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Please print more pictures and info on those great Monkees! I have a good reason for liking them so much. I have a hat just like Mike’s, a boyfriend just like David, a cousin just like Micky and my sister’s boyfriend looks like Peter. I’m also going to get a tamborine [sic] for Christmas.

Also I’ve already started a fan club for them. There are four members who pretend they are the Monkees and the other eight girls are only members.

Lin Antkowiak
Whiting, Ind.

Could you please tell me where I could write to the Monkees? I love them, and think they’re the greatest group on earth! Please print TONS of things on them. Thanks!

Monkee Fan
San Jose, Calif.

Write the boys c/o NBC-TV, 3000 W. Alameda, Burbank, California. And don’t worry, you’ll be reading lots more about the Monkees in TIGER BEAT!

Recently my family and I had to move from London (my home town) to South Philadelphia because of my father’s job. My friends pitied me because they thought that Philadelphia was a drab city.

Well, I just couldn’t wait to write to all of them and tell them how wrong they were! In all my 14 years I have never been in such a smashing city! The birds and boys here are just dolly (or “real tuff” as you Americans would say)! They really turn me on, and know the best places to go and how to have great fun!

I love America, especially South Philly!

Ann Fremont
Philadelphia, Pa.

In reply to Kira Hays’ letter about Dino, Desi and Billy in your October issue, I must say this:

It’s ridiculous! She said, “At least us girls 14 and 15 finally have someone to call our own.” At the age of 14 or 15, girls shouldn’t even be thinking about boys! I didn’t at that tender age, and I don’t think it would kill them not to either!

Trenton, N.J.

What happened to Dino Martin in your October issue? He looks like his hair was bleached or something! Please explain the picture. It just didn’t look like him.

Also, what is on the end of that chain he has around his neck? Where were the pictures taken?

Deborah Stripe
Baytown, Tex.

Dino does not bleach his hair; it is streaked from the sun. He was wearing a St. Christopher’s medal on the chain, and the photo was taken at TIGER BEAT’s offices.

I see nothing wrong with earrings on boys. My boyfriend has his left ear pierced and wears an ivory earring in it. He also has a peroxided streak down the middle of his hair.

He is a football star at school and very popular with the girls. He’s no sissy, in fact he’s all muscle and very masculine!

Jonesville, N.C.

In your September issue I read a letter from a girl who raved on about how teen shows have been taken off TV while corny adult shows like Lawrence Welk keep on year after year. I must admit I can’t stand Lawrence Welk’s show (matter of fact, neither can my parents), but that’s no reason to get mad at grownups for watching him. I don’t suppose this girl realizes how corny our shows look to adults!

Shows go off the air because people don’t watch them. Right? Right! So I guess Shindig wasn’t as popular as some people think!

Boise, Idaho

I saw Peter Fonda and Nancy Sinatra in their first motion picture, “The Wild Angels” recently. All I can say is that Peter is the living end! Nancy is out of sight, and I predict that the movie will get an Academy Award! Hurrah for both of these great stars; They’re super-fab!

Joan Duzick
Collingdale, Pa.

They don’t answer their fan mail! I’ve written so many letters to the Lovin’ Spoonful, and never get a reply! I think they are swell and nobody can beat them, but if they want to keep their fans, they’d better smarten up!

Cathy Stringfellow
Tulsa, Okla.

Whatever became of Edgar Kaiser and “The Carrousels”?! Just because he happened to be born with a silver spoon in his mouth is no reason for teenagers to discriminate against him. I have a record by the “Carrousels” and heard them in San Francisco a couple of years ago and they were GRRRRRRREAT! But then…?

Gretchen Baden
Stockton, Calif.

Just wanted to thank Ann Moses, for the fab pix of the Rolling Stones Concert in San Francisco that appeared in your November issue.

I was there, too, and couldn’t take pictures. The place was just packed, with not one empty seat! I saw Ann Moses dashing around the stage to take these pictures. The Stones can really give a great concert!

Pat Gragg
San Leandro, Calif.

