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Monkee love

Micky Dolenz

Micky Dolenz is so sweet,
He’s always monkeeing around.
He’s the kind of guy you’d want to meet,
But he’s nowhere to be found.

His antics are funny,
And his cute ways are sunny.
Yes, Micky is the one I really adore.
Every day he makes my heart soar more and more.

His smiling face brightens my day,
And all this excitement makes me want to say,
Micky, I love you!
I truly do!

Holly Rauch
Schnecksville, PA

Who are they?

We heard “The Heart of Rock ’n’ Roll”
from half a dozen guys,
who sang a song
’bout “Trouble in Paradise.”
“Do You Believe In Love”?
we answered yes.
They certainly have a “Heart And Soul”
have you guessed?

There’s a “Whole Lotta Lovin’”
but “Whatever Happened To True Love”?
“Naturally”, “The Only One” (s)
who could sing to you would be…
It won’t be as “Simple As That”.
“I Know What I Like”,
and they are the only ones
who would “Give It All Up For Love”.
They’re climbing to the top,
higher than “Jacob’s Ladder”
with no fear of falling,
’cuz their millions of fans will be there for them.

“Buzz, Buzz, Buzz” sings his harmonica
during “Workin’ For A Livin’”,
and “The Honky Tonk” song.
“Stuck With” them I surely am.
“Bad Is Bad”, but good they are.
“Fore” years ago, I had a “Change of Heart”,
and fell in love with the group.
This is no “Little Lie”.
“Hope You Love Me Like You Say You Do”.
I do and I always will.

“Walking On A Thin Line”,
dedicated to the veterans of Vietnam,
with lots of love and true spirits
from the happy bunch they are.
I can see “Forest For The Trees”
and realize it is “Hip To Be Square”
and are you—it’s hip to be you!

“I Want A New Drug” (I want a new love)
is what the song means.
“I Want You” to know “Sooner Or Later”
to look for them in the magazines.
“Doing It All For My Baby” is such a beautiful tune,
along with “Now Here’s YOU”
“Don’t Make Me Do It” ’cuz I won’t “Stop Trying”
to spread “The News”!

We, their fans, love them with all of our “Hearts”,
and we know they’ll “Never Walk Alone”
because they have us!

“Is It Me” who only feels like this?
No, I know the answer is no.
You “Crack Me Up”… “Who Cares”? We do!
Huey Lewis And The News are the greatest!

Barbara Saavedra
West New York, NJ

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Michael Edrei
Volume: 23
Issue: 11
Publisher: D.S. Magazines, Inc.
Page: 75