40 Secrets We Never Told

All photos by Gloria Stavers. World copyright 16 Magazine

NBC-TV’s zany new stars drop some way-down secrets in your ears while they drive you up the wall!

Micky Dolenz

My real name (ha-ha!) is Havershap Spleenblaum, but you can call me Micky—with no e.

I am the world’s biggest teaser (wait and see!).

I was born in the middle of Big Bear Lake, in the mountains of California.

I am only seven and one-half inches tall.

I have red eyes and fuschia hair.

I don’t think I’ll ever get married.

Among my many accomplishments is my ability to play comb and wax paper—and artichoke.

My favorite color is invisible.

I don’t like girls who like okra.

I do like girls with long hair or short hair—no matter what, I like to get in their hair.

Davy Jones

My middle name is Thomas—but please don’t tell.

My nick, of course, is Davy—but my secret nick is “Frito.”

I am five feet and five inches tall.

I used to hate being short, but I don’t mind it anymore.

My dad’s name is Harry Thomas.

I have three older sisters: Hazel, Beryl and Lynda—all in their twenties.

The family still lives in a small but very nice house in Manchester, England (where I was born).

I live in a beautiful home in the Hollywood Hills, with a bay window overlooking a spectacular view.

When do I plan to get married? Well, let’s see—how about 1974?

I have a secret crush on Barbara Streisand!

Mike Nesmith

My real name is Michael—and I hate to be called “Wool Hat”.

Most girls called me Wonderful until they shortened it to “Wondy”.

I live in a secret place in Hollywood, with my dog—named “Spotte”.

Would you believe?—I am an introvert! (I really am).

I really don’t like to look at TV, as most shows are very boring.

I have a fatal weakness for kippered guppy.

I have a Honda motor bike, a ’56 Chevvy [sic], a Jeep, a Buick Riviera—and I am about to buy a Ford GTO.

I like unpretentious girls—a chick is a chick is a chick.

When I am alone, I play the kazoo—wouldn’t you?

I have no ambition except, maybe, to own a new hat.

Peter Tork

Are you ready for my real name? It is Peter Halsten Thorkelson.

My nickname is “Tork”.

I have two younger brothers—Nick and Christopher, and a younger sister named Ann Elizabeth.

I live in a big house in Hollywood—all alone (would you like to come over?).

I play French horn on the sneak.

Sophia Loren drives me up the wall.

The Avengers was the best show on TV—naturally, it’s no longer on TV.

I love love—if you love everything, all things are possible.

I like girls who have smartsnot dumb, dig?

One day, I would like to be President of the United States.

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Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 8
Issue: 8
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Pages: 18–21