We actually have Herman for a biology teacher and it’s the most popular class of all! His name is Bernard Ogilvy (no doubt an alias) and every day he does an imitation of Herman before dissecting a rat or something.

Coppertown, Ill.

My parents think my hemlines are too short. They despise my colored, textured stockings, my “poor-boy” sweaters, my shoes (or lack of them) and just about everything I like!

I go for longhaired guys, with cycles, specs and crazy shirts, while my mother likes the clean cut bunch with all that “old world charm.” Isn’t it a shame they have to bug all us so?

Sweet Sue
New York, N.Y.

My small town was really bugging me until I did some research. Some of today’s most successful stars come from towns like mine.

My best example is Gene Clark, ex-Christy Minstrel, ex-Byrd, now leader of his own group. He was born in Tipton, Missouri, population 1,639. He goes “home” to Bonner Springs, Kansas (population 3,171) whenever he can to milk cows!

Paul Revere was born “on the farm” in Harvard, Nebraska, population 1,261. Even today he owns a home in what he calls, ‘Lil’ old Nampa, Idaho.

There are so many other famous people from small towns, too! So hick town kids, don’t be discouraged! You may make it yet. Keep your cool!

No “Farmers Daughter”
Hillsboro, Ill.
(Population 4,432)

I don’t think the Byrds are given enough credit. They are a great bunch of groovy, neat and wonderful guys! I especially love Chris Hillman, who is my favorite Byrd! I think he’s the cutest and most adorable guy to come around in a long time.

All I can say is that someday I’m going to get to meet all of them, especially Chris. Even if I have to move to California and turn it upside down and inside out!

Donna Beccia
Independence, Ohio

Can you please tell me if all the photos seen in your magazine are taken by your staff photographer, Robert Custer. If so, I’d like to congratulate him. They’re by far the best photos published in any magazine of your type. Keep up the good work.

Leone Rogers
Philadelphia, Pa.

Almost every photo in TIGER BEAT, including the color portraits, is taken by Robert Custer. He’s only been working as a professional photographer for 4 ½ years and we think he’s the best in the business.

I do understand why girls cut their hair short, because I recently joined their ranks. And I haven’t regreted [sic] it yet!

When I had long hair, I couldn’t go to the beach or swimming because it took too long to wash and set it every night. Now I can wash it five times a day and it dries in a few minutes. And it looks great without setting it!

Also, it gets quite hot in Miami, and short hair is about the coolest thing since popsicles! So all you long-hairs—don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

Karen Kaplan
Miami, Fla.

I don’t like the Raiders at all! Their records are okay, but not the greatest. All they do is jump around like a bunch of clowns. And that one goof, Mark Lindsay, with his hair down on his shoulders—OH BOY!

Denise Johns
Glenolden, Pa.

If a guy chooses to wear his hair long, So what? I don’t understand why people say this makes them look girlish! Do you think any of the Beatle-wives think their husbands look feminine? I’ve seen Mark Lindsay several times, and ponytail or not, anybody who says he doesn’t look masculine is out of their head!

Men are the masters of the world, and they should be allowed to look and dress exactly the way they want to!

Sammie Smith
Toledo, Ohio

I’m pretty steamed up over a remark made by the author of the Dave Clark article in your October issue. She said, “At least 15 admirers are constantly around them making inquiries, shooting pictures, asking for autographs, and normally overstaying their welcome!

This was made in reference to a group of fans visiting the Five at the Beverly Rodeo Hotel. It implies that reporters and professional photographers are welcome and that the fans are not!

I take this as a personal insult as I was one of those 15 fans and I was the one who took the pictures. In no way was it indicated that we were “normally overstaying our welcome.” The Five seemed to enjoy having pictures taken. In fact, Dave willingly smiled for several (of the 36) photos, and Lenny was as happy to pose as Mike. Does this sound as if we were unwelcome?

I love TIGER BEAT, but I would appreciate it if the reporters (especially female) could keep their own opinions of the fans out of their articles!

DC5 Fan
Torrance, Calif.

