72 Very Personal Fax About Davy Jones

Davy Jones

All About The Monkees!—Part 1

For the first time anywhere, FLIP answers everything about The Monkees

  1. His favorite group is The Beatles

  2. He likes especially “Hey You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away”

  3. He likes to have his clothes made specially for him in Britain

Davy Jones
  1. He loves girls

  2. He enjoys going to night clubs

  3. He used to go fishing with his dad

  4. He was once on “Ben Casey”

  5. He likes eggs

  6. He once played trumpet

  7. He hates yogurt

  8. He was born December 30, 1945

Davy Jones
  1. He lived on Learnington [sic] Street in Manchester

  2. He played in the play “Pickwick” at the Huntington Hartford in LA

  3. He wears specially made boots

  4. He now plays a bit of bass guitar

  5. He has a color TV

  6. He plans to buy some English horses and race them in the U.S.

Davy Jones
  1. His father was a railroad worker

  2. He attended the Congregational Church

  3. He likes to dance

  4. He frequently has old friends from England visiting on the set

  5. He likes The Byrds

  6. He used to bite his fingernails

  7. He loves American girls

Davy Jones
  1. He likes swimming

  2. He likes steak

  3. He played in “Oliver” for two years on Broadway

  4. He was taught a Cockney accent by Jane Asher

  5. He was not good at arithmetic

  6. He is a Capricorn

  7. He once played Tom Sawyer

  8. He liked to play doctor when he was a child

  9. He once had his own single on the Colgems label

  10. He was an apprentice jockey

Davy Jones
  1. He was born in Manchester, England

  2. He lives on Holloway Drive in Los Angeles

  3. He has three sisters, Lynda, Hazel, Beryl

  4. His first girl friend was named Beryl

  5. He was once on “Farmer’s Daughter”

  6. He likes Bill Cosby

  7. He admires Winston Churchill

  8. His favorite singer is Anthony Newley

  9. He bought his father a new house a year ago

Davy Jones
  1. His mother died in 1960

  2. He does not like certain airlines

  3. He likes Donovan

  4. He likes tall girls

  5. He appeared on Los Angeles TV as a single artist

  6. He has long legs

  7. His best friend in school was Harry Hoskinson

  8. He performed on BBC Radio in England

  9. He drives a Pontiac GTO

  10. He had a birthmark on his cheek which went away in his teens

Davy Jones
  1. He has moved about a dozen times since becoming a Monkee

  2. He once played banjo

Davy Jones
  1. He reads a lot

  2. He used to box

  3. He attended Varna Secondary School

  4. He likes blue

  5. He spent seven months on the road in “Oliver”

Davy Jones
  1. His first singing engagement was on the Isle of Wight

  2. He sang “Donna” and “Worried Man”

  3. His real name is David Thomas Jones

  4. He likes to drive his motorcycle through the guard rails at Screen Gems

Davy Jones
  1. He likes oranges

  2. He ran obstacle courses (and won) when he was young

  3. He was in the same British TV serial (“Coronation Street”) as Herman

  4. He has a seven foot circular bed

  5. He drives a Honda

  6. He entered show business when he was 15

  7. His favorite actress is Ursula Andress

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