8, 1945

  10. He likes…

  11. He likes English roast beef

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Pages: 10–13