This is to the kids who write in complaining that they never get to see their favorites after attending a concert. I think many of the groups would be happy to sign autographs and pose for photos backstage if the crowds were not the type that make armored cars and quick getaways necessary.

A friend and I attended the Gene Pitney Show in Philly, and afterwards we got backstage and talked to Rick Zehringer and Ronnie Brandon of the McCoys. It was between shows, but although they were busy they were quite happy to talk and sign autographs.

Groups like the Christies, Peter, Paul and Mary and the Kingston Trio can come out without having to worry about being mauled. Unfortunately, the Beatles, Hermits, Stones and the DC5 cannot do this, no matter how much they might like to meet their fans.

Mary Lou Troy
Malvern, Penna.

I think it is stupid for kids to waste their time and money on singers who don’t care whether they are liked or not. Some of these stars are always thinking of something “cute” to say, or some rude thing to do. It seems the more their fans try to like them, the more impolite they are.

In my opinion, people like the Hermits, Raiders, Jan and Dean, Chad and Jeremy and the Animals should be on top. They are original and are willing to give something of themselves to their fans.

Double Springs, Ala.

Well groupies, I hope you’re really satisfied now! Because of the like of you, the groovy Animals have decided to call it quits. You gave them one bruise too many and one run for their lives too much. It all caught up with them and ran them over!

Result: The loss of the greatest R and B group of the century. Each of you deserves the TOP CRUMB AWARD! Wise up, you guys, or pretty soon the luvs you’ve been chasing won’t be there anymore!

Boiling Mad
Milford, Mass.

I just had to write and thank you for the greatest stories on the Raiders, especially the one you did on Drake Levin. I’m sure all Drake’s fans are interested to see what he will do with his future. Whatever he decides, I hope he’ll be happy. I know he deserves the best.

Carol Hubbard
Sun Valley, Idaho

This letter is to Jan, Fran and Sherry, who wrote in your October TiGER Talk about their views on clothes, etc.

I want to let you girls know that there is someone else in the world who feels as you do about the present-day fashions. I am a Cadette Girl Scout and have played the piano since I was 8 years of age. I enjoy composers such as Debussy, Brahms and Mozart, but I don’t care for Bach and Beethoven or some of the present-day rock and roll groups.

I wear my hair in a style that some people call “Buster Brown” but it’s not that at all. It’s very easily kept and requires no rolling. I wear knee socks and brown sandals most of the time. And concerning short skirts, mine are quite long.

My ideas may be old-fashioned, but I think it’s disgraceful for girls to go around with their knees sticking out. I feel that someday the rest of the world will share our point of view, don’t you?

Austin, Tex.

I live in a great city, Indianapolis, and we teens here are facing a tremendous problem. It seems that the teenager’s world is slowly fading away!

At one time we had three rock radio, stations, and now we have one which may be going off the air shortly. We used to have six TV shows, but they have all been cancelled or are going off soon. We only have two teenage nightclubs, and they don’t stay open after midnight or serve liquor.

I think that the older people are being unfair to teens and that we should start demanding these things if we really want them!

Larry Leggett
Indianapolis, Ind.

Sonny and Cher are the greatest people in the world! When they were in New York City recently, I found out where they were staying and called them at 7:30 a.m. To my surprise, the hotel rang their room, and Sonny answered. I told him I was a fan of theirs and I loved them so much. Sonny said “Thank you.” Then I asked if I could possibly interview them and to my surprise he said, “Yes, but we’re leaving today at 1 p.m. so you’d have to be at the hotel before then.” Unluckily, I had school!

We talked for a while and then I wished him and Cher a happy belated anniversary. He said, “Thank you, sweetheart.” Boy, was I in seventh heaven for the rest of the day!

Any other star would probably be angry getting a fan’s phone call at 7:30 a.m., but not Sonny. He was cheerful and friendly, and he made me feel as if he knew me all my life. To me, Sonny and Cher are the nicest people in the world!

Melody DeCara
New York, N.Y.

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 2
Issue: 5
Publisher: New Asbury Ltd. Publishing Co.
Pages: 6, 9, 64