2014 Updates

August 9, 2014

July 20, 2014

  • New site layout.
  • Lots of minor corrections to articles, lyrics, quotes, and other things here and there.
  • Lots of little improvements to make the site look and behave more like modern websites should.
    • Added lightboxes to Pictures and other parts of the site.
    • Added audio players to Quotes.
    • Added searchable/sortable tables to Lyrics and other parts of the site.
    • Picture thumbnails are much bigger (since it’s not the ’90s anymore).
    • Made speed improvements to Pictures and Lyrics and picture loading in general.
    • Made lots of improvements to the mobile version of the site. The Monkees Dress Up Game now works on mobile devices.
  • I would love to hear what you think about the changes to the site. If you have any feedback or encounter any problems, please contact me.

March 15, 